It's a Main Page based on StrongBadEmail/flashback and the Original Book!

Page title: "Duckie Shirt!!"

All the Characters appearing in this MainPage are done in the "flashback" style.

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Page works fine for me right now. (2:20 a.m. CST) -- InterruptorJones

(3:30 A.M. EST) It still won't load for me. I just cleaned out my cache and I still get 404'd. - CoochDog

Hey, just in case you didn't notice, it's daylight savings time, as of 4/4/4. -CE5

Same here... it's 7:25 AM EST. Not only does the file not exist, but when the main page tries to insert up the flash file which shows the links to other main pages, it can't find it either.

Yeah, now it's coming up 404'd for me as well. (10:30 a.m. EDT) And the links for all of the Main Pages don't show up at all when I go to any of the other 19 Main Pages. But I know the stuff I wrote here last night is right, so consider this your... uh... sneak peek. -- Tom

It's working just fine for me. -CE5

The bee is from the Strongest Man in the world contest & an easter egg in StrongBadEmail/kids' book -Crap

So are the grapes. -Fozzywozz

Everything is fine for me, except that the list of Main Pages in the bottom left corner only goes from 1 to 19. --Lord Karkon

Me too -- SephirothBadRel

Everything is just fine for me. I wonder why? -CE5

The song playing while the Prince of Town and Senor dance is the tune from the older intro pages. - RaisedByACupOfCoffee

And The flashback email-Crap

does any one know where i can get a copy of the song ont the store button?- the_tallest_man

Yes, does anyone know what the song's name is? Or where to get a download of it?

I think the Prince of town said "Thank you Senor, this here's the joint!