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How were you guys first introduced to Homestar Runner? And what was the first H*R thing you ever saw/heard? I was at school, in study hall, and some of the class clown boys were using the computers in the room and were on the website. The first trace of the website I ever heard was Strong Bad singing "Chew-it Chew-it Scroll Buttons."

At lunch in school in 5th grade kid austin was telling something about it.Then a lot later i heard the g4 interview and cheaked the site out and loved it and i found out the the thing austin was telling about was the email new hands.
Another Fan

Well, LimoZeener introduced me to H*R, and I introduced him to the H*R wiki, so we're both even. The first thing I saw on H*R was Everybody to the Limit. At first I thought it was a bunch of crap. But the next day, I went to H*R and I watched it again......and again......and again. I was hooked after the third time I watched it.- SBZ22

My brother told me about it and one of his friends linked him to it via AIM. I walked in and saw a big (litteral)red head in front of a computer screen and thought "what the heck??!. He then showed me dragon and I was automattically hooked. Then we checked out the characters pages. I actually thought that Strong Sad and Homestar were the same thing, so when I saw Homestar's page I thought "Wait a minute, didn't this guy just do a realistic dragon? I was automatically hooked. No moment of awkwardness. -CE5

Chew-it chew-it rock on! I got scroll buttons till the day is gone got scroll buttons till the day is gone. Sorry. My friend came over one day and was like "I have to show you something it is sooo funny!" and she showed me the StrongBadEmail/spring cleaning i thought it was stupid, but then i got curious went back later and watched StrongBadEmail/dragon and all the other toons and was hooked. I have since showed the site to everyone i know. Its weird, everyone thinks the site is weird and stupid when they first go, then they get hooked almost automatically.
~Arrohed Aria

Actually, it was "I got scroll buttons like the day is long". Anyway, I was introduced to the site by a forum friend in a topic about the Ballad of the Sneak, back when it was first put on the site. I've been a regular since SBEmail 79 (Process). --Upsilon

My husband's classmates introduced it to him and then he showed me "interview," which I did think was stupid at first but then got hooked the next day when I explored other parts of the site. -- DungeonGirl

My brither showed me H*R. When I saw it I thought it was FUNNEY!-LimoZeener

I first saw it when somebody on a message board made a post about The Best Websites.
I saw Homestar Runner, and I didn't think it was that funny, but then in about September of 2003 I found another post about somebody saying she didn't understand Homestar Runner, I
saw it again and I've been hooked ever since.-DaChazman

Some friends of mine told me about this site during school I went to it a loved it instantly I think I know more about H*R more than my friends now! First toon I watched: Parsnips a Plenty -- Poot Slap

My best friend Stu and I are both into web-design. He has a friend who had watched H*R a little, and when she saw StrongBadEmail/website, she decided to show it to Stu. He, in turn, showed it to me, and we've been hooked ever since. At that time, StrongBadEmail/50 emails was the newest email. It's hard to imagine that I've been watching it for over a year now. --JoeyDay

Main Page 8 was the first thing I saw on Homestar Runner. I remember first seeing Strong Bad singing "Would You Like To Ride in My Beautiful Balloo-on!".-DaChazman

Couple of friends of mine were using references I couldn't understand. I asked about them, got pointed to H*R, and became addicted. I believe I started with the e-mails... - RaisedByACupOfCoffee

My brother was in college and he called me up and said, "You need to visit this website it's really funny. The characters are named after what they're like. Like Strong Bad and Strong Mad." I found out soon that that wasn't exactly what the site was about, but I began watching emails on a regular basis. Then in time I saw most of hte cartoons, and the rest is history. --TehMilkman

My friend at work introduced me to the site. The first thing I saw was StrongBadEmail/guitar. I don't think that was the newest one at the time, but I do remember that the SB menu page was the old Tandy page. --DeadGuyPerez

My roomate got me hooked the day the Strong Bored came to be. I made such a fuss on that thing, the Cheat made a game that involved kicking me in the head 47 times. The Bored is no more, and I feel like I've lost a little piece of my soul... -Taryn (hey look I'm shamelessly promoting my site "The Sexpot Diaries": www.tabulas.com/~Tarebear/ Get on there and let me know what you think!

You're who the kicking game is based on? -CE5

That's right. [See it here.] You can find the same picture on her webpage. -- Tom

So it used to be an actual message board?

I saw a link that was on Serebii.net and it looked weird. It said homestarrunner.com and homestars head was there. I thought it was supposed to be a star that looked REALLY bad (because of his underbite). I alway thought it looked dumb until I actually went there. Now it's my breakfast, my lunch, and my dinner.
Oh yeah, and the first SB email I saw was 2 years. And if your tryin' to fade me then you must smoke crack! homestarrunner.com like that heart attack. --click here

Well I was on a message board and found a link to h*r and clicked it. And the first main page I ever saw was Menu 6.-Nelson339

My first visit was a while back...I loved the site, and my firsts were:
A Jorb Well Done
Guitar (When it was the more newer one)
Main page 13 (I loved "Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!")
SB character video
To all my friends, I go "Name a number between one and 103." They say a number, (50) and I say "50 Emails", like telling them what SBEmail it is. DeLoreanz1

I found out about it when I was searching on google. I saw the intro page and stuff. I saw it back when they had Fortune Cookies and stuff. Then I left it for two years. Then I remembered and went back on. The 1st email i'd ever seen: Interview. First Toon: Jumping Jack Contest. 1st Menu: Homestar Runner Game Pac. - The Conductor

My dad's girlfriend's son asked me if I was ever on homestarrunner.com. I replied "no." He was shocked. He's all, "Oh, my gosh. You have to check it out." So he got online and showed me some Strongbad E-Mails. I was instantly hooked. He showed me dragon first, I think. -Hagurumon

Two girls my sister babysits introduced it to us. The first thing I saw was First Time Here? then the characters page. I loved it and went on the site many times after that! -Shopiom

This stupid kid Matt in my homeroom was quoting it, and i asked him where he got his funny stuff from.Need I say more?-cheaty-chan

I was also introduced by a guy named Matt. I think Dylan might have helped. -- Kyle

I first heard about it a year ago at summer camp, my friends were talking about it and when I got home I decided to check it out. I didn't really get into it but I went there every once in a while. Now I go there all the time thanks to the kid's book email and another friend. - Mr. Strong Bad

My friend Courts told me about it...she showed me the halloween cartoon about May 2003. i kinda got obsessed...~SkiPpYtheFreAk

My friend approached me between classes and said, "have you been to homestarrunner.com?" Queen Of Town

I walked into the computer room (the room where my computer is kept, AKA my sister's room) and saw the United States wearing Underwears. At first I thought it was some guy in space. the very next email i saw was sisters, so i immediately got the impression that strong bad was an egomaniac. Ace101

A bunch of my cousins showed me Fluffy Puff Commertial a few years ago. Clever Danielle

A friend came over for my birthday, and said "can I show you something?". Of coarse, I said yes, and he showed me the Sbemail: "Dragon". I went back to the same site the next day, and soon became hooked.
B Man

I was at a friend's house, and he showed me the Sbemail "Sibbie". Then he showed me "Couch Patch" and "Different Town", and I've been a hopeless addict since then.--TubularLuggage

Well.. A long time ago in 2002 I believe was when I was introduced to Homestar Runner by my brother. He said his friend told him about the site. I really liked what he showed me, the Dragon, Japanese Cartoon, and the Techno E-Mail. It was really funny at first... I got really addictive to this unique humor. The first Homestar Flash was Caper... I reacted strangely to the bizzare charaters such as Stong Sad and Strong Mad. I laughed at thier forms.. little did I know they had a life time story... Homesar Wannabe

I saw a link on my sister Brittany's webpage. Ser-G-Gant Marshie

I hit a link to TROGDOR!!! on addictinggames.com and ever since my brother showed me sbemail/57 Japanese cartoon I have been totally obsessed- Homestarball Z

My half-uncle, who is only 7 years olda' than me and way cool, showed me this "really funny email cartoon" and I was hooked. For a while I lost the URL adress, but with super-sluething (well, a Google search for Strong Bad email) I found it again.- Ecat

I went over to my friends house to play, and he showed me the Strong Bad E-mail Spring Cleaning and then Little Animal. A couple days later I decided to just look at a couple other E-mails, and I was immediately hooked.-Homsar Runner

I first saw H*R from a friend, who found it by looking for shoes. I always thought that interesting. He showed me Teen Girl Squad. I thought it was funny, but he told me about the email caper, and I had no idea what he was talking about so I just went along and said "Yeah" after everything he said. Then a long long long long long time later my other friend showed me "Dragon". I thought it was really stupid, but I remembered that white, odd-shaped face on the Index Page. I checked out a toon, then another, then another, then another, and I eventually saw every toon out there. This has been storytime with FireBird, thank-you and have a nice day. -- FireBird

My 19-year-old daughter introed me to homestarrunner.com, just told me to take a look at it. I was impressed by its wholeness, separateness, and self-consistency. My favorite SB email is StrongBadEmail/website. The Brothers Chaps et al really do a great job of keeping it fresh, and providing a little world into which one can step and forget all about what's going on in that messy real world. It's just not like anything else out there. Matt Chapman's vocalizations are brilliant, kind of a 21st century Mel Blanc. I tried to get my sister interested in it but she just thought it was "weird". BTW I am probably the oldest Homestar Runner fan... turning 54 this year. --SoylentGreenIsPeople

Me, well, my first H*R sight was sbemail/techno, I had no Idea that it was a webcartoon at all! I thought it was somebody's joke. Then, a month ago from today, I saw TBC on Comcast's The Fan. They were talking about H*R's video game. I was attracted to the site, sencing familiarity.Hence, I'm kinda...obbsessed about The System is Down.Oh, and a week later, I saw a article on Wired magizene doing a Interview with TMBG; it had a question on H*R.--Shaon

I foung it out from my sister's friends who were laughing and stuff at the emails. i then showed it to my cousin who is now hooked too.kingofhomsaria

At a party I had, my bro went downstairs(on the comp) and I saw H*R.com for the first time, the first thing I heard was "Scroll the buttons, Scroll around, Scoll the buttons, 2.0"Stinkoman K

Hmm...I had a friend named Wingreg and he showed me around his new house one time, then went to a site named Homestarrunner.com. At first I didn't know what it was, but then I saw the flash toons and laughed my head off. Seriously. It was a new dawn for Homestar Runner. No, really. And then it was stuck in my head ever since months later I retured to the website and started to view all the toons. --BurninatorBoombox

These kids would draw this wierd person thing at school and I didnt know what it was so I went up to them and asked what they were drawing and they said Homestar. So when I went home I typed Homestar in Google and went to the site. I thought it was weird at first because I just randomly clicked on a cartoon and it was one of the 1936 ones. So I went back and clicked the are you new? button and Ive loved the site ever since. I check it every day for updates. :D UnknownHzrd

My junior year of high school, two of my friends at the lunch table kept saying funny stuff they've seen, such as some character pulling a cell phone out of his body after some one else said, "Pompom cell" (how little I knew at the time they were referencing the Where's the Cheat? toon... sigh...). One day I just asked what it was about, and "little questions" was the newest. I came back faithfully, and became a sort of H*R disciple, sharing it with many and causing much joy in the state of Connecticut. Heck, with my mom being a middle school teacher in another town, I introduced it to her, she showed it to her students, and now all of Southbury, CT, is hooked. I'm a good boy. -TimMierz

Via [fark.com]. First email was dragon, I think. -EboMike

I actually discovered it twice. More than two years ago I was taking classes at the local college, and got to be friends with one of the guys in the class, and he showed me the "First time here?" page on homestarrunner.com. I thought it was hysterical, and looked at everything on the site maybe three or four times, but then I didn't know they were going to keep updating it, so that was it. Then this past spring I was sick in bed for a couple months, and it was really boring, all I had energy for was playing with my laptop. So I clicked on the site again, and there was lots of new stuff! I was amazed. BTW I thought I was the oldest person on the site until I read this page, and SoylentGreenIsPeople has me beat by three years. SenoraCardgage

I was first told about it by my cousin (CE5's older brother), who had apparently heard about it from a friend. I first saw the characters page, then I saw stunt double, which was the new one at the time. He told me about it when I heard him singing "TROGDORRR!!!" and I asked what the crap that was. -Ingiald

An online friend of mine used to link me to Strong Bad e-mails while we were chatting. I didn't get a lot of the in-jokes, so at the time they weren't as funny as they are now. Thankfully, it finally occurred to me to check out the rest of the site. --FortyFour

My then-girlfriend sent me a link to this funny guy singing about stuff... I also watched a video about some dopey guy messing up a commericial. I found it amusing but forgot about it. Months later I rediscovered it somehow... and got hooked. This was around when The Luau was the newest cartoon, and they had the Chinese Menu Toons Menu. So I'm totally old school :-) Oddly enough, I missed the first couple Strongbad Emails, because it hadn't been updating much and I almost forgot about it.
Am I the only person who knew of the site before Strong Bad Emails? I wasn't a huge fan back then, so don't worry, I'm not claiming anything special :-) Piscez

I was at school in computer class and my friends showed me the site and ever since then ive always liked itjustin77

I was sitting around, and my two friends started talking about how "a guy in their art class was checking it out on the computer, and it was hilarious." They mainly talked about "the guy who answers e-mails" and "teen girl squad." They were just as new to it as I was!!! Anyway, at first I was reluctant to even surf the site. I was busy thinking other funny flash sites I liked lots were way better. But after a while I gave in... and I checked out the site. The first things I watched was "Thing in a Bag," because my friend was telling me about it, and "Good Jorb," for no reason. From then on I was hooked. After I got into the Strong Bad E-mails, I sat down for hours upon hours, and watched all 105(that was the max amount the time I got into the site) Strong Bad e-mails IN A ROW. I'm thinking about doing it again! (karoia)?