Eh! Steve is a character from Sweet Cuppin' Cakes who appears every once in a while to deliver his catch phrase: EH, STEVE! For some reason, The Wheelchair wants to destroy him.

Debut: The Strong Bad Email Crazy Cartoon

Eh! Steve makes a cameo appearance in the Strong Bad Email Kids' Book. Also, a parody of Eh! Steve in a tux drawn by Lem Sportsinterviews appears in the Strong Bad Email Different Town. He is also parodied as Eh! Greg in Strong Bad Email Haircut.

Complete Filmography

StrongBadEmail/crazy cartoon (Debut)
StrongBadEmail/kids' book (Easter Egg)
StrongBadEmail/different town (Easter Egg; appearing as Eh! Steven)
StrongBadEmail/haircut (As Eh! Greg)
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