Strong Bad- Stevebad He owns his own kingdom, Stevebadia

The Cheat- Strongrad I am Stevebad's lackey.

Bubs- Joeyday- He's good witha technology.

Post who you should be below

I'll be..... Tangerine Dreams!! -MoogleMaster?

Stinkoman- Lord Karkon IS THAT A CHALLENGE!!!

Bad Graphics Ghost- CE1

The Goblin- CB

Homestar Runner! - T's Minion

Compy 386 = ~Yaanu~
I am like Strong Bad in two aspects: Personality and looks. I like to sing dorky little songs and torment my younger brother(who is a cat) and draw funky cartoons and say crap. I suck at everything even remotely related to sports and I am the grammar police. Also I'm grouchy and easily ticked off. I also am short, have a big head, and huge dark things going down the sides of my face (hair!). -da princess

Homsar- Hey, WAIT A MINUTE!!!-- Agent9

The Sneak- Agent9 - I'm sneaky...

You have dark hair? Funny, I always imagined you as being blonde.

I probably look a lot different from how you guys imagine me. I'm a pretty freak-show-lookin' girl!

DaAa! I'm a very random person. Everyone in my class thinks I'm weird. I drew pictures of flying pigs when I was really little. I'm also kinda short and have the great talent to be able to annoy everyone within a 10-foot radius. I should be Homsar!

I'm a mix between Homestar, Coach Z, and Homsar. I really love Sports, (Hence, H*R and Coach Z) I'm not the tallest person in my class, (Hence, Homsar), I've got a weird New Jersey/Louisiana Accent (Coach Z), I'm sometimes kind of out there, (again, Homsar), and, I'm really nice (Homestar....i think). BestFootFlower

I'm Homestar! The lovable idiot who nobody recognizes for anything! Yay! M'fox

I'm Strong Sad. I'm a purty grood artist, and, yeah, no one notices me. -- I'm too ashamed to admit my identity

I dont want me to be BBG. -crap

I own my own kingdom too, so I could've been SB too. --Agent9

I talk nonsense like Homsar but I like old-school games and old-fashioned things. Hence, the name.
The Conductor. The 1936 version of Homsar. - The Conductor

I'm a mix of Strong Bad/Homestar/Strong Sad/Homsar/Coach Z-HomestarGirl

I am like Strong Bad for almost exactly the same reasons as the POSB, I Pick on my little brother(not a cat) I am short,have a big head,easily ticked off, say crap and freakin at least 5x every day,I suck at sports(asthma)IO am totally the grammar police. I also like to go shirtless with black pants and I also have an overactive imagination and kick my brother like he was the cheat Homestarball ZPS. This is all 100% true. Sewiously.

I think i'd be pom-pom, due to a girl's always talking to me, and I use cell phones. -Nelson339

I'm So And So. I have similar hair, I'm not very popular, and I make honor roll. -The QoT