{Open screen with Strong Bad, looking like Ebeneezer Scrooge, typing at the Compy 386. Homestar dressed in rags and wearing a torn beret is behiend him.}

Homestar: Hey Scrooge Bad, I broke into your house again. Can I borrow your fondue pot?

Strong Bad: What? You work for me, crap for brains! And fondue hasn't been invented yet!

Homestar: Yeah, you're probably right...

Strong Bad: Now, do... some kind of... work at... place...

Homestar: But sir, tomorrow is Decemberween!

Strong Bad: Bah, holy crap.

Homestar: My family needs food! I must request some decemberween tofu for my hippie wife.

Strong Bad: Oh, you want some food, do you! Well eat this! TOFU DOUBLE DEUCE!

Homestar: Thank you ma'am!

Strong Bad: What the c- oh, I'm leaving.

{As Strong Bad walks out, he sees a sign saying "Scrooge Bad and Jacob Cheatly: Harmless Junk Inc."}

Strong Bad: Oh Jacob Cheatly... The times we shared...

{Carolers flock, humming the tune to "The Cheat is not Dead"}

Strong Bad: Bah, holy crap.

{Carolers leave}
{As Strong Bad puts his hand on the knocker, and it turns into the cheat's head}

Strong Bad: Woah! No more year-old Cold Ones for me!

{Strong Bad walks into his basement, and suddenly, The Cheat apears}

Strong Bad: Jacob Cheatly! But... you're dead!

The Cheat: Yes. I am a ghost. I have come to warn you! Little by little, I built these chains-

Strong Bad: What the crap are you talking about? What chains?

{Cut to Coach Z}

Coach Z: Oh, yeah. I forgot. There where a few budget cuts, and now we need to have our audience imagine the props. Sorry about thart.

{Cut back to Strong Bad}

Strong Bad: I told Homestar not to buy melonade with the bag of money that said 'The Money for the Fanfic'!

Strong Bad: Anyway. Go on with your monolouge.

The Cheat: Well, I was so greedy-

Homestar: Stop everything!

Strong Bad: What the crap? Homestar, you're not in this part! Go away!

Homestar: I just got word that this would use up about ninety million letters, so The Cheat's just got to do a bit of summarizationalizing.

The Cheat: Fine. I was really greedy, and bad stuff happened to me as a dead guy. Now three spirits are gonna come and tell you the same things. BYE!

Strong Bad: This is just weird. I'ma just gonna go to bed.

Note: The Cheat's voice is being translated.