Narrator Strong Bad: Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader (cheer!)! So and So (fashion sense!)! What's Her Face (unpopular!)! The Ugly One (hygiene?)!

Cheerleader: Hey gals, let's go get ready to LOOK SO GOOD!!!!!

So and So: Word.

The Ugly One: Word.

What's Her Face: Word.

{A helicopter attacks the seagulls}

Cheerleader: Okay, now let's start LOOKING GOOD!!!!

So and So: A'ight.

The Ugly One: A'ight.

What's Her Face: A'ight.

{A robot zaps So and So's head with a laser}

Cheerleader: Kristen, you look burnt - or DEAD.

What's Her Face: I miss Kristin-a.

{Numerous arrows come flying through the air behind The Ugly One.}

The Ugly One: I have a crush on EVERY BOY!

{The Ugly One is pierced by arrows}

The Man with the Huge Mouth: ARROWED!

The Ugly One: OW! My skin!

{What's Her Face is kicked by a dinosaur}

What's Her Face: Dag, yo.

{Cheerleader stands next to the headstones for So and So, The Ugly One, and What's Her Face}

Cheerleader: I look so good!

Narrator Strong Bad: IT'S OVER!!!!

The End