Homestar Runner is out in the winter.


Page title: "WE'RE SNOWED IN!!"

This is the first main page that the real Homestar didn't have that huge line over his underbite. -Crap

Does that stick and the Christmas lights have to do with: It's Christmas, Charlie Brown!
I ask this because they have a lot of stuff that looks like Charlie Brown Stuff. -The Conductor

It sounds like Strong Sad says, "Huzzah!". I can't hear him say, "This sucks!". Is it just me, or can other people hear this? - CE1
I hear him say "This Sucks!" He says it kinda like, "this SUCKS!"-IPADDRESSMAN
Sometimes it just sounds like "SUCKS!" -- DragonDoom5
I could of sworn it was just "I Can't Stop!" said really quickly. - (Dave)?