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DVD Commentary

Among the other special features on this DVD is included a unique feature - a frequently updated, expert commentary on the DVD itself. This is where the amassed collection of wisdom can be found, and even added to, by a humble one such as yourself. This is the DVD commentary section of AgentSeethroo's DVD.

Scene Selection (Commentary Edition)

  1. Strong Bad's Run
  2. Flying High
  3. Debriefing Down Under
  4. Detective Alex
  5. The Sound of Russian Roulette
  6. Heavy with Sincerity
  7. Strikedown
  8. Piecheck Trophy
  9. Blow it out of the Sky
  10. Pokémon Takedown
  11. We've Got a Ship
  12. The Attack's in a Week
  13. Quid Bro Quo
  14. Consider the Enemy
  15. Laptop Cop
  16. What it Takes
  17. Makin' Money, Baby!
  18. Spy Games
  19. The Entertainer
  20. Dag, yo.
  21. The War.


Strong Bad's Run

Do you like Strong Bad?

For the record, I think Strong Bad rocks muh frickin SOCKS! -
Any friend of Strong Bad is a friend of mine!

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Flying High

Soooo, AgentSeethroo you work for the air force? Tell us about that! - Heir_of_Lindeen

the Air Force is pretty nifty, they treat us way better than the army and marines treat their peoples...
My job is Contracting, which means I basically buy supplies and services to be used on the base I'm stationed at.
Pretty cushy job actually...I gots my own desk and whatnot...

I SWORE when I was younger that I'd NEVER join any military branch, but I guess I had to grow up eventually...

OH and a little more about myself,
I co-own a little Manga production company with my wife and best friend, and we're working on a hilarious little series.

If you folks have any Air Force questions (yeah right) or anything else, I'm the guy to come to!!!


Do you ever get bored of your job?- SBZ22

Not really, I mean my job is to buy stuff ya know? there's a process to it that can get old sometimes, but it changes all the time, and I've bought some pretty cool stuff...Some pretty EXPENSIVE stuff too ...
I think my job's pretty many 21 year olds do you know that get to spend thousands of dollars on a daily basis? lol
it would suck to be deployed to Iraq or something like that, but any time you get deployed, you never come back home without some kind of positive change in your really appreciate your family, or your wife/girlfriend (whichever the case may be lol). it's just overall a good thing to experience.


My best friend dreams of being in the Air Force. Have any advice for her?

For basic training, just learn to do pushups...for the REAL Air Force, just do your job the right way and you'll win more awards than you can imagine. Trust me, I know for a FACT! lol

OH one of the MOST important things to know is always get a good supervisor...if you have a crappy one you can always talk to your first sergeant and get a different one. You'll never succeed if your supervisor hasn't.

This is fun!

I was just wondering because my uncle was in the Air Force and he resigned because he thought it was boring. I'm not sure whay part of the Air Force he was in, though.- SBZ22

So it seems as if you spend a lot of your time on the computer... - Heir_of_Lindeen

true, true....everything I do with my job is on the whole I can surf while I work. YEEHA!
It kinds sucks when the communications squadron blocks websites though...they even blocked for a couple weeks...but now just the games, downloads, and store is blocked....*sigh* AgentSeethroo

That must suck, but man, I've always wanted to join the Air Force (but I would DEFINATELY be workin on the computers - I love 'em) But I told my Mum and she pretty much crushed my hopes and dreams, thinks I won't pass the physical coz of my heart murmur, stuffed back and non-ulcer dispepsia!!! AAARGH! That shouldn't matter!! I'll be on the computers!!! Did you have to do a physical to get your job? I'm in great physical shape and all, (best runner in the class) but I just have a few things stuffing up. Please help. - M.J

Well, what you need to do first is talk to a recruiter. I promise you they'll do EVERYTHING they can to get you in the Air Force. They'll also help you get whatever job you want. Make SURE you get a job you want, or else you could be stuck with a crappy poopoo job.
If that medical stuff has no effect on your physical fitness and ability to do a 1.5 mile run, situps, or pushups, you could just not disclose certain information to your recruiter. Even if you do, they'll probably just tell you not to say anything about it when you go to get your physical. Got any more questions? I like this game! - Agent "A1C" Gentry

Don't mean to barge in here, but I just have to say that the [Royal Australian Air Force] and the [Airforce Recruiting] web pages are really cool. I was also able to find some pretty specific physical requirements [here]. -- Tom

Woah. I was reading the RAAF recruiting their basic training you get "a big comfortable bed" and "a big screen tv". Dangit. I wish I was Australian. - AgentSeethroo

Woot! I'm an Aussie all the way. Yeah, I should be able to do all that training stuff, but it's been a while since I've tried to do a sit-up! lol. - M.J

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Debriefing Down Under

You remind me of a kangaroo. - FireBird remind me of...a...bird? that's like...on fire? so THERE! AgentSeethroo *hop hop hop*

A kangaroo?!! What the crap about Mr.Seethroo over here reminds you of a kangaroo? - Heir_of_Lindeen

The last two o's in his name remind me of a kangaroo. I'm sorry for posting my thoughts Heir_of_Liddean, I guess I should have asked you first. - FireBird

Oh his name reminds of a kangaroo. I was thinking you ment like him as a person. I was thinking what did this guy do that reminded you of a kangaroo. Sorry offense was not intended. - Heir_of_Lindeen'

Oh, ok. Sorry. - FireBird

{Said in Steve Irwin's voice}
G'day mates! CRIKEYS! I've seen a few Kangaroos in my day, but never before have I seen such a rare species such as the "Agent Seeth Roo." Ahh! Isn't he a beauty! Well, I think I'll go wrestle another alligator! CRIKEY!! - M.J

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Detective Alex

I noticed you asked a question on DeeDee's userspace about putting a pic of yourself on this page. If you need space to host an image, I'm happy to do so right here on the wiki itself (it's definately better than Yahoo!). You can shoot me the image attached to an email if you'd like. --JoeyDay

You sound like Detective Alex. My friend made him up when we were talking about what people in our school would be like as adults, and he said that a kid named Alex would be a detective in some army-type division. Alex (in real life) is a really technological guy, so we said that Detective Alex would do all of his work on the computer!
-(Karkon Redeemed)?

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The Sound of Russian Roulette

do do doot. do do doot. do do doot. duh nuh nuh.

$10 for the sucker who can figure out what song that came from!!
sounds impossible, no? IT IS!
but seriously. give 'er a try. - AgentSeethroo

It sounds familar. James Bond, or Mission Impossible perhaps. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Nope, sorry. Not from a soundtrack...think of recent within the last couple years.
Keep trying! this is fun! AgentSeethroo

Are the doot's and duh's vocal or heavy metal, or what?
-The Brothers E

Third eye blind Semi-charmed Life? - Heir_of_Lindeen
Or maybe Strong Bad's Techno song? - Heir_of_Lindeen

the doots and duhs aren't vocals, they're like...geetarz.
It's a bit newer than Semi-Charmed Life, but it's not 3EB. and it's not SBTechno.

hmm...maybe this'll's the first track on the band's cd... has to do with someone...gettin hit? yeah...gettin hit.
seriously! you can do it! AgentSeethroo

What band was it? - Heir_of_Lindeen

I'm going to have to go with, "Subliminal" by TMBG. -- Tom more guess and then I'll tell you guys.
Keep it up!
Oh..and check out my DISASTER subpage please...AgentSeethroo

Jane by Barenaked ladies? - Heir_of_Lindeen

It's HIGHWAY TO HECK by AC/DC! I know it is! - FireBird

Ac/Dc BACK IN BLACK!-PirateChki's Never Again by Nickelback...don't kill me for listening to was the only cd I had at the office.....

I'll do another one later!!! AgentSeethroo

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Heavy with Sincerity

Holy crap, this is like, really really long. You're userpage, I mean. Wow. Weird. Cool. Jeez, it took me like 10 minutes to read all of this stuff!

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Disaster strikes.

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Piecheck Trophy

I've got an air force question. What's it like in the air force?

Yo dillon. it really depends on what job you have. but generally, it's great. pretty laid back, people joke around all the time...It's really like an everyday job, except you wear cool camo stuff and you never have to worry about being laid off.

OH and your promotions are like...Definite. like you get promoted every so often no matter what, and you get pay raises every year. least a hundred more dollars a month.

geeze...I'm startin to sound like my recruiter...yeah but anyway, I like the job security. and LEAVE ROCKS! I can take days off any time I want, as long as I have enough leave built fact...I might take next week off...FOR FUN!!!!!

In conclusion, it is my intention to play video games for several hours.

if ya have any more questions, I don't mind answerin'. but please don't belittle what I do.

Random crap, huh??

"Hypocrisy is the vaseline of social intercourse."

If you say "3.141592657" you have cited pi to nine decimal points. After that just start saying whatever numbers you want, and say them with authority. People will think you are a genius.

I need more coffee.


Uh, isn't that ninth decimal place incorrect? (The seven.) Shouldn't it be a four? -- Tom

The internet says:

So you are correct. You win the Geek of the Day Award!!! Yay!

wee. I want to get an award for the Wiki's longest and most nonsensical UserSpace!!! AgentSeethroo


If you want a few more digits, click on this link. (beware... the file is a big, [9.68 MB])

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Blow it out of the Sky

Air Force Question: What's at Area 51? --Buz

Sorry dude, don't have the security clearance to even know. and if I DID know...and I told you...I'd have to kill you! AgentSeethroo

If you do not even have clearance to know about it, how do you know you will have to kill us if you told? - Heir_of_Lindeen

well if I was to "accidentally" stumble onto Area 51, the Security Forces in the area would have NO problem with either 1) knockin' me down on my face and immediately placing the muzzle of an M-16 assault rifle against my head OR 2) just shooting me.
So therefore I gather that if whatever they have there is so important that they can kill me cause they know what's there and I don't, then who's to say I couldn't kill you if yadda yadda yadda?

and by the way, getting a Top Secret security clearance SUCKS. you even have to have perfect credit! AgentSeethroo

Well, you wouldn't want someone in 100K of debt being blackmailed or bribed to give information. I wouldn't. But then again, I'm betting I'll never have top secret clearance unless it's required for some job in politics. --Buz

So they told you it existed? - Heir_of_Lindeen

Well, Area 51 DOES exist. it's in Nevada, some 40 miles north of Vegas.

But what goes on there is completely mysterious. Some say it's alien stuff, some say it's aircraft testing, but no one really knows except the people who work on that base. There are theories, of course. you can check out to check out stuff about aliens, and then there's that shows aircraft that were developed at area 51.

on a related note, I tried getting a Top Secret clearance because my original job was going to have something to do with nuclear bombs and whatnot. But luckily, I couldn't get my clearance, and now I'm in a different job called Contracting. Much better. Much safer. and my wifey feels much better about it.


I have some insider information! Area 51 is actually A.R.E.A. 51. Area, Rea, Ea, Aerodynamic 51! But if I told you that, I'd have to crap you. Wait... oops. --(Karkon Redeemed)?

So, on a semi-related topic, do they tell you what happened at Roswell, New Mexico? -Ingiald

Not really. We have other things to worry about right now. Maybe I could send an email or two out and try to get some info...I doubt I can though.


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Pokémon Takedown

Irony: The millatary's job is to defend (sometimes by risking their own lives) other people's rights to spit in their faces and try to get rid of their jobs. They also defend the right for people to vote for the person who decides whether they have a job or not. -CE5

um. you misspelled military.
And I know exactly what I got myself into. What's your frickin' point, kid?
Who's trying to get rid of my job? Who's going to replace the military? Wal-Mart associates??
You think it's a possibility that a president might dissolve the Department of Defense?
Not to be rude, but you have a lot to learn about the real world.
In the meantime, I'll keep doing my job and risking deployment and death while you watch pokemon and talk about how big your IQ is or isn't.

Thankful that I have a meaningful career and life in general,

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We've Got a Ship

One of the planes on that one plane link you gave us, AgentSeethroo, looked remarkably like the plane in the X-men movies. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Which one? the SR-71 blackbird? That plane's been around for quite a while. It's no surprise that they look similar really, the Blackbird is one of the USAF's best spy planes. And it's wicked cool lookin. I saw one in San Antonio. Mucho intimidating.AgentSeethroo

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The Attack's in a Week

Note to uruG bewJ:
Please make a little lonely subpage to store this hysteria. After all, it is history! I'm especially impressed with my the pokemon comment. Thanks. The one true J.

I'm afraid I have to go to sleep fairly soon. As I said, by Friday thy page shall be done. But by all means, I'll make your comments into a lovely subpage. - Master of Jwebian Mischief

Sweetness! Thanks for taking the time to help! I appreciate it.

the j.

How do you like your glorious, new DVD? - The Total Guru

This is awsome! - DribEriF

This is SOOO funny! You are a genius! -da princess

DVD! With Special Features!! I like!!! Thanks bunches, Gweb Juru! - AgentSeethroo

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Consider the Enemy

I know this really doesn't belong here, but I figure you can remove it once you have read it. When you are removing something because you feel it is more appropriate somewhere else (like in someone's user space, or wikifan stuff, or where ever) Please take the 2 minutes and move it there. Some people may not know about the recent changes page, or the fact that things are backed up, and we could end up scaring people away (because they feel that we are just randomly deleting their stuff). I know you have good intentions, but please be considerate. (you can remove this if you wish.) -Stu

Hey, my bad. I'll definitely show a little more consideration when Baleeting stuff. I'll try not to be so...baleet-happy. - AgentSeethroo

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Quid Bro Quo

Hey. The new comments are goin' here! -
I like the Mario Brothers. Not the new oooold school "duhnuh nuh dah nah nah, nah" Mario Brothers. - AgentSeethroo

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Laptop Cop

All your friends at the wiki will pitch in for a laptop and send it over-seas, so then they can't stop you from reaching homestar and the gang! -the ever so thoughtful Stevebad!

Yes! If I ever said anything bad to you, I hereby retract that statement!! Agent "ever so humbled" Seethroo

I can gitcha a deal on one, just name your processor speed and memory. :D -Kupo

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What it Takes

We are both commandos in AgentNine persons army thing. - FireBird

Heck yeah. Let's give em HECK!

Who exactly are we fighting? - Commando- Squad 2

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Makin' Money, Baby!

Here's your dollar:

YES! Money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money!!!!!
~ Agent "Cash money, ya'll" Seethroo

Um, that's fake. You can see squidward If you look closely. -Crorp

I don't see Mr. Tentacles on there. - FireBird

OMG FORGERY =@.@= - furrykef

Not forgery. Forgery is faking a person's signature. This is Counterfeit...ery...ness. ~ AgentSeethroo

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Spy Games

AgentSeethroo, my name is colonel, no, Agent Nine. I fought with Agent One, Agent Two, Agent Three, Agent Four, Agent Five, Agent Six, Agent Seven, Agent Eight, and Agent Ten a lot. And I have to give this news. Agent Ten was, well, bossy. So we could use an extra agent. AgentSeethroo, you will be our top SPY! If you want...
--Agent Nine

Hmm...who would we be spying on? ~ Agent Ya Can't See MeThroo

Nobody , you'd play a character in the 'toons section of my UserSpace. --AgentNine

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The Entertainer

A truly ingenious way to use your UserSpace. Thanks for the entertainment AgentSeethroo. --JoeyDay

Thanks, Joey! Actually, all the thanks go to the illustrious Pfunk Gurunator. Without him, this page would be a mere shadow of the greatness that it is today!
*raises glass* This one's to you, Guru the Cat Daddy.

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Dag, Yo.

On Dag
  • I think "Dag" is synonomous with "cool" or "awesome." At least, that's the only context I've ever heard it used in... if you don't count TGS but I think it may have been used out of context there. Like she was using a popular catch phrase to try and be cool even in her throes of death. -Hobophobic

I personally think it means something close to "woah, dude" or something like that. But that's just me. ~ AgentSeethroo

I shall research this when I am not at work -Hobo

Sounds good to me, Fearful of Bums. Dag, yo was something people used to say back when I was in junior high...that's just how I remember it being used. In conclusion, it is my intention to play video games for several hours. ~ AgentSeethroo

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The War.

What is your opinion on the war in Iraq? Before the Abu Ghraib scandals, my motto on it was "Support our troops, don't support the people who sent them over there", which meant that I respected the military, but I didn't like the President and his cronies.

I don't think we should be led into war by big-business idiots who avoided actually fighting and are only going in to get the oil, but the people who are in the military, I appreciate them as they don't act like cowards when they're asked to go to fight but they send others to fight for the wrong reasons.

In conclusion, I salute you AgentSeethroo, but I will not salute the Republicans in the White House who are lying, cheating, and stealing simply to get oil from Iraq.

Really hoping that Kerry gets elected-
William S.

Wow. Excellent comment and question, Will. Here's what I think: The war could have been handled in a different manner, yes. I also believe that the war was inevitable. Saddam had to be taken care of one way or another, and since we can't legally snipe him, this will have to suffice. I stand by the decisions of my superiors, all the way up to the Commander in Chief. Possibly because I have NO choice, but that makes no difference.

The Abu Ghraib situation hurts me at a really deep level. Before, I could walk down the street in my uniform and I would get looks of respect from whoever I came across, adult and child alike. But I fear that these ignorant lower enlisted soldiers who carried out the abuse at the prison may have soiled our image. Many of the people we protect constantly spit in our faces, call us baby killers, protest our very jobs, and hate us. This scandal does NOT help. The excuses those soldiers are giving the press/investigators/whoever else are all GARBAGE.
Unlawful orders can be refused. With no legal/punitive repercussions. The Law of Armed Conflict states that.

This war was never about oil. Desert Storm, sadly, was. This is about the freedom of a country that has been oppressed by a single man for years upon years. The same man threatens our own safety as well.

Did we find those "weapons"? Doesn't look like it. Did Bush have "permission" from the U.N. to start the war? No.
Do I want to be deployed? No. Not at all.
Am I willing to fight for the freedom of each and every American on this Wiki? Absolutely. Give me an M-16, throw me in the desert. I'll do whatever I can.

I appreciate your support. It really means a lot to me.

After reading all this, it seems kind of incoherent...oh well. Any other questions?

Airman First Class Joshua N. Gentry

I never really knew you, but Happy Birthday. - Nobody, that's why I'm not leaving a name.

Woah. Someone remembered......
Thanks, Joey! That means a lot! ~ AgentSeethroo
Hey, thanks, Conductor! It's the thought that counts! ~ AgentSeethroo

Hey, should the person who created the pages AaAaAaAaAa and Perhaps-A-Plenty be considered a troll? DeLoreanz1

The AaAaAaAa page is an easily made mistake for a newbie, so that can fly just fine. As for the Perhaps-A-Plenty page, it depends on what the page said. Some noobs don't know to make random useless pages. In the cases where someone does make one, we just BALEET it and possibly leave a message for the creator in his/her UserSpace.
Does that answer everything sufficiently?

You're moving to Japan? -- FireBird

Eeeyup. I'm gonna try to go my third year of college and finish up my degree abroad, and then I'm gonna try to teach English over there. ~ AgentSeethroo

So what about the military business stuff? Are you just gonna'... quit? -- FireBird

No, I'm not quitting. After I got stationed in Arizona, I developed asthma, and since the Air Force is trying to get rid of people, I have a snowcone's chance in Phoenix of staying in the military. They're going to medically discharge me. I still keep my college benefits and whatnot, so it wasn't a total waste of time. I kinda wish I could stay in, but it's time to move on, ya know? I'm in until probably November. ~ AgentSeethroo

Good luck in Japan. -- FireBird

Agent S, you are so coull. -Wow, Japan!

Thank you! I try! ~ AgentSeethroo

Ah agent, I just did the funniest thing, I went to type, but my finger missed the 'n' and hit 'b' so I wrote and yes. I thought that was quite humerous. uh, yeah. The End. - M.J

What was the site like? Did it take you to anything? -Shopiom

Apparently you have no idea what the address text field is for. :) It takes you to nothing. -- FireBird

Hey, AgentSeeThroo, just feelin' talkative. How are you this fine day?
-The Brothers E

A prettypretty good. The A/C is out at work right Phoenix...and it's hot here. Other than that I'm insanely busy. But otherwise things are great! Thanks for askin! How are you?

Oh, I'm doin ok. I'm going into my final year of high school, and I'm working my way through Pride and Prejudice, Fathers and Sons, and The Invisible Man. Sorry to hear about your A/C. You should think about bringing someone in to get that fixed.
-The Brothers E

Mr. Seethroo, this may seem kinda weird, but do you think I'm funny? DeLoreanz1

Nah, it's not a wierd question. Yeah, yer a funny guy! I like the "time machine weclome" you always do.
I like to think that I'm funny. Sometimes. ~ AgentSeethroo

You're definatly funny, and I spelt that wrong. I thought I was aprettypretty funny once when I was conversing with some crews about two weeks ago, and they were asking why my name was a time machine, or something, and I explained about BTTF, and a few peeps said they'd read 'The Time Machine By HG Wells' book, and in my next comment, my sig said "The Time Machine Not By HG Wells". But you're funny almost constantly, like "*Glares at Tom* Oh yeah?? Bring it on, Mr. Funny-Britches! Britches is a stupid word" when I asked about homie clause's IP address. Ya know, I think I kind of spark humor, even if I'm not funny myself, like Interrupt's comment "a Catholic girls' school, the oval office..." Britches IS a stupid word

BTW, can you help me? I made a comments page (for me) and I want to cut it up according to discussion, like in my Table of Contents, one part will say 'Dreams' and will jump to Hagurumon and I discussing his dreams, like scene selection on your DVD, but how do I make it jump to a certain discuss? A Time Machine That Has A Comments Page And Needs Your Help With It!!

Without going through a huge lesson on Anchor Links, I'll tell you to:
  1. Look at how my page is formatted and do the same thing with your page, and
  2. Click [here]. Instructions for everything you can do on this wiki should be [here]
~ AgentSeethroo

AgentSeethroo, for some reason, I am unable to log in on the forum. Since you're the one who set up my account, do you have any idea why I'd be unable to log in? -((Ingiald

Ingiald, you already [posted about this in the forum helpdesk]. It is being discussed there. There's no need to bring it here as well. -- Tom

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