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Strong Bad
Where should I start? Because he's so funny and cute and loveable and even though he wants to act all macho he likes doing dorky things like singing and baking. AND cuz he pretends he's big and strong and muscular but he's really short and chubby and.....CUTE!!!!!!!! -PrincessofStrongBadia (who else?)

Strongrad- Dude he rocks on!

I like Strongbad because he does what he pleases always resulting in hilarious concequences. Also who doesn't love a good Strongbad E-mail? -Stevebad

Strong Mad

The Cheat

Strongrad- The best thing since the can opener!

The Cheat's cool ideas and perspective on life rock out. Also his animations have to be the best things ever (other than Strongbad related things) -Stevebad

Oh, The Cheat. He is one fine lookin young man. I love his flash animations and the naughty things he does. (Lightswitch rave!) Plus he has a gold tooth. Now that's awesome. --Dark Grapefruit

The cheat is the best! DeAnNaPaN

Strong Sad

Strong Sad is sad that hes flying. And he is fat. Me

He says the most hilarious stuff, he's the most random character, he's walked all over, no one likes him, he's funny, and he looks the funniest.- SBZ22



Coach Z


Hes a self-made man, he is, he is-gunhaver




Let's Go Trogdor Fans!!!!! - Trogdors Minion

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No, because there you can't put comments.

Um, sorry to be a potty pooper, but yes you can. --Lord Karkon

Really? You can? Oh geez! I should have been putting a million comments up!