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Yeahh...its deanna and here r "Deannas Words of Wisdom":

Never stop going to www.homestarrunner.com
Dont be desperate!
You shouldnt be proud that your prude.
Dont stalk people (lol kevin)
Dont break up with someone for someone else.
Never say you love a teacher.
Never give a present to your witch teacher.
Never ever go for your best friends gf/bf.
Dont hit on a person who is taken.
Dont hit on someone if YOU are taken.
You CAN go out with someone in a lower grade than you.
Do not hit on an older person unless you know they like you. They will think your nuts.
Never tell your best friend his or her g/f or b/f is hott.Not good.
You should have your best friendz back 24/7.
Like i said before, never be depserate but go for anyone that is hott.

So yeahh... take this into concideration!

awesome ppl:
kevin e (ur tha best 4 gettin me into this!)
mike v
mike m
dan m
martin z
richie v
corie m
and more...if ya wanna b on herr tell me!

DDRhomestar5.gif -Ha!im better than u!

scienceagain.gif -I FEEL SO SMART!

notthe100themaildance.gif -Oh yeah, u go Strongbad!


1051587930_heerleader.GIF -HA! its cheerleader!

homsar.gif -AaAaAa?. Its homsar-the original ladies man!

bubsy.gif -Check it out, check it out, check it out, check it out, check it out!

cheatrolling4.gif -Look at the chort go!!!


Two things:
1)Around here, we like to get rid of certain things called Internet Short-Hand . This includes "b4" and "r", and capital letters.
2)Who is Kevin? And who is Corie?
- FireBird

your really sad/lame...can u read? it says awesome people so obviously they are my friends...duh! DeAnNaPaN

Kevin would be me. Strongrad


Hi Kevin. - FireBird

Hello Kevin I'm NEW!! Homesar Wannabe

Wow! Kevin did something right!!! Well, welcome aboard Deana. Now if you'll excuse me I gotta go tell Heimer he did something right for once. - Steve

Yo steve, you go and tell him he did sumthin right for once!Oh yeahh and thnx for the deanna thing at the top of the page!DeAnNaPaN

Ok, you say I am sad, but your page is basically just a bunch of pictures taken from other people's pages. - DarkLordNache

Ok listen here nachoboy...if i wanna put pictures on my info thing, i will if i wanna...u wanna frikin mess wit me, i have alot of my friends here to bak me up...ok..back up punk..and may i ask how old are you...your probibly some punk 6th grader...so dont mess w. me u frikin moron...DeAnNaPaN/the person who thinks that DarkLordNacho? is an idiot

As a matter of fact I am a freshman in high school and I do not think that any of your so called friends can do anything to me. I would be very interested in finding out what grade your in however, because I just know it can't be anywhere above forth, because most people have figured out how to use capitol letters be that point in their education. - DarkLordNache

Whoa chill out man, just because people aren't super-organised jerkfaces doesn't mean they're dumb, immature, or at a young age. Plus this is HER Userspace and you could ask Joeyday himself and he'd tell you what I'm going to tell you now, you can do WHATEVER you please in your userspace including not using correct grammar. - A Led Zeppelin fan sticking up for his friend.


yo everyone!guess wat? MRS.SWEENEY AND MRS. QUIGLEY SUCK!!!im so glad that summer 04' is almost here!!!!!!!!yeahh baby!!!if i dont have ur number i need it only if ur my friend...so give me ur number if ur my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM me: Deannajonez or Mrssweeneysuks24DeAnNaPaN

I hear that. Summer is gonna rock out like it's a Led Zepplin concert, and they just got to the Stairway to Heaven 12-string solo! - Guess who likes Led Zeppelin

LOL...i wonder...hmm...who could this be...maybe...just maybe it was someone named steve t?...but idk...lol DeAnNaPaN

Yay you're correct - Yet another Led Zeppelin related signature

You win......... another rock-related signature, this time by Strongrad, Jimmy Hendrix lives again

I never issued any prise Kev you jerkface. And Jimmy Hendrix lives again hardly counts as a signature, really signatures shoud either have your name, a variation of your name, or a comment that somehow hints to your name or personality - signing The Living Incarnation of Jimmy Hendrix would've been a gopod signature.

"gopod"? - AgentSeethroo

I can spell - and by gopod I meant good!