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What character's voice can you do the most realistic? I can do Homsar really well. --JestersOfTheMoon

I can do The Cheat, Homsar, Strong Sad, Strong Mad, Coach Z. I have only been able to do Strong Mad's voice recently. -CE5

I'm a master at doing Coach Z's voice and I'm okay at Homsar. I can also do a mean Stinkoman. I know LimoZeener can do Strong Bad's voice because we go to the same school and we're in the same grade.- SBZ22

Hmm, I think my best is either The CheatorStrong Sad. Im pretty decent but not as good at doing Homestar Runner, and sometimes Bubs but all the other characters i suck at doing. ~Arrohed Aria

I can do he Cheats voice pretty well. I can also do Strong Mad's and I am trying to learn Strong Bad's. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Homestar is easily my best impression, though I like to think I can do a pretty good Coach Z. Bubs is the only character I can't do well. --Upsilon

I speak fluent The Cheat. As in, when I do his voice, I'm actually saying something, only squeaky. I can also do Strong Sad, and Homestar Runner and the KoT? kind of.

I can do The Cheat the best. I can also do Marzipan, Strong Sad and Homestar pretty well. I can do Strong Bad and Bubs' accents really well but my voice can't go low enough to sound like them.
PrincessofStrongBadia(i know it doesn't say, I'm using someone else's computer)

I can do Bubs best, along with all of the characters in any of The Cheat's cartoons. -MoogleMaster?

I can do Homestar-runner well enough that people can tell what i'm doing... :-) -JamesGecko

Homestar, Strong Bad, Coach Z. -Crap

Homestar, Coach Z, The Cheat, Marzipan, and Bubs.-DaChazman

Homsar was pretty easy, but now my voice is deepening, so it always cracks in the middle. I can do a pretty good Coach Z, and all the TGS members. (Hey, they're characters!) But I rule at Brett Bretterson. I'm the best. EVER. -Fozzywozz

Yeah...I can do all of em but Marzipan, Homsar, and Strong Mad. If you don't believe me, hop on PSO and listen. I do the voices when I play. AgentSeethroo

What is PSO?

PSO is Phantasy Star Online...it's an Xbox game...it's on gamecube too...and ps2 I think...but anyway it has voice chat and I'm always doing H*R character voices...my gamertag is GoodJorb. I freaked this one kid out by doing my Strong Bad voice...he was like "woah holy crap!" AgentSeethroo

I can kinda do a Homestar and Strong Bad mixed together. -Poot Slap

Strong Bad is best 4 me. I sound EXACTLY like him when I sing some of his songs or a memorized SBemail. My best is both The cheat and Coach Z --dog

This is a question for JoeyDay. Can you do any voices?- Jack Selby

I can do everyone execpt Homsar, Marzipan, and Strong Bad. I'm really bad at Homsar and I'm okay at Strong Bad. -TheCheatsCousin

I can do Homsar pretty good. I use this voice a lot. I also tried Bubs and Coach Z. I also did my favorite two Homestar lines all day today: "And somebody's a-ga-wabbin' my butt!" and "This does not look good for Homestar Runner." I use his lisp a lot and get in trouble. -Hagurumon

I can do Stinkoman pretty good. "Correct me if I'm wrong but are you asking for a CHALLEEEEEEENGE!!!!!!!!!" ~no name~

I can easily do Strong Bad, and Homestar I can only copy Strong Bad's voice in SB email. Can't do it any where else. SuperHomestarRunner

Homestar is my favourite voice to do, probably as he's my favourite character. I can also do Marzipan, Coach Z, King of town, Strong Sad, Strong Mad, Homsar and the 20X6 Homestar and SB. I love doing voices, my friends at school always make me do homestar for them.
- M.J

Homestar Runner. Seriously. -JamesGecko

I think i sound like Marshie!-Nelson339

I can do all the characters quite well...I used Strong Bad's voice when I was in a skit as the host of a Game Show, and I used SB's ATTITUDE too!! DeLoreanz1

Same here. Except I can't do pom-pom's voice.. or indistinctive bubble talk fhq

I do a low-quality Strong Bad, a medium-quality Bubs, and a high-quality Strong Sad and Homsar. Also, I can pull off a close Announcer. - RaisedByACupOfCoffee

I'm very good at the KoT's and a master at Homsar's. I'm learning Homestar's. I can half do Strong Bad's and Strong Mad's. -Da Bee

For me, I'm good at a lot. Homestar, Homsar, Strong Mad, and The Cheat.--AgentNine

Oh yeah, and Bubs. --agentnine

I'm pretty good at Stinkoman and 1936 Homestar as well. I'm not really sure about 1936 Strong Bad. I can do Strong Bad pretty well though too. --AgEnTNiNe

Well, I can do Homestar, Strong Sad, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Coach Z, Bubs, Homsar, The KOT, The Teen Girl Squad, 1936 Homestar, Somewhat of Stinkoman, And some of the Cheat Commandos. --Prof.TorCoolGuy And you should hear me sing the Trogdor Song.

My friends tell me that I sound like Strong Sad. I take that as an insult. - kidovathere

I can do an awesome Strongbad, I used to be a master at THe Cheat, I'm O.K, with Homestar, I'm great at the Poopsmith,and that's pretty much it. - Stevebad whose been signing with a Led Zepplin related name as of late

I can do Homsar, Homestar and String Mad - AwesomeGuy

String Mad eh? - M.J

I rock at Strong Sad, I can do a pretty mean Homestar, and my Homsar's okay. --A Lover of Melonade

I can do, hmmmm, lets seeee... (everything in parenthesis is the words i'm best at imitating)

Coach Z, (Well, I tell ya, you did a great JOB, Hamstray) or (I knew it! It was Bisquit-dough hands!)


Homestar (Uhhhh... Cwapface)

Strong Sad (Each day we die a little more...)

The Poopsmith (...)

and non-homestar related, i can do Arnold Shwartzeneggar (or however its spelled)
Snape from www.potterpuppetpals.com (I must put a stop to him! Avada Kadabra!.... AAAAAUUGHHHHHH!)

and i guess, thats it -GoombaKing

I can do a pretty-pretty good Strong Sad and an okay Homestar. All the time at school I do Strong Sad's character tape, which I think is extremely funny.--TubularLuggage

i can do homsar bubs strong mad homestar coach z and the poopsmith (both versions)

I good at Homestar, Strong Mad(TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE!!!), Strong Bad, and the Cheat.Stinkoman K

Hmm...mostly Homsar(I guess). You wan't proof? Then watch me. *ahem* I'm a song from the sixties!!!

I can do Strong Sad real good {Get me away from this boulder!} and the King of Town's laugh extremly good {Doo hoo doo hoo hoo} Yay for me! UnknownHzrd

The Kot, The Poopsmith, The Sneak, Homsar, Strong Sad, The Kiaser, and The Stick- DaAaAaAaAaAa

Okay, half of those don't count because they don't talk. I can do: The Cheat, The KoT, Strong Sad, and the old version of Strong Bad. -Ingiald

I sound like Strong Sad when I talk normally. It's pretty horrible. --FortyFour

I can do a good Blue Lazer. "I JUST HATE YOU SO MUCH!" -- m4u

I can do stinkoman bluelazer homsar homestar the cheat strong mad and the kot - duders307

I'm awesome at the poopsmith. -BodyTag