Oh, hewwo! My name is


I like Hometarrunner.com. I also like The Cheat.

Here is a picture of him:

I also like Coach Z:

Here are my top 5 favorite carachters on h*r.com:
  1. The Cheat
  2. Coach Z
  3. Homsar
  4. Thomas
  5. The King of Town

My top 5 favorite 'toons:
  1. A Jumping Jack Contest
  2. Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
  3. Powered by The Cheat
  4. Thing in a Bag
  5. The Cheat Theme Song

"Oh no! I think this is my favorite!"







I took this Homestar Runner personality quiz and found out that I'm Homestar Runner.

Interesing fact: Homestarrunner.net is a big picture of a candle on a cupcake.

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Hey! I'm MelonadeLuvr. I'm a PomPom, so we might get along well! Jorearorghb!!!! Ha! I Crack myself up. Nice pics. Can U post them on my page? I have a space for people to post H*R related pics. --MelonadeLuvr

I'm a Homestar too! - Trogdors Minion

P.S. Hey! MelonadeLuvr! My mom was a PomPom!

Uh.... where are the pictures?

Right here! I just put them in. -TheCheatsCousin

Actually, you need to have a web page and host the pictures for them to work. I figured that out recently. Try building a website on [Freewebs], saving pictures on your computer, and then adding them to your wep page; then you type in your website and the file name. I know, it's kinda confusing. Let me know if you need any help.--TubularLuggage

Thanks Dude! -TheCheatsCousin

Don't worry about the dude thing, all is forgiven. ;^) Okay, so first you sign up for a freewebs website. Then you get whatever picture you want on this space and upload it. If you want a picture from anywhere on the web, like you want to see a picture of The Cheat in Pumpkin Carve-Nival, just watch the toon until it's at the part you want, then hold Shift and press the little button up by F12 that says Print Screen-Sys Rq. Go to Microsoft Paint, right click, and click on Paste. Get the picture how you like it. If there's extra stuff on the picture you don't want, use the little tool that looks like a square to select the stuff you want and cut it out of the picture, say "New", don't save, and Paste again. Once you like it, save it as a .jpg, .gif, or .png file. That's really important; if you save it as a .bmp file (which is the default) it takes literally forever to load on the screen. So once you have the chosen picture uploaded on Freewebs, edit a Freewebs page and click on the little tree button that means "Insert Picture". Click on the file name of the picture and insert it. Now click done and go to the Homestar Wiki and get to your userspace. Type your Freewebs address, which is (http://www.freewebs.com/frenchfriesdude), except replace the frenchfriesdude (don't click, it's not really a page, just an example) with whatever your Login name that you chose at the start is. Like mine is http://www.freewebs.com/zubs/. Once you have that typed, type the file name of your picture, making sure to capitalize the .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG part. For example, if I type this:
a picture of The Cheat with really really big eyes should appear.
So, that's the whole thing. Sorry if it was a little too long, I'm known for being longwinded.--TubularLuggage