Um... hi. Je suis Clever Danielle. I'm 13 (J'ai treize ans). I know French 'cause I was forced to learn it in school. A bunch of my cousins showed me Fluffy Puff Commercial a few years ago, and an obsession was born. I am proud to say that I've been listening to TMBG since I was, like, eight; thanks to my dad. I seem to have a thing about two-peson bands, though. Don't get me started about The White Stripes. Ask to hear my The Cheat impression, but I do a better Blue (from Blue's Clues?) than The Cheat. And, um, uh... I play guitar.

Cool.. that's what happen to me, except my brother showed me the caper email insted... THAN A BIG OBSEESION WAS born. And hey...You shanked my Jenga ship! Homesar Wannabe

Bonjour, Danielle. Bienvenue a Mon obsession avec Homestar est probablement plus grande que tienne. :P (resists urge to call Homestar "Maison Etoile") So, yea. Hi. Have fun here. Pomplemousse Combre

Actually, "Pomplemousse" is Grapefruit, not dark. - FireBird

Yes, and "combre" is dark. In French, the adjective usually comes after the noun. (although I misspelled it...) --DG

J'ADORE MATT CHAPMAN!! Il est mignon et amusant. Mon obsession avec Homestar est Únorme.
Je suis au beaucoup avec Matt. - M.J I think that's how you say it..

I non know francais, But I watched every strong bad email in succession after seeing apanese cartoon at a friends house. The significant other is a massive anime nut so I laughed until tears came out. I understand obsession. -That One Guy