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I make various revisions which nobody cares about, and made the initial transcription of StrongBadEmail/cheatday. Creepy! AgentSeethroo

I'm not so creepy once you get to know me. Keffy's awesome! Keffy's weird! Keffy is awesome and Keffy is weird! :D --furrykef

Who knows Kefka from Final Fantasy? Homesar Wannabe

I just want you to know that is not where my name comes from. At all. --furrykef

Hey furrykef. I just noticed that you comprehended The Cheat in the Experimental Film/Commentary. I was wondering if you think the same thing as I do in a few other toons. I think he was pretty comprehensible in The Cheatar too. "Hey, what's up?" Right? Or am I crazy? Oh, and in the Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon! "Let's make out!" I'm pretty sure there are a couple others too. -- Tom

Sometimes he's pretty clear, but I don't think he ever said something as clear as that before. Most of the time he says something that just sounds like a certain sentence, but that particular line was so clear (bearing in mind that it's still The Cheat) that I did a double-take upon hearing it. It's still about the only thing where I'd go ahead and write the line as though any character said it, instead of something like "{The Cheat noises; it sounds like 'Let's make out!'}"... --furrykef

Hiya, Kef.
Agent Somethin'

Hey, look up, buddy. You already said "hiya". Well, you called me uber creepy. I think it amounts to the same thing. ;) --furrykef

Oh. So I see. RETREAT!! Fall back men! We're in over our heads!!! ~ Colonel Seethroo