P.S. whoever put I hate sb up there, no need to say that. That's not very nice.

Someone hates sb!? I did not know that was possible! - Heir_of_Lindeen

Yeah, somebody put it up there, probably just to bust my chops. I deleted it. But, thank you for your input!!!!!! I SO appreciate it.

I guessed it was you who posted that comment about Modestly Hot Homsar. What do I win? -CE5

And you're correct!!! What do we have for him Johnny?

How about a sheep, or maybe some sourdough bread. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Is it just me or are sheep and sourdough bread becoming a sort of running gag here? -War129

If so that is good. Running gags will add humor to the site that is not Homstar related . - Heir_of_Lindeen

I have a question!
Do you by any chance like Strong Bad? I don't know where I would get this idea, but I dunno...maybe it's some sort of a premonition or something?

OH MY GOSH!!!! How did you know???? I mean, It's not like I talk about him all the time and claim to be princess of his country!!! Geez, I doubt that there's no such thing as psychic people.
(da princess)?

Hey PrincessofStrongBadia, how can you be sure your his #1 fan? I don't mean to put you down or anything but how do you know that your not his #2 fan or his #3 fan? I mean of all the possibilities!
And don't your remember him saying who his main man was in one of those StrongBadEmails? Wouldn't that be kind of like his #1 fan?
With no meaning to actually offend you, Comanche

Sure Van Mundegaarde is his main MAN but incase you haven't noticed, I'm a girl!! And how do I know I'm his #1 fan? It's kinda hard not to know when I think about him every moment of every day and write stuff about him and draw pictures of him and talk to my friends about him so much that they want to hang themselves and made a stuffed animal of him and have watched each of his emails thousands of times except for sisters cuz I hate those sisters........
Mrs. Bad

Come back Ali...come back Ali's sister.... AgentSeethroo

Go away Ali....Go away Ali's sister..... da princess

You really don't like compitition do you? - Heir_of_Lindeen

Um, when you leave comments on a page, please put at least one line between your input nad the input of the above person. That way it's easier to distinguish when it's a different person. And also, why didn't you attend the Ladie's Choice Awards? I didn't see your nametag. -CE5

I did. I was Hot Girl #1, but I got held captive by Homsar just like everybody else. da princess

I'm hot girl #37! -HotGirl37

Espardon me, but the cheat/the sneak is/are the best! You need to get your head on straight, princess! >:-P

Well you need to get your quotes straight. It's excardon, not espardon. And once again, get off of this wiki! -CE5

Hey, (unknown)?, everyone has their own opinions. You think The Cheat/Sneak are the best, I think Strong Bad is the best. How boring would it be if we ALL liked the same character best?

I have a question, do you love Strong Bad?-LimoZeener

Gee, I wonder. -da princess

You win a spot on my Strongrad/title! Strongrad Listen, I need you as an ally in the WikiWar

How can you listen to text? - FireBird

Hee hee, good one. ;D -da princess

Go POSB, u rock- Strongrad

by the by Psob stands for your name Strongrad

No!!! I thought it stood for poop-stained old butt!

Hey, da princess! Was that you on the Toons menu that said "OH MY GOSH! I LOVE YOU!!!"? --TheDoggy/dog (i'm the one who posted that)

Yeah, because you found me a new place to watch my favourite toon: A Jumping Jack Contest! How did you know it was me? -da princess

Can I add a category in your awards thing? Strongrad P.S. Go sb, Coach z, and Da cheat!

Sure! It says you can. -princess

Why hello, girl who hates me because I refused to pull punches in critiquing you. However, in StrongBadEmail/suntan, Strong Bad says "don't pull any punches neither". Proof that you and Strong Bad are not to be. --Lord Karkon

Listen Lord Karkon, I do hate what you said, but I do not hate you. Can we just forget about that whole UC comment thing and be friends? -PrincessofStrongBadia
P.S. i'm kinda...dumb, so, I don't even know what "pulling punches" means. <:D

You should try Stevebad/my quiz I bet you could definitely winsome weeks -Stevebad

(>):( o) that's Strong Bad. -CE5

Oh yeah! You figured out how to put the dark things over his eyes! (>):( o) cute!

Would you like a spot in the Board of Homestaration? Check it out in Wikifanstuff and then tell me why. Strongrad

Hey, princess! What kind of class are you in that gives you so much free time? -CE5

Study Hall. It's awesome, the teacher lets me go into this little room with a computer (by myself!!) and I get to spend 81 minutes on H*R every day!!

You got the part. Strongrad


Why are you so obsessive over SB? I mean he's ok but, uh i like Homestar better. - T's Minion

I like Homestar a lot, but the grouchy villain is always the one who appeals to me the most. -da princess

I made a Strong Bad too! Comanche
/ \
| |
It's demented, it looks fine on notepad, Courier New font. Also fine if you click "Edit this Document" The reason is because when you view it normally the spaces are squished together.
/   \
|  |
Hope that's better. Comanche

Hey, do you have a website? If you dont, i can grab ya one like, princessofstrongbadia.cjb.net or something. -dog

No, I don't, and I don't how to get one, but, if you'd get one for me, that'd be great!

Some troll (h-69-3-100-127.chcgilgm.dynamic.covad.net) messed this place up so that it said that you hated Strong Bad! Son of a [Expletive Deleted] --Lord Karkon

Woah, thanks for busting him! -princess

I removed the portrait. I decided that it doesn't really look that much like me. I'll make a more accurate one if I get the time. Later -PrincessofStrongBadia

Can you send an email to Homsay, apparently noone has yet.... Strongrad

Sure! I'll do more emails! Like two! Then it will double the Homsay, and double the fun!

O.K. your prize for week one is... You get to tell me what would be the perfect AIM buddy icon ctype animation featuring any H*R character. Then I will try to the best of my ability to create the buddy icon and make it internet handy. Congratulations and may you keep playing my quiz -Stevebad

Oh wow! That's a great prize! Thanks! Let's see.....I would like a buddy icon featuring the part in the Yello Dello when Strong Bad tells Marzipan he got her "NOTHING!!" for her birthday. -princess

POSB, I think that you have said in other places that you are German. If so, could you please tell me how similar German is to English? I know a few. rot=red, geren=green, geld=gold, Duesch=German, is that right? -CE5

Some German words sound somewhat like English words, and a few look exactly the same, but it's not as close to English as French and Spanish. -princess

Are you sure about that? -CE5

Me, yeah I'm sure!I only know a teency weency bit though. I've just scanned through German handbooks before and that's how I know. The One Who Says Butt Too Much

Your part german? oh yeah German pride! Me too! btw CE5, pretty similar. -SephirothBadReligion

"btw"? What's that supposed to stand for? "bite the wall"? "Been to Wales"? "Boy, thats wide?" Boy, you have some stupid and terrible exclamations. -CE5

Me three!!! Strongrad

Me Fo--oh wait. I already said I was. I am Thomas the Alien

I'm almost done your icon! I got delayed because my life is crazy. When I'm done you might want it bigger but don't worry that can be arranged! -Stevebad who really enjoys adding comments to his links because he just learned how!

Thanks I can't wait!! -You CAN click on this!!!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!! SephirothBadReligion said a bad word!!!
-You KNOW you wanna click this

Anydangway, I would like to ask you how often you check the other character emails that you do. -CE5

Quite often, yes. Uh......I'm really tired right now, though so I'll answer 'em tomorrow.

Helllllooooooo. I am NickelBad. Umm....I like cheese, your heinous.(Or however the hell you spell it.)-Cheese tastes like a rock star that ate too much glue. I mean, it tastes good.

That picture of you is hot. the lips aren't. everything else is. ~Yaanu~

Dear PrincessOfStrongbadia,
I have taken all of you aliases and corrected them. They all should now read either ((PrincessOfStrongbadia|da princess)), ((PrincessOfStrongbadia|princess)), ((PrincessOfStrongbadia|Mrs. Bad)), or ((PrincessOfStrongbadia|ObsessionalConfessional)). I just wanted to let you know so that you use these conventions in the future. Thank you for you time and patience. -- Tom
Oh, and I moved these here so that you would still have them:
PrincessOfStrongbadia/Mrs. Bad Comments
PrincessOfStrongbadia/da princess Comments
PrincessOfStrongbadia/princess Comments

Weird... I just now... stumbled upon... your comments page... and realized... that I became a Wiki user right after you... so in a weird sort of cosmic way... I'm your little brother... and I'm weird like that. Ace "has too much time on his hands and doesn't know what to do with it" 101

Hey! Where've you been? I haven't seen you tinkering around the Wiki lately! Since you were the first person to welcome me to the Wiki, I feel it's my duty to MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK!

So some one noticed. There are two reasons I have been away:
A.) My computer's behaving like a piece of crap.
B.) In seventh and eighth grade I had an obsession with SpongeBob Squarepants, and for old time's sake, I started watching again. Now I'm obessed again, and kinda put Homestar on the back shelf. Sorry!
-da princess
P.S. I'll give a dollar to anyone who can guess who my favourite SpongeBob character is.


squidward.gif Yes, you are correct!!!!!
I'll put your dollar on your userspace!!
-da princess
P.S. How the crap did you know?

Easy! You dig characters that are jerks, but lovable! Am I right? ~ AgentSeethroo

YES!! Boy you're smart! -PrincessofStrongBadia
P.S. Don't call Squiddy a jerk!!!

Bowser's a jerk, and lovable? I didn't know that! -Crap

That, and Squidward has to deal with an idiot daily, just like Strong Bad. --William S.

I'm guessing another one of your fave Sponge Bob characters is Plankton. And Strong Bad's not a jerk, Agent Seethro! -Shopiom

Yeah! Plankton's my second favourite! You guys are good!

Um...have you left us as well, Princess? Say it ain't so!

I hope she isn't, i never got to set up her site! I've been hooked on the forum! --dog

dear miss sb cool pic of the anime girl who looks like you!! - duders307

Stongbab as is kool is a akwa team hamberger team -- Pik-a-man-fan hip-a-pot-o-mas

Dear Pricess of the glorius country of Strong badia, You said you lived in rochester. I have realatives in rochester around your age. Do You know any Maxon's?
Ruler of a neighboring country,

Princess I left a comment on your page with your emails you sent to strongbad that might be a good idea. It says that us on the wiki could mass email strongbad to get him to answer the one we mass to him. Get back to me on this since you are the biggest sb fan you should lead if we do this. PikmanFan

Princess, happy belated birthday! Wasn't it just a few days ago? Sorry I missed it. --JoeyDay