The Cheat made this main page.

Page title: "Powered by The Cheat"

3 Possible Comments

Strong Bad: And what is that terrible voice? Is that supposed to be Homestar?
The Cheat: {Defensive The Cheat noises}

The Cheat: {Questioning The Cheat noises}
Strong Bad: The animation looks terrible. It's all jerky, ya know, like it was done by a two years old boy.

The Cheat: {Exclamatory The Cheat noises}
Strong Bad: Once again, your visual style just looks thrown together. It looks like you don't care.

Strange thing. Right click anywhere on the screen and then click "play".

To truly appreciate lousy animation, right click, scroll over quality, and click "low".

F.Y.I. Mike Chapman does the voices for The Cheat's cartoon

Here's a pretty-hard-to-do easter egg. When you roll over "email" you can quikly roll over the other buttons on The Cheat's computer.

When you roll over anything with an s at the end "homestar" says the nonplural version. -Crap
(Actually it sounds like this on all the main pages, except the ones with different sounds, like "The Show" and "Duckie Shirt." This is because all the sounds were recorded on a different, cheaper microphone.)

The Strongbad that goes back and forth is a typical example for shape tweening in Macromedia flash, this technique is commonly used by cheap flash animation.

You can also click on the buttons on the Cheat's computer. But you have to go really fast. TheCheatIsNotDead