This is a list of people I need to smite.

Uh, just so you know... if you mean any of the following:

1. To strike; to inflict a blow upon with the hand, or with any instrument held in the hand, or with a missile thrown by the hand; as, to smite with the fist, with a rod, sword, spear, or stone.
2. To cause to strike; to use as an instrument in striking or hurling.
3. To destroy the life of by beating, or by weapons of any kind; to slay by a blow; to kill; as, to smite one with the sword, or with an arrow or other instrument.
4. To put to rout in battle; to overthrow by war.
5. To blast; to destroy the life or vigor of, as by a stroke or by some visitation.
6. To afflict; to chasten; to punish.
7. To strike or affect with passion, as love or fear.

Then it's spelled like this: smiting. Only one t. -- Tom

Heh. You beat me to it, Tom. -- InterruptorJones

I sure don't want to be smitted. - "Douglas"

The past tense is "smote". seriously. I'm not kiddin'. AgentSeethroo

Smitty..Yebber Man Jensen. Arrohed Aria

Cool, glad you restored it. And I thought you added Webster to the list because I brought to your attention the spelling error. I found it extremely funny when in response to my comment, you simply added "Noah Webster" to your list. Classic. -- Tom

Thanks I thought so too. Now I think I have some grave robbing to do... - DarkLordNache

Why do you want to smite Bubs? -CE5

Well I figured I needed to put at least one Homestar character on there and Bubs was the first to come to mind. - DarkLordNache

Smite? Sounds like one of those medeivel books...... Take thy sword and fighteth amongst your brothers to smite thowt enemy. Strongrad

I would prefer: Taketh thy sword and fight amongst thy brethren and smite thine enemy. - DarkLordNache

Why do you have a "Smiting List" in the first place? I suggest you take Strongrad and Stevebad off of it, because that kind of thing is excactly what they want and if you give it to them they'll just get worse. If you take it off, they will be slightly less annoying. -CE5

Actually, they have not been that annoying for quite some time, and they have not ask me to remove them so I will keep them. - DarkLordNache

What an idiot. You are even worse than Stevebad and Strongrad, now that I think about it. -CE5

Idoicy-I think that's how that's spelled-is relative. I might have perfect reason to call you an idiot just because you called the Dark Lord an idiot. Or you could call me an idiot because I am standing up for him. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Um, Nache, Noah Webster is already dead. That lady who wrote the grammar book "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" is still alive, and she's probably a stickler for spelling too! - William S.

One word: Necromancy. - DarkLordNache

Oh, and Webster actually wished for spelling to just be more uniform, and he wanted things in America to be pronounced phoenetically. - William S.

Ok, why are you defending this guy? If he's already dead why does it matter? - DarkLordNache