An arcade Homestar main page.

Page title: "Homestar Runner Game Pac"

Make it so the page is in .swf and make the window so it's not full screen. Then make it less tall and more wide, and you'll see the mouse arrow.

Both the duck (dragon) and the trophy are from an old Atari game called "Adventure". Also note, that once Strong Bad runs off the screen, the page refreshes. ~CB

The sounds seem to be taken from real Atari 2600 games. For instance, the "Characters" sound is definitely from Pitfall. -- FurryKef

I swear, I watch H*R for more than Adventure references...but anyway, the sound effect on "email" is similar to the sound you hear in Adventure when one of the dragons opens its mouth, but not exactly the same. They probably didn't use the real sound effect because it was longer and the dragon's behavior doesn't line up with how the dragons move in the game anyway. --Xhad

OK, I found a page with a review of a LOT of ATARI game reviews with accompanying screenshots. I'm going to find out what these all are referencing if it kills me!

Oh, and the racecar sound is from Enduro, and probably some other games (if not in general, than at least other racing games made by that same company). I'm sure of it. --Xhad

In the swf version, on the left of the screen, you may notice blue lines (if you didn't touch anything). If you touch "'toons", they will change color. -Crap