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I know this isn't the place to post this, but I can't believe I went all this time without realizing there's a way to make Wiki links with a different word than the name of the page. Sweet lady freedom! -- InterruptorJones

I know, can you believe it? I can think of a bunch of places where this will work well! -- Tom

Wow. I'm glad to be of aid to you people. I just looked it up on the Tavi links. Useful, those. - Jweb Guru

Yo Yo. The reporter gave me an interview for my little ole DVD.
Apparently, the heavy lourde jacked his/her brain up, because he said my interview was his first.

Check it out, if you have any thoughts, just put em in the comments pagerino.
~ Agent "I love interviews!" Seethroo

Yeah, I was considering using our dear friend myself. I rather think I will. Lovely interview, incidentally. I think you captured the spirit of the thing... really well. Like there was some sort of psychic link between you and that guy. You should check it out. Maybe get a job at that... Psychic Friends Hotline... or something...

-Psychic Friend Jweb

I hope you don't mind Mr . Reporter giving me a excellent interview. -(Mr. Bird)?

Uh, I suppose so, Bird Aflame. I dunno, these interviews are all taking the same form, and I really wanted to use the character to interview people in different ways each time. Nonetheless, you're free to use him if you want. Don't let me stop you. - Tranquil Guru

Can the Reporter interview me, The Master of Ellipses?
-The Master of Ellipses

The Reporter almost certainly can interview you, Dot Fu Master, but until I am done with finals and, essentially, all of school, I'm unavailable for interviews. I can barely keep up with the Wiki as it is. Still, if you'd like to use him to intervew yourself, go right ahead. Nobody's stopping you. I'm really rather gratified by the attention he's getting, though I suspect it's wasted on him...

- Jub We Gur

Sorry Jweb, didn't mean to make this into a big deal. I'll do it on my own sometime.

-The Brothers E

Am I the only one with an original userspace other than Mr. Guru? The original man

Original in what way? I like to think mine is original.
-The Brothers E

Why isn't there a list of links to all the interviews the reporter has done? And why doesn't he do more interviews?