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What is your favorite video game (and for what system)? Ready Set GO!
Currently working on Thief II for PC (can't wait for Thief III coming soon!) Also LOVE Final Fantasy VI on SNES!
-The Brothers E

Runescape! online, so not exactly a video game I guess. -- DungeonGirl

umm...right now I'm playing Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for gamecube...but I think my fave right now is Phantasy Star Online for XBOX! AgentSeethroo

Super Mario Allstars for SNES, Yoshi's island for SNES, and Pokemon for Gameboy (I know it's dead.) -da princess

Chrono Cross for PS1 and Chrono Trigger for SNES. I also think Super Mario Allstars for SNES is cool. Also The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King for PS2, and Super Smash Bros. Melee for Gamecube.....- SBZ22

Super Mario 3 (NES), Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN), and the entire Legend of Zelda series, of which my fave is Majora's Mask (N64). Yeah, I'm a big Nintendo fan. But that's only because their games are so freakin' good. --DG

StarCraft and Diablo II, for PC. -- Gemini

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals (GCN), Metroid: Fusion(GBA), and Halo(XBOX) are really freakin' awesome games! -MoogleMaster?

WarioWare, inc. mega microgame$! (for the GBA & GBA SP) -Crap

I LOVE Wario Ware inc. did you unlock poyro or poyro2? -Smooth Crimnal

no, not yet, but i got everything in the grid except for the game below down & outie. plus, in the games, we have intro, jimmy, mona, 9-volt, dribble, jimmy, crygor, orbulon, kat, jimmy, wario, easy, thrilling, total boss, hard, dr. wario, jump forever, skating board, paper plane, chirtorie, chicken race, dong dong, and hurdle. Oh, and staff.

Other WWIMM lovers! Here, have a cookie. I've unlocked everything. What's the hardest microgame to medal in your opinion? I hate go fer the tater.
But, it's not my favorite game. I am a Dance Dance Revolution nut. -Fozzywozz

Now I've unlocked Hoppin Mad and its the HARDEST!-Sibbie S

I need to get all the medals for the game, i already have poyro I, I need poyro II-smooth crimnal

Probably either Splinter Cell or Splinter Cell:Pandora Tomorrow. (Both for pc.). -War129

Gunbound for online (Just call me Chaosmew), but I like the Pokemon RPGs. --Lord Karkon

I'm obsessed with all the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games for compy. I hate the PS2 versions. I can't play any other video game without wanting to grind rails. -Arrohed Aria

My favorite(s) are 'The Simpsons Hit & Run' and 'The Simpsons Road Rage' for Xbox, as I am a huge Simpsons nerd.- Jack Selby

I have Road Rage and Hit and Run is awsome - FireBird (who is a bigger fan than Jack)
My favortie game would be Return of the King for PS2 - FireBird (who is still a bigger fan)

yea Simpsons rule.- Jack Selby (who is a bigger fan than the people that say they are a bigger fan then Jack Selby is)

Also, the Two Towers is a good game. - FireBird, who is a bigger fan than Selby, even if he says so

Two Towers video game is okay, Although I hate the movie. Jack Selby, who challenges FireBird to a trivia contest about The Simpsons to deciede who is a bigger fan

Final Fantasies 2-7, and 9. Mainly 9. Skies of Arcadia and Kingdom Hearts are good though. -- SquareFanboy

Right now, I'm playing Sphinx and The Cursed Mummy for GCN. I like it a lot!! It's way better than the other action games I bought (Zelda, Metroid, Resident Evil Zero) because each level is small enough to be finished quickly, but the levels still contain lots of totally cool lil nooks and crannies filled with all sorts of delightful secrets!!! Also, you don't have to conserve ammo or die every three seconds (like w/ Resident Evil Zero) Take care, ya boy socetew

I'd have to go with Super Mario Bros. Yeah, the first one. Played on a still-working NES (I know someone who owns one) --Fishie McGee

I know someone who owns one too. Me. And I still play it all the time. Go old-school. DG

All of the Mario and Sonic games.-LimoZeener

'Mechwarrior Live for Xbox. Good game, The online play is intense!
Oh, and Jet Set Radio Future. I play lots of different games, and I guess my favorites are usually what I'm playing at the time.

Xbox has 3: HALO!! Star Wars Clone Wars and TIGER WOODS PGA Tour 2004.
PS2: Midnight Club 2 007: Agent Under Fire and Gran Turismo 3 A-spec
NES: SMB 1, and Bigfoot
Gamecube: None

StarCraft(PC), Metroid(NES),
and Super Smash Bros. Melee(GCN).
Mario Advance 2(GBA),Sonic &
Knuckles Collection(PC). - The Conductor

I love Halo(Xbox) and Diablo 2(PC) I also love Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto 3!(both PS2)-- Melonade Lord

I am a gamer who respects the art of video games as much as I respect the fine men and woman who work on H* My favorite game is Warcraft III, I must say, for the fine men and women at Blizzard know how to make a RTS. My best pick for 2004 is Guild Wars, which amazingly is highly playable even at this early pre-beta phase. Cheers to the fine men and women at Arena.Net. - The fine men an woman at C.C.

I absolutely love the Zelda and Mario games. Zelda Ocarina of Time is the best and Nintendo is just so awesome, I can't believe some people don't like it. -Da Bee

I love Zelda! OoT is the best! Overall, I'm a Nintendo fan-HomestarGirl

I love Sonic, the Rayman games, the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games, and Eyetoy, all for PlayStation 2! -Shopiom

RuneScape,Sonic(rocks my world),and Legend of Zelda are my obsessions.cheaty-chan

I be a Nintendo fan as well, Ilove all Nintendo. Hoorah for Zelda Tasteballer

Anything Sonic. -Mr. Strong Bad

Simpsons: Hit and Run, Return of the King, and BattleToads for the NES. I can't get enough of those toads. - FireBird

Right now it'd have to be chrono trigger. That game is the epitome of snes gaming. Unfortunately, the actual cartridge is really rare so i just use an emulator. a proud supporter of Nintendo and all its affiliates

I like Dragonball Z Budokai for GCN. (I am getting a PS2 also!) - Homestarball Z

Shopiom, I like Eye-Toy too (Play & Groove)! I also like The Sims & Hey You, Pikachu! ~Ser-G-Gant Marshie

Kingdom Hearts, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Starcraft, Warcraft, Megaman Battle Network 3 and 4, Medal of Honor: Frontline, NBA Street Vol. 2, NFL Street, Roller Coaster Tycoon Series, Eye-Toy for the PS2, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Prime, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Gran Turismo 3, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers/Return of the King, SSBM, and SSB. --BurninatorBoombox

I've got a playstation 1 and I love final fantasy and metal gear solid. At my Dads house, he's got a Nintendo and I love Conker's Bad Fur Day. On PC I love Warcraft and The Sims.
And that's pretty much the gist of it. - M.J

zelda zelda zelda- 20X;d

LEGO island 2- DaAaAaAaAaAa

Super Smash Brothers Melee. My best character is Yoshi. -Ingiald

Shopiom, I have Eye Toy and it rocks! I'm awesome at Boxing Chump!-DaChazman

Must beat Half-Life... One more time... -The_Green_Goblin