This world has many theories, this is one of them. These pages explain how i think the homestar charactors came to be.

=/The Cheat exp.=

The cheat was made in a lab that was trying to create the perfect comedian. He was a combination of an anvil, a leoperd, and a piece of hair from Colin Mockery (when he had hair). He was traded to Strong Bad for Strong Sad, who the scientists wanted to study.

=/Strong Mad exp.=

=/Bubs exp.=

Bubs' father was Dr. Sabastian MakeFunOfMyName Bubso. He learned all the tricks of the trade from the Godfather. Unfortunatly, the cops were on his tail so he moved to Free Country, USA. There he sells old junk he orders from Sweden.

=/Coach Z exp.=

Coach Z was raised on the streets of Pittsburgh. There he learned to be tough. Unfortunatly, when he tried to copy the accent of a mobster, it turned into the wierd accent we know today. He gambled a lot, so when he didnt have enough money to pay the debt, he disappeared and went to Free Country, Usa.

=/Marzipan exp.=

Marzipan was raised in Wierd Country, Labagaba. There she learned to take over cities using unique techniques. She is pretending to be Homestar's girlfriend so she can get to the King of Town. She plans to marry Strong Bad when she becomes Queen and gets rid of the Kot.

= The Homs family exp.=

Homer Rover and Honey Rachel were a very happy couple. They were complete opposites and believed in "opposites attract". Unfortunatly, because of this, they argued about how their kids should be raised. After each set of twins was born, each took one. Homer, the idoidic and slightly mental one, took Homestar from the first set and Homsar from the second. Honey, the smart one, took Homsey (the unnamed girl in Dancin' Bubs game) and Homeschool winner.


I dont even want to imagine how this guy came to be. It may be too repulsive for civilzed people.


Raised by his father, Homsar was tought to not think. He is constantly being chased by the police because he keeps forgeting to pay his taxes. His only freind is his hat, Bobert.


Raised by the intellegent Honey Rachel, Homeschool was tought many things. The reason that you dont see him that much is because he is ashamed to be Homstar's twin.


Like the above, except she REALLY is ashamed to be Homsar's twin. Anyone would be.

=Strong Family=

Strong Dad and his wife wanted to be the parents ofthe most famous children. But, they didnt want them to compete, so they raised them differently. They raised Strong Bad to be a boxer, Strong Mad to be a body builder, Strong Phad (see Pom Pom's friend in WikiFanStuff) to be a gangster, Strong Sad to be a Poet, and Strong Glad, the only girl, to be a model.

=Strong Bad=

Strong Bad was raised to be a boxer. Unfortunatly, he wasnt very good at it, but he still keeps the mask to attrack lady types.

Sorry to puncture your inflated orb, but why would Marzipan want to marry her own father? --Lord Karkon

The only place it says he's her father is a horribly outdated characters page. I think they've since changed it to him not being related. And also, if she wanted to get to the KoT, she wouldn't have to try. She IS the only girl, and the KoT would gladly accept any lady-friend. -War129

Where do you see any place that says she is related to the Kot? Strongrad

What is a "Civilzed" person? Seriously, you need some grammar lessons. --Lord Karkon

You spelled "Homestar" wrong. -The guy who used to be sibbiesong