Strong Bad- "DELETED", "Fqwhgads", "And the Trogdor comes in the niiiiiiiiiiiight!"," Im Carmen Freiken Meranda!" "Whow, a breakthrough, you get a gold star."

Homestar-"Never ending So-oda", "Let's do this like Budists", "Put that freiken sandwich down.", "You smell like pea soup!"," My ace in th hole." "Last place, you dont get a ding."

Coach Z-"The king's gone mad with power, he's gonna eat the Chort!", "Fahorlingrads!", "Hey look, Im hot girl number 37!" "You cant just rush into the scorezone." "No man, Im down."

Bubs-"I mean he had a freiken muscle.", "That'll be 15 two de two."

Marzipan- "I left it on the vine, I left it on the vine." "And i really dont like him at all!"

Strong Mad-" i brought you a cake!", "Douglas!"

ok...I hate to be negative, but we already have a quotes page. AND most of your quotes are wrong. AgentSeethroo