Hello one and everyone. My name is Ryan Whitfield andI am editing this Wiki alot and I thought I'd join. I love Homestarrunner.com and I think Coach Z is cool. I purchase a whole crap-load of stuff from the site, like clothes and the Strong Bad sings CD. And sometime (Maybe the 1st 1/2 of 2004)☻, a Homestar Runner DVD is coming out! And in probably the first 3 months of 2004 a talking The Cheat plushie is coming! Music is good.☻☻☻

Coach Z: Where my lazers at? All the peoples try to show me where my lazers at, then your mother tried to show me all the lazer crabs, then I got a bunch-a types-a bunch-a lazer dabs. - "These peoples try to fade me" from Strong Bad sings and other type hits.

...say THAT three times fast. I can!

If you're here about the Brothers Chaps TV interview, here it is: http://www.g4tv.com/html/videostream.asp?file=G4_Extras_Pulse_Homestar.wmv

Cool! I like Coach Z too! do ya have the The Cheat plushie yet? Its out!!!!! - Sneak_Addict

Yo. To see that TV interview with the brothers chaps and missy, go to HomestarLinks. That'll have a link to it. it's the G4 interview.


hey goomba king is your name from paper mario? -duders307

Well, duders307, last time I played that game was 4 years ago, but come to think of it, there WAS a GoombaKing in paper mario! Oh yeah! I am GoombaKing because goombas are the coolest bad guys ever! Right now I am wearing a shirt with a Goomba on it and under it it says, "YOU LOSE"! I got it at Hot Topic. - GoombaKing

Whoa, man. Hot Topic is creepy. At least in my opinion. Anyways....uhh....woo I lost my train of thought. I was gonna ask the exact same question as duders, but he got to it first. Oh well...

I agree. Hot topic is WAYYY funkafied. I once saw this dude in there and he had one side of his head shaved off and the rest of it was purple and he had on black lipstick and mascara and a nose piercing and was wearing fish net hose on his arms and motorcycle boots and it was wayy creepy. way. -Arrohed Aria

Hey, I saw that shirt! I wanted the one that had the 1up mushroom on it.--TubularLuggage

Hot Topic is strictly a punk store. No doubt.- VideoGameFreak