The Comments

Yes, finally you have a place to make your points and jocularly witty... jokes relating to Jweb Guru. Please don't make a mess on the carpet or anything like that. That's just too much of a stretch.

And the masses cheer in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

A Brief Note

This page is for general comments. There follows a list of the comment subpages.

Bring it on, Burninator. - DarkLordNache

What's the point of a user page if you have to have a subpage for every little thing? You don't necessarily have to be neat to be organized. - DarkLordNache

If we aren't neat and organized, my dear Dark Lord, what are we? No better than the scum of the Internet. Like... the moss. If you want to mess around with the main page, you're technically allowed. I just think it's silly. - Jweb Guru

How can you not be organized on the computer? If the conversation gets too out of hand for your taste, you can just delete it. - DarkLordNache

I'd prefer not to delete my conversations, O illustrious Dark Lord. It goes against the principles of a Wiki. That's why I made this page - so that if someone just wants to look at, or accidentally clicks upon, my user profile, he or she will not be bombarded by a stream of comments unless he or she chooses to be. And you may notice I've been touching up on your grammar and spelling. It's just for the look of the thing, I assure you. The content remains unchanged. - Jweb Guru

I have to give you props. *gives props*
There. This has to be the coolest UserSpace ever.
Hands down. Seriously. Here's a question...
Do you possess any talents? For example, can you draw? Can you play an instrument? Can you fly? Cause I can't fly...
I just thought it'd be cool if I knew someone who can.
But I digress.
And in conclusion, it is my intention to play video games for several hours.
Tenderly, I remain,
Cableman AgentSeethroo

Wow ok now this is just weird. Yes I have a tendency to say what I think is weird. So there.
-Arrohed Aria

Thank you, one and everyone. I, the Jweb Guru, think that this page is undoubtedly weirder than your page, Arrohed Aria, but that's okay, because it's all in good fun.

Cableman AgentSeethroo? You're pretty cool. Yeah, I can fly. Although... it didn't go as well as I expected. I broke my arm in the process. Man... no idea what that was about. None at all.

Yeah, so keep commenting me... at me... on this page... and I'll keep answering them. (The paper comes down.)

- Jweb Guru

Wow. I've been struck by the mighty Jweb Guru. And he didn't even stop to say "hi" to Megan.

I'm sorry, I didn't see you were there. Were you there? Yes, I suppose you were. Hullo, Megan. You don't have a user profile, you know. That could make it difficult to spot you. Well, Megan, I didn't mean to strike you and I'll unstrike you as soon as is humanly possible. (Does so).

- Jweb Guru

Looking at your userspace, I would have to say that you are a-prettypretty cool. I hope your arm heals soon. Have fun on the wiki, and.... um.... I can't think of anything else to say. I was raised by a cup of coffee. --Dark Grapefruit

Thanks. My arm's actually all better now. It... has some sort of supernatural healing powers... or something.

Good luck with your coffee parentage.

- Jweb Guru

Hello Mr. Guru,
I just wanted to welcome you to the Wiki. It's nice to have someone jump right in and start organizing the place. I'm really glad we finally have someone who will shape up the grammer on this site.

- The Brothers E

Thank you, my bretheren E. I'm glad I've had such a warm reception to this Wiki. It really is a very nice environment, with a few exceptions. And you're right about my rather... touchy sense of right and wrong as it relates to the English language... (Cracks whip). So, yes. I bid thee farewell.

- Jweb Guru

Ok, Guru, you said I deleted somebody's comment on Lord Whoever's smitting list. I didn't. Whose got deleted? - FireBird

A riposte between CE5 and Mysterious Stranger was deleted, according to the history logs, by you, FireBird. I apologize if someone was merely imitating you. However, that was the change made in your name. I have since restored it. Once more, I'm very sorry if it wasn't actually you.

- Jweb Guru

Jwebbie, I'd like to thank you for teaching me how to do anchor lists (not a refresher, I actually didn't know how, I only know how to do it in HTML)

- Lord Karkon Slash Dark Lord Karkon

Thank you, Lord Karkon, and your alter ego Dark Lord Karkon as well. It's always nice to feel that the community is that much more educated about Wikis, so we can take full advantage of the amazing capabilities thereof.

- Jweb Guru

This userpage and reached a new level of crazy-OCD-meaninglessness. But then again, I didn't actually read any of the subpages. Whatev.


Why, thank you, wazup90210. Thank you for accusing me of having OCD. If I really did have it, considering the way that you're treating it as an insult, I would be very hurt indeed. You shouldn't really throw your words around like that.

If you don't enjoy both randomness and organization, why come to a Wiki about [Homestar Runner]? It doesn't quite fit. Nonetheless, I appreciate the fact that you bothered to read the page at all.

Your fan,
Jweb Guru

Dear Mr. Guru,
If you're looking for transcripts to clean up, the Teen Girl Squad transcripts need some serious organization, and I haven't gotten around to it yet. They're yours if you want to grab them.
Sincerely, E Btoherrs hTe

Yes, to the best of my recollection I already cleaned up Teen Girl Squad's first installment. Thanks for offering them, brothers. I'll get around to it - fairly quickly, I imagine.

- Jweb Guru

Actually, I meant make them more uniform,
so they wouldn't be quite as torn,
but if that isn't your forte,
I'll handle them some other day.
-The Gangsta's E

Very nice. No, I'd only done one thus far, and incompletely at that - that was rather what I meant. Sorry for any unintentional confusion, E-People. - Jweb Guru

Don't. Answer. My. Emails. Ever. Again. -- JestersOfTheMoon

Yes, thank you, you made your point abundantly clear by deleting mine. I wasn't sure whose they were, as I don't recall that anyone was said to be transcribing them. I'm happy to see that you've added it now, but at the time I interpreted 'if nobody's taken them' as 'fair game'. You added your current sequence of comments after I had written the rather lengthy reply. I apologize, however, for any unintentional harm I may have done, even if I'm not entirely certain what it is.

Jweb Guru

Edit: Thank you profusely for reinstating my response. Although it might not seem like it, I put quite a bit of work into it. Bows low on the ground. May you be elevated to new heights.

Attention!! All Jweb Guru's! My userspace sucks. Is it possible to commission you to hook me up with a cool UserSpace such as your own?
You know I'm a rabid SuperGuru supporter. Hook me up, man!
- Agent J

Done and double-done. I'm always willing to support my fan[s]. Yeah, I can modify your userpage. Just sit back and wait... by Friday, you can have a page like the professionals!

- Silent J[web Guru]

You're easily shaping up to be the most professional contributors to the wiki. Nicely organized userspaces (with conveniences such as you have) show someone who could write a very good resume. Just wondering, how old are you? -Your Fan

I'm not going to reveal my age, Warlord - for reasons of security, you understand, not anything to do with you - but I'm still in high school. I hardly do this professionally. Nonetheless, I thank you cordially for your lovely and appreciative comment. I do my part.

-We All Do Our Parts

Random word: Betwixt.
thank you.


Jweb, I wanted to say that while I think your compulsive deslashifying might be a little excessive, I really appreciate your meticulous attention to detail. Your spelling, grammar, and formatting are excellent, and you actually take the time to fix all of the incoming links when you move a page. You're an asset to the Wiki. -- Interruptor "feeling nice today" Jones

Thank you, Jones the First. The slashes bother me somewhat in UserSpaces, but what I'd really like to see is all of the main pages (e.g. Strong Bad Emails) and all of the officially indexed pages (such as Rejects) without slashes. It just makes it look a bit unprofessional. But yes, I suppose I am a tad obsessive. The rest of the comments were simply a glowing evaluation of my performance on the site, and I must say that I am honored to be honored.

- Jweb the Guru Impersonator

I didn't really mean professionally literally. I think in everybody's opinions you have the best UserSpace on the Wiki, and you're as mature as InterruptorJones, and that's saying something. Now, seeing as you're a person who probably has the best ideas on how to organize portions of the Wiki, tell us of every little idea you have. We may like them. And keep the clever nicknames coming.

Thank you very much, Man-o-war. I'm glad that I'm so highly esteemed by you, although I hardly think that everyone believes I have the best Wiki on this site. For example, I have no graphics. Nonetheless, I'm not quite modest enough not to bask in praise if given the opportunity, so I will. I truly enjoy reading comments like these.

Generally, when I come up with a new idea I implement it on my site. I've noticed one thing that has changed since I got here that I like - many more people are using links that don't have precisely the same text as the page itself. This has really improved the appearance of the Wiki. Ideally any improvements to my own page, or to other pages around the Wiki, will also be seized upon and duplicated until nearly every active member of this site is aware of the possibilities of the software.

Once again, thank you for the comment.

- Clever J Name

dash dash dash dash.

Random: moo.


Wow, my agent in aviation, you must be very bored at your job to leave comments as random as those on this page. Although I think it may actually be improving the decor. Hm...

- Jweb the Thoughtful

Oh, man! You don't have a place for just regular comments. I'll just through this in here. You've been really busy with de-slashing pages! I haven't had much time to do any of that. Thanks for all your help!

Impressed with your progress,
-3 573HTO78 3HT ...(that's as backwords as I could get. Too stupid?)

Once again, you're my hero! I could not for the life of me figure out how to "depoundify" anchor links. *grovel, grovel* -- InterruptorJones

Wow, two of the people whose work on the Wiki I admire most? Posting at the same time? Coincidence? Of course.

Brothers Enterprise, this is not only the page for comments on the main page, it's the place for general comments. Thank you very much for the compliments. I actually didn't do overmuch surfing for it; I just replace the slashes whenever I visit a page and see them there. That covers a surprisingly wide range of pages.

Thank you, That Is Also My Egg. As with ordinary link replacement, I got this from the Getting Started linked pages. Getting Started: It's not just for newbies anymore. You needn't grovel - please don't, in fact. 'Tis a pleasure seeing this Wiki look more professional with each passing day.

Wishing you both a good day,
Your Hero

*funny joke*
*pause for laughter*
"thank you, thank you. I'll be here all night."

Agent "kinda funny" Seethroo

I HATE YOU! - T's Minion

It's flame-a-licious! *slays T's Minion* and stuff. Agent "Sorry we're filling up your userspace with crap, really, we'll try to keep it down in the future" Seethroo

T's Minion, you really aren't allowed to have the alias. Others have been submitting passively. I'm going to have to change your aliases again. Would you prefer for me to call one of the moderators up to yell at you themselves? Either change your username to "T's Minion", or stop complaining about it. No aliases. I don't want to have to warn you more than once.

And if there's another reason you claim to hate me, I have no idea what it is.

- Jweb the Dangerously Annoyed

Its cause you were like, "Hey Evereyone! I told Trogdors Minion to move all that crap from Troggie (the other quotie thingy is supposed to go over there <- but i couldnt find it on the Keyboard) That Thing Ticks me of sooooooooo much every time i read it - Posted onFriday, July 16th, 2004, a loooooong time after i told jweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb i hate him

"Users Comments"? I like it. I like wery wery much, and so shall conform.
-Conformer E

I added an important message at StrongBadEmail, so you have to read it. Go and watch it!

[Maudi Algabban]

Good to have you back. We have missed your presence greatly.
-The Brothers E

Well, I considered deleting the party banner, but then I figured I'd give my devoted fans what they wanted, for once. Yes, I've missed my presence here greatly too. This place needs some serious reorginization, man. All these... aliases. The "R" in aliases stands for Rrr....

- Bac Man


Yeah, you just keep doin' your thing, man...

Sorry about the broken image links, incidentally. I would've fixed them myself, but I was away on rather urgent business, so I never got the opportunity.

Opaque since 1988,

Hey, it's cool. Thanks for all your work on my UserSpace. It completely rocks!
On an unrelated note, I think we should compose a sort of "survey" that should go in everyone's userspace. That way we wouldn't have to ask stupid questions on people's pages.
Whatcha think?
I like cheese

Ooh, I like that idea! Maybe we could have a generic servey, but people could add questions on to it as they pleased. Oh man! I'm gonna work on this RIGHT NOW
-No Time To Waste on Typing The Brothers E!!

I think it should be more standardized. Maybe that's my Air Force roots talking, but I like uniformity.

Hm. Sounds like an interesting idea. Perhaps I'll try it out sometime soon. I'm a bit busy of late, but I might be able to squeeze in some time. Besides, it's always best to viciously poke fun at a survey. Without that sort of thing we'd all be driven mad.

bewJweb UruGuru

Hey, Mr. Guru Guy, I need your opinion. Do you think Lem Sportsinterviews is a character or more of an inside joke? I think he belongs in inside jokes, but before I move it and tick people off, I wanted to get some more opinions.

He's not a character. Do you ever see him in a cartoon? No! Bye! -CE5

He's not a character, as you've said. He's definitely not a reject... but he certainly doesn't belong even with Carol, Marzipan's guitar. Lem Sportsinterviews is quite a popular inside joke - but nobody has Lem Sportsinterview t-shirt. Yet.

Okay, I just got the best idea ever for a t-shirt...

Jem Ginterview

We are both Commandos with that Transparent Agent guy. A-pretty-pretty cool. - Commando-Squad 2-FireBird

Well, I certainly hope it is, Bird Under Fire. I haven't yet discerned precisely what he means to do with us, if anything. Perhaps the great Cleaning Fluid himself will be able to clarify this point? Or would he prefer not to elucidate, leaving we worthy, noble and dedicated martial planners to ponder ceaselessly as to the wiseness of each and every military action we may organize? Or perhaps 'tis all a test, a test of will, and we are to lead the squadrons as we see fit until he returns to judge us, each according to his ability and against some arbitrarily high standard of expectations that will leave not one of us comfortable with being likely to see daylight ever again!

Or perhaps I'm just suffering from the aftereffects of reading immense passages out of the timeless and infamous work of literature known only as (except for the multitudes of other names that have been assigned it over the course of time) "Starship Troopers". It's an excellent book, and I recommend it. Even to you, Original Agent.

Mobile Infantry Commando - Though commando doesn't make much sense this way in the infantry...

What? Is it a crime that I like [Invader Zim], and I wanna put a picture of the DVD cover on my Wiki Page? Last time I checked, It Was not. - Trogdors Minion the unstoppable death machine

Well, it's more the part where you put the DVD cover, the copyright and trademark logos, the ISBN number, the proof of purchase, and so on on the page. I'm not at all certain of the legality of that. As I said, or should have said, I could easily be wrong.

Puzzled Guru

My Guruian friend, I am no stranger to the writings of Heinlein. You should check out John D. McDonald. His stuff is simply wicked awesome. My favorite of McDonald's is "The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything." Check THAT one out.
Agent "well read" Seethroo

Ooh, Heinlein. Easily my favorite author. My favorites are Stranger in a Strange Land and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and say what you will about it, but the "Future History" series is fantastic. Starship Troopers is on my bookshelf, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I'd start a book topic, but it would probably be inundated with talk about Harry Potter, which, though not without merit, is an exceedingly boring discussion topic.

Jweb and Agent, why don't you join us [on IRC] sometime?

-- InterruptorJones

JoeyDay says its OK - Trogdors Minion the unstoppable death machine

Hey, didn't Heinlein write the Stainless Steel Rat series? I canne remember.
And I'll TRY to do the #HRWIKI thingy sometime soon. It's just that I burned myself out on traditional chatting back in the day and I don't do it much at all anymore. But we'll see nonetheless.
~ oorhteeStnegA

Hello Guuuruuuuu!
I've been working on an interview page for myself. The idea derived from your reporter interview. I thought it might to be cooler to go ahead and set up an appointment with him (her?) instead. Might the Reporter be available to interview me?

- The Brothers E

Ah, sure, Ebronics. Go right ahead. The Reporter is and always has been ready and waiting for anyone who cared. And evidently you do. So you can be interviewed. I think he's quite happy about it, really. After all, it's the rare day that a reporter like him can actually interview anyone.

- Jome War Bun Guro

Wonderful! Is there an afternoon he might be willing to set aside for this, or will I have to come up with it myself?

-Bone-jur Miss-your, E

Well, if you don't want to interview him yourself, I'm afraid I won't be able to get around to it for a few weeks - when the school year is over. Then I'll have quite a lot of free time for a week, as I will categorically refuse to do anything remotely resembling mandated work for its duration. If you'd prefer not to have to wait that long, feel free to use him. He doesn't mind. Really.

-Jweb "I May Even Make It Out Alive" Guru

Well, I thought it might be fun to set up an actual real-time interview, but you are right. Waiting until school lets out would be wise. And if you wish not to do it after that, I'll understand. I just thought we could have some fun with it.
-The Brothers "I have a french exam in three days" E

I have decided to put something in here.

Go to wait. Everybody here knows about that site.

Go to It's a fun game where you can run a nation. It's really fun. And it's fun.

- William "Should I change my name to Ellipsis?" S.

Jweb, I have a job offer for you. I hear you're a producer. I need a producer for my new movie that's coming out.
So, please consider. --AgentNine
PS:Send me your AIM thing because I'm gonna work on the movie on text pad so you guys (excluding Jweb and me)can't see it til it's done. And then I can IM it to you and you can help me make it.

What New Movie?

Were you ever on Your name strikes familiar. DeLoreanz1

Hello Jweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb Guru - Geuss Who