The Reporter

The Facts

This rather silly reporter was brought here from Lands Unknown, presumably at the call of Jweb Guru. He tends to spend a lot of time interviewing people, which is really rather a pity, as he doesn't know how. Really. He's also...

The Interview

REPORTER: So, Reporter, I hear you've got something to share with us?

REPORTER: Oh, nothing, really. Not... not much at all. I'm sort of broken up about this, actually. Are you sure I should interview myself? I mean, that sort of thing -

REPORTER: What would Mother have said?

REPORTER: She would have said "Don't you dare do something like that, if you know what's good for you! I'll give you such a thra -"

REPORTER: I meant that hypothetically.

REPORTER: Oh, well, hypothetically she would have supported this as a real eye-opening experience for me, and a chance to shine.

REPORTER: Right. Exactly. So, tell us about yourself.


REPORTER: ...Okay, then. G'night!

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