my mom thinks that the human inuyasha is kagome please prove her wrong!

I know this is in the middle of your profile... but I didn't understand what you just said. - FireBird
my mom thinks human inuyasha is kagome.
See... I don't understand what you mean by that. - FireBird
sigh does anyone know who inuyasha is? firebird does not know some one tell him duders307

InuYasha is a show that used to be aired on adult swim. I never really watched it, but when I did it was cool. Just Google it. -Kupo

InuYasha is still on Adult Swim Sat. at 11:00 PM. Homestarball Z

neopets.com rocks!!!
i've bin on 15 month's!
um if you may play mistic worlds than you might know me as chiko!
plus i love video games and if you find any online games you can talk to people on then tell me ok? thanks!
you can download mysticworlds.here-> http://www.gamelovers.ca/mysticworlds/downloads.html
as soon as you get a user and password tell me your character's name so i won't get you confused with anyone else
i'll be waiting
oh i almost forgot search up almightyeric on neopets cause thats me!
good day to everyone.
i got the miroku,inuyasha and kagome pics at the site link below
ps:do not erase my page i worked hard on it!




go to my friend blood's page he might b glad you comment him if you do.

guess what i came in third on the space invaders game so ha!
fluffy puff air puff sugar dilights.....
does anyone know where i can get inuyasha images?
I suggest more info and less pictures. -CE5

Bah, info doesn't really matter in my opinion. But does the third picture really have to be there? -Warmaster129
sorry i just found it and put it there heh heh so i just deleted it and added those two dancing sbs!-duders307
What picture used to be there?
a picture of crap i got rid of it cause i got a comment about it duders307
You mean crap like........what the Poopsmith takes care of? Like...actual CRAP??

Games you can talk to people on -- have you tried Runescape? Runescape.com. -- DungeonGirl

thanks! -duders307

Hi duders307 this is GoombaKing responding to your comment which you left in my profile about Paper Mario. Here it is!
Well, duders307, last time I played that game was 4 years ago, but come to think of it, there WAS a GoombaKing in paper mario! Oh yeah! I am GoombaKing because goombas are the coolest bad guys ever! Right now I am wearing a shirt with a Goomba on it and under it it says, "YOU LOSE"! I got it at Hot Topic. - GoombaKing

I noticed that you messed up your own pictures. Why? -CE5

it was an acident! but i will try and fix it.-duders307
all fixed!-duders307
someone please comment me.. duders307

Hey cool, Sonic X... -Mr. Strong Bad

duders307, what are you trying to do? In the HelpDesk you asked if you could "create characters" and JoeyDay explained that they have to be in subpages of WikiFanStuff. You didn't do that. You created a page called "wiki characters" and then proceeded to create more free links from that page. Someone was nice enough to move them all to where they belong. They are now located at WikiFanStuff/wiki characters. Please read the pages in WikiGettingStarted to learn how to properly edit pages. And be careful. -- Tom

Let me get this straight - You're going to leave the wiki because three people don't understand about a character from Sonic Adventure 2? -- FireBird
what no! im not im just making my point by not speaking! oh crap i spoke! -duders307

im back to talkin yet i have to say tommorows the last day of freakin school!!!-duders307

oh and don't for get today is...THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!! -duders307

sigh no1 wants to comment me im so bored-duders307