A creation of Strong Bad's somewhat scary imagination, Modestly Hot Homsar is what Homsar becomes during the song in StrongBadEmail/different town. She's only sort of hot so that she doesn't fool around with other guys.

She also appears in StrongBadEmail/flashback when you click on the left "firework" on the computer screen, on the "Discount Flashback Warehouse" commercial. When Strong Bad says, "...This season", you will see a thumbnail of him singing and introducing Modestly Hot Homsar, but its just a shadow of her.

Complete Filmography

StrongBadEmail/different town
StrongBadEmail/flashback (Easter Egg)

I can only say three words about this idea: sick and wrong

Oh, shut up whoever! ;-) -Sunnythehamstar

You know, Modestly Hot Homsar kinda looks like Strong Glad. Hmmmm... maybe I should add Strong Glad to Rejects.-Homsar Runner

I'll save you the trouble!-Still Nameless