Every person who's been a fan of Homestar Runner for a particular period of time knows a number of quotes that sound completely nonsensical to the average bystander but cause other fanatics to burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. To qualify as a good quote, it has to be effective outside of its context -- that is, if it requires a paragraph of explanation to set it up, it's not a good quote. A good quote can be inserted easily and barely modified into any conversation -- try it with each of the quotes below (warning: you will get strange looks).

Each quote should be followed by a link to its origin.

Strong Bad

Homestar Runner

Coach Z


Strong Sad


If you want a complete list of Homsar quotes, go here: Homsar/quotes.

The King of Town


Strong Mad

What's Her Face

The Ugly One

Creepy Comb-Over Strong Bad/Senor Cardgage

The Cheat Commandos


Stinko Man

Eh! Steve

The Homestar Runner

The Cheat

Quotes you get sick of

Homestar Runner

Strong Bad