This is my prototype for Takken and Time. It is called the Heir of Time, and it is for my World Studies class. It is only half through currently.

The Heir of Time-by ****** *******
Chapter 1
The Beginning
Hello, reader of my tale. Before I start the story of my adventures, I believe that you should know a bit about my life before it got like this. Well, my given name is “Piers” (pronounced “Pee-urs”). No one calls me by that name anymore, besides teachers on the first day at school. As an infant, I would always get into dangerous situations, and my Mom would sigh and say,
“Oh, Piers, it seems like your birth was a sign of the apocalypse,” and then she would get me out of the trouble. Anyway, I liked the sound of the word “apocalypse”, and I tried to say it.
“Hu-puh-ku-lics!” “App-hull-kill-pips!” I tried and I tried, and one day I finally did it. I said it so much, that my Dad came up with calling me “Apiercolyps”. He would kid me with it occasionally, like,
“Its time for bed, Apiercolyps!” or “Come over here, Apiercolyps!” The nickname stuck, but around preschool my parents decided it was too much of a mouthful, so they shortened it to “Apiercol”.
So, now that you know my name, it is time to learn something else about me. I am a Caucasian boy, 10 years old, about 4’6” tall, have dark brown hair, and am always wearing a black shirt with a white Yang shaped symbol on it. Anyway, now it is time for my story.
I was walking home from school, when I passed the home of some snooty rich family. I stepped on the part of the sidewalk, when an alarm went off. An electronic voice said,
“Alert! Now scanning DNA!” Just then, a red laser came out of a “garden gnome” and landed on me. It examined my body, and the robotic voice said, “System error! DNA does not match! Prepare to be exterminated, trespasser!” I ran away quickly, and narrowly avoided getting impaled by a laser-shielded garden hoe.
“Stupid rich family,” I thought, “No one owns the sidewalk! They can’t attempt to kill anyone who walks by their house!” Then, I got an idea. I threw a rock at the section of sidewalk that I just passed. The same thing happened. When the hoe was thrown at the rock, I ran up and grabbed the “garden gnome”. As I expected, I could then program a new kind of DNA to be accepted. I switched it to accept “No DNA Structure” and quickly put it back.
Then an old man shouted,
“Hey you! Stop right there!” He had seen me! He ran up to me. The old man said “I have a proposition for you. The name’s Smith. Smith Sonian.
“I need you to do a little something for me. I figure that you will probably accept, seeing as I could get you thrown in jail for what I just saw.
“So, will you accept?” I hastily agreed. After all, what could he want me to do that could be worse than prison? The old man then rummaged around in his pockets and took out a clump of rainbow-colored sand. He threw it to the ground, and the sidewalk began to swirl itself into a swirling vortex that I can’t hope to describe. It began to pull at my subconscious, and I found myself jumping into it. Then I was in a void, where I was the only thing. Not like an empty room, more like an empty emptiness.
[Editor’s Note: The surgeon general has asked me to note that under no circumstances should you ever, ever try to imagine the void. The very attempt at this would make your brain crush itself in frustration.]
Smith appeared and so did a gap in the void. The void showed a man, but this man looked… strange. He had four arms, each of them clawed. His mouth was open, so you could see his viper-like fangs glistening in the light, and poison dripping from them. Instead of normal feet, this “person” had hawk-like talons. And upon his blonde-purple hair were two long bull-horns. Oh, I forgot to mention his small tail. In his eyes I could sense, even without knowing who he was, that this creature was at that very moment doing something very foul.
“Hello, young Piers, or ‘Apiercol’ as you wish to be called,” greeted Smith. His voice was different from when we first met. It sounded less like an old man, and more like an omnipotent being. Was this “old man” really God?
“No, I am not God. I am simply an extremely powerful being in this ‘pocket universe’ that I stumbled upon in my youth,” said Smith. He could read my mind! That was amazing!
Smith Sonian began to explain the… odd “person” to me.
“The creature you see in this rip in the Etmi Escpa [Editor’s Note: Etmi Escpa is pronounced “Et-Miy Esk-Puh”] is named Jon Takken. He was once a good spirit, but when an evil curse was put upon him, he became a dark creature called a ‘Leiv Tbsea’, [Editor’s Note: Leiv Tbsea is pronounced “Lee-iv Tab-see-uh”]” I stuttered a bit.
“Hold on a sec! What is the Etmi Escpa? Is it in a different language? Is that what this void is called? And what is a ‘Leiv Tbsea’? I am afraid that I don’t understand,” Smith chuckled a bit.
“You are so inquisitive! When I said both ‘Etmi Escpa’ and ‘Leiv Tbsea’, I was speaking in an ancient tongue called ‘Drassilian’. Etmi Escpa is Drassilian for the Time/Space Continuum. Leiv Tbsea is Drassilian for Evil Beast. Anyway, here is your task.
“Jon Takken has found a stratagem to distort the Etmi Escpa and create mass havoc in mankind’s current attempts at Equilibrium. In this Distorted Etmi Escpa he will be a tyrannical ruler and his power will be irreversible. But there is one way to stop him. Four invisible, magical substances can drain him of all his evil and make him what he was before he was enchanted. However, that Dbraast [Editors Note: That word is pronounced “Dib-rust”. There is no use in translating that word from Drassilian, because it would have to be censored anyway] went and sent the four magical substances to different time periods, in the form of items from that time.
“I am bound by a contract that gave me my powers, and it keeps me from directly meddling in other times. So, you see, I need you to get the four items. The first one is in Britain, 1479 BC. You will be a serf on the manor there. The first item is a spear that has magical healing power. Are you ready?” I nervously nodded. Then, the picture of Jon Takken faded away, and in its place was a picture of a manor. The void began to fade away as well, and soon I found myself in dirty rags instead of my black shirt and pants.
I looked around and found myself in a field.
“Hey! You lazy CENSORED, get back to work!” shouted a man nearby. I noticed that everyone around me was using a hoe to seed a field that stretched for miles on end. I started working. A man next to me muttered,
“I hate this meager job! Why couldn’t my father have been a noble too! Then when he died, I would be the one hiring people to do this!” People nearby nodded their heads.
“I know! If only I was so strong that I didn’t need to do this dumb job. After all, I’m only in this so that the noble’s knights will have to protect me,” wished another out loud. I felt sorry for them. They had such zealous behaviors to the prospect of power.
It was dark out by the time that we finished. I followed the rest of the serfs to a shack. There, we all got about a glassful each of water, and a small piece of bread. Then, we all fell to the ground with exhaust. We were awakened the next morning to a clanging of a spear against a shield. I awoke. I tried to follow the other serfs back to the field, but seeing as it was 5:00 AM, I couldn’t see where I was going. I found myself in front of the door to the noble’s quarters.
“Now then, what was that incantation? I must remember it. C’mon, c’mon... AHA! I remember it! Now I can find out what that annoying Smith Sonian is up to…” muttered a gravelly voice. This statement made me wonder. He knew who Smith was! Could he be... Jon Takken? Suddenly the voice shouted out, “Ltle Em Fo Ym Yemne!” [Editor’s Note: This incantation is pronounced “Lit-lay Em Fo Yuh-eghm Yam-nee”]. There was a burst of light in the room visible through the doors. Jon Takken (?) continued, saying, “What? That Dbraast has sent a boy to get the healing spear! I guess that phase two must be done earlier than planned.” I was worried. What could phase two be? Then Jon Takken (?) walked toward the door. Oh no! I thought to myself. He was going to find me! Suddenly, a haze went over my mind, and I found myself saying,
“Dbnli Em Mfor Mhi!” [Editor’s Note: This incantation is pronounced “Dib-lin-eee Em Miff-for Mi-hi”] and the door opened. Jon Takken (?) looked at me, but seemed to not see me. I realized something. The incantation that came out of my mouth must have meant something about blindness. Then I had a realization that what I had said was Drassilian for “Blind Me from Him”, and what he had said was Drassilian for “Tell Me of My Enemy”. Wait… How did I know that? Oh well, that could be pondered later; Jon Takken (?) was doing something else. He began to chant in Drassilian extremely fast; I could not make out what he was saying.
Suddenly, a horde of fleas swarmed around Jon Takken (?). In the same voice that Smith Sonian had used in the void, he ordered,
“I, Jon Takken, immortal Leiv Tbsea, order you to release your PLAGUE!” That reassured my suspicions that Jon Takken was the noble of the manor. Jon Takken glowed gold/purple and the fleas turned into a dark gas. Then, something in my head clicked: The gas was the bubonic plague, the black plague, the plague to end all plagues. Then Takken said, “I Egvi Uyo Na Aaui!” [Editor’s Note: The past incantation is pronounced “I Egg-Vii Oow-Yo Na Ay-yuw-ee”] I mentally translated this to “I give you an aiua”. I remembered that an “aiua” is a name for “life force”.
The gasses went together and created a spirit. It had the build of an African-American teenager, but it was transparent, and instead of legs, the plague had a trail of the gas.
“HUWAHAHAHAHA! HUWAHAHAHAHA!” laughed Takken maniacally, “Now go and do my bidding, and exterminate everyone in this miserable time period who opposes me, Plague!”
“Yo, ma name ain’t plague, you chicken head,” said the plague, “Ma name’s Shush, Yo!”
“Fine, “Shush”, now go and do my bidding, and exterminate everyone in this miserable time period who opposes me!” said Takken, clearly annoyed. I then ran as fast as my little legs could take me.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~One Week Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lots of serfs died, and all of the people who owned the serfs had to give their living serfs extra wages to keep them working there. Funny enough no one on my manor died of the black plague. One day, when I found the chance, I ran off in search of the magic spear. I ran, and ran, and ran, until I saw… Shush. Shush was busy infecting a well with his evil magic, so he didn’t see me. Yet he suddenly exclaimed,
“What da— I have sensed this presence before, Yo… in da big man’s throne room… it’s an intrudah!” He ran at me with full force, and I got the plague at a rapid pace… first buboes appeared, each with rosy red rings around them. My fingers grew as black as charcoal. I lost all strength. Just when I was about to give up hope, a boy who looked strangely familiar came up to me. He was dressed in knight’s armor. He said,
“Hello. My name is Drizzit. I am a knight-in-training. It appears like you need some help. I have a good-luck charm that you should hold. It has helped multitudes already.” I was about to refuse, and say that I didn’t believe in superstitions, when I saw his “good-luck charm”. It was a spear! The spear looked rather normal— a long stick with a pointed end— but… could it be… the healing spear? I held the spear, and a mystical feeling spread across my body.
“I nsoumm eth epulga, Hsshu,” I said. I wondered why I had said it. It meant, “I summon the plague, Shush,” Before I knew it, Shush was gliding at me, full speed, yelling,
“Yo’ all gonna die, Yo! There won’ be no su’vivahs from ma massacre!” Upon reflex, I swung the spear out, and it hit Shush in the head. He began to degenerate, and soon he was gone. Then, everything around me began to swirl into a hole. Soon, I was back in the void.
“Well, Apiercol, not too shabby. Not too shabby at all,” commented Smith Sonian. He summoned the spear out of my hands, and it began to glow yellow. Soon it was gone.
“No, not gone, only invisible. Well, now to fulfill its first duty,” bellowed Smith. Then, he said a rapid strand of Drassilian so fast that I could only make out the word “heal”. “Now, 1479 is free of the black plague entirely. Oh yes, remember the knight-in-training, Drizzit? He was your ancestor. Well, are you ready for your next adventure?”
I thought about it.
“Yes, Smith. I think I am.”
As a reward for my good work, I got to go back to 2003 for a while until I was called upon again.

The Heir of Time- By ****** *******
Chapter 2
The Recovering
I was running through the concrete. My heart was pounding like thunder. Beads of sweat were dripping down my neck, but I heard vociferous footsteps getting closer behind me. A large, black, metal box flew through the air, almost decapitating me. I turned around, onto a grassy area. Suddenly, I tripped on a root. A huge shadow loomed above me, when... I disappeared.
At first, I didn’t notice where I had appeared, so I started screaming,
“Okay! I give up! Don’t hurt me! Help! No! I’ll do anyth-” I stopped screaming after I looked around. I saw that I was in the same void that I had entered when I first met Smith. In the corner of my eye, Smith was smirking a bit.
“It looks like someone is a little high strung, eh?” He said, jokingly.
Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t think that you really understand what just happened. I was at school, and a boy named Talco Fír rammed me into a tree. He was the kind of guy who steals checks from mailboxes. Anyway, he had seen me when I came back from the void the first time, and he thought that he could use the void to rob banks.
“I’ll ask ya once more! WHAT WAS THAT GLOWING PORTAL!” he bellowed. He pulled both fists back, to punch me, and I took the moment to run. He threw a marble brick at me, and sooner or later, I was here.
Well, now onto the story.
“You have a new task, Apiercol”, said Smith, “It will be harder than in Medieval England,” I gulped as he said that. Medieval England hadn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs, after all.
“You will be in the land of Bamana, a place in the Malian empire, the year 1235,” continued Mr. Sonian.
“What item must I retrieve from this time to help stop Jon Takken?” I asked. Another portal opened in the void, showing a hyena face mask.
“This mask has the power to change it’s wearer into any kind of animal, but be sure that Takken does not get it. Think of how powerful he could be if he could be any beast possible!” Smith didn’t have to tell me that twice. But I was still curious. “And you shall be a soldier in the battle of Kirina, a war in the Empire of Mali. The hyena mask belongs to a sheikh-” [Editor’s Note: a “sheikh” is the name for a Muslim Priest] Suddenly, Smith stopped talking. This was because, I assume, he was out of time to tell me about my new mission. There was a brilliant flash of light, and then I was in Bamana.
I was wearing an ivory-colored suit of armor, which was actually not that heavy. I looked around, and saw a huge building. I recognized it as a Mosque, which is a Muslim temple. Around it many people were crowding, and a man was shouting loudly around them. “Together, we shall battle! We will strike a revolution! Sumanguru’s rein shall be no more!” yelled the man. Around him, the people were getting very riled up.
“All hail King Sundiata! Down with King Sumanguru!” They yelled. I went up to the man who I believed to be named Sundiata and asked him a question, fabricating a lie within it.
“I am, um, a warrior from, err, Zimbabwe, and I, um, want to know what is going on,” I asked.
“He does not know what is happening!” laughed a villager, “The next thing you know, he’ll be saying that he doesn’t know who the tyrannical ‘King’ Sumanguru is!”
“It is understandable,” said Sundiata, “that he would not know of the civil war. I am the rightful king of the country of Mandingo. I was the last of the eleven sons of Nare Fa Maghan, king of Mandingo. I was born a cripple, so I was always mocked, and seen of as a weak or insignificant child.
“When I was a pre-teen, an evil emperor named Sumanguru came to my land. He killed my father and my ten brothers. He did not kill me, because he thought that I could not pose a threat to him. He was wrong, however.
“I have grown strong, and am no longer a cripple. Now I am getting ready to take back the empire of Mali, which is rightfully mine.” Upon hearing this story, the crowd once again began to cheer. I left, and began to search for the mask.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Two Days Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I looked and looked, but to no avail. I could not find the magic mask. Then, I saw something. A sheikh in robes was standing near the Mosque, and a 13-year-old dressed in similar garments was next to him. “Now that my son, Pylbane, has become of age, I present him with the traditional animal mask of the Kore society. His initiation group is that of the hyena.
“I am glad that our sheikh-in-training has seized this chance to finally become a legal adult,” bellowed the high priest sheikh (as I expected he was). He handed a black hyena mask to Pylbane. Suddenly, all of the pieces came together.
Before I could get the mask, however, Pylbane put it on. “WOW!” he exclaimed, “I feel like I am a hyena!” Then, Pylbane became a real hyena! “Cheese!” exclaimed the hyena. Then it burst out in laughter. [Editor’s Note: The reference to cheese means no threat to cows whatsoever. It simply implies that, though hyenas laugh all the time, it is not necessarily always funny.] Then, he got an odd look in his eyes. He started to move, zombie-like, towards a large, castle-like building. I ran to stop him, but hyenas move too fast. He entered the building, and the gates were closed. Suddenly, I shouted out, “Noep, sgeat!” Just then, the gates swung open. I ran in. Guided solely by intuition, I ran through the building’s corridors. I ran and ran until I heard a familiar voice through a doorway.
“Just in time, I see. Well then, I guess Smith isn’t as smart as he seems. Egvi eth kmsa, wno!” shouted the voice. It was Jon Takken. I swung open the door, and I saw a man in a crown, with a fiendish look in his eyes. Beside him was a hyena, which was rapidly changing into Pylbane. He still was in the same trance as he was before. He gave the mask to Takken (?), and said zombie-like,
“Yes. Sumanguru is my only master. I must please him.” I put together a few mental pieces, and figured out that Takken had taken the body of Sumanguru, just as he had before taken that of a noble.
He put on the mask triumphantly. He shouted out,
“Mask of Animals, make me the most powerful animal ever to walk the ear-” Before he could finish his sentence, I ran up and grabbed the mask.
“MAKE ME AN ANIMAL THAT CAN GET OUT OF HERE QUICKLY!” I shouted, and I became a peregrine falcon. I swiftly flew away. When I had landed in a proper hiding spot, I whispered, “Make me human again”. I waited for Smith to take me back to the void, but nothing happened. I tried to ask myself what was keeping Smith so long, but it came out of my mouth differently.
“Wsoh em eth tanielm fo Hstmi!” I said. Then, I saw the inside of the void, and Smith was trying to get me back. However, with each rip he made, Takken’s face appeared, laughing.
“He is still too powerful in that time period!” exclaimed Smith, “Apiercol must weaken him first!”
With that realization, my vision of the void disappeared. I now realized what I had to do. But I could not figure out how.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~One Day Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
At this time, Sundiata had finally waged an all-out war against Sumanguru. Sundiata seemed to have the upper hand, when Sumanguru/Takken shouted, “Sstpir, dai em!” At this time, spirits began to appear and attack Sundiata’s troops. It seemed that all hope was lost. Sumanguru/Takken closed his eyes, held back his head, and began to laugh. I then seized my chance. I put on the mask, and became a raven. I flew like an arrow towards Sumanguru/Takken. He looked up, and ran out of the way, but it was too late. I grazed his shoulder, and he let out a non-human cry.
“NOOOO! MY ONLY WEAKNESS! HOW? HOW DID HE GUESS IT?!” screamed Sumanguru/Takken, who was quickly losing his likeness to an African king. At that, he disappeared in a cloud of gold/purple smoke.

“This bird,” said Sundiata, “the bird of Kirina, shall always be remembered as the bird that won this battle.”
Just then, I disappeared back into the void. I was human again, but I was still wearing the mask.
“You did it!” exclaimed Smith, “You got the mask!” I gave him the mask, and it turned invisible. Then I thought of something.
“Hey, Smith,” I asked, “Since I defeated Takken in that time period, is he gone forever?”
“I’m afraid not, Apiercol. You may have killed Sumanguru, but he has more tricks up his sleeve.” Smith sadly said. I remembered something at that point.
“What about Talco Fír?” I asked, “He is still out there, waiting for me!”
“Oh, don’t worry about that. I have it all figured out,” chuckled Smith.
I then found myself back where I had first come from. “I’m gonna pulverize you, squirt!” shouted Talco. At that moment, a light shot out of where I had landed, and Talco turned into a pig! I began to laugh, and went on my way.

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