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I know I may be going a bit too far with this, but this topic is on what state you live in. Don't worry, I not gathering info on all of you....ahem... I swear I'm not. If people are starting to get annoyed at me, please say so on this page. I will then erase all of my WikiChat subjects, and I won't post up any more.- SBZ22
Not from the US? That's OK! Try (here)? for countries!

Melonade Lord: North Pole, Alaska. Not THE North Pole but a town called North Pole.
SBZ22: New Jersey
Another Fan: Texas
Mithent: UK, so I had to mention it ;)
Sorry. I should have mentioned something about people living in other countries. Well, if you live in the UK, put it's name {and which shire you're in, too -- Gemini}. If you live in Canada, put the province or territory.- SBZ22 P.S. I you live in any other country, just put the country's name.
Heir_of_Lindeen: Oregon
PrincessofStrongBadia: New York
CE5: Marrieta, Georgia
crap: New York (hmm... where does PrincessofStrongBadia live in NY? Dutchess county? (I live there) -Crap, I live in Rochester -da princess
AlphaZodiac: Washington
Arrohed Aria~ CaLiFoRnIa home of the blondes! lol jk!
JestersOfTheMoon: Lil' Rhody (Rhode Island) (my great great etc somethingorother was the first person born in Rhode Island...Robert Maxon)kingofhomsaria
AgentSeethroo: From Texas originally, but I'm stationed in Arizona right now. Hopefully Japan will be next!
Gemini: Washington State.
The Brothers E currently or dirivetedly/ but by no means neccessary live on, at, it, or was, North Carolina.
Kupo: Tejas!!! (pronounced teh-has)(Is that in the U.S.?)(It's just Texas with an accent)
Stu : Utah
DeadGuyPerez : West Virginia
JamesGecko Oh yeah, I've got all you guys beat: Georgia!!!! About an hour away from ATLANTA!!! Ya know, where the brothers Chapps live?? Sad to say, I've never meet them or even seen them for that matter, but still living within an housr of the city they live in is pretty good, right? lol :-D -JamesGecko
Where in Georgia do you live? -CE5
Ingiald: In Georgia, pretty close to Atlanta.
Fishie McGee Born and raised in New York (St. Lawrence County). Now going to school in Boston, MA, where Squayah is a word. (I still spend summers in NY so I kinda feel like I live there)
FireBird was born in Nashville, TN, staying in Nashville, TN. Home of all the country ledgends, CMT, Grand Ole Opry... who could want more?
Clever Dan is from good old Oklahoma WHERE AIN'T IS A WORD
bkmlb is from St. Louis, Missouri. Where "herrr, therr, and wherr" are words !!
The Friggin Cheat is from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania near historic Philidelphia
Buz MI. --Buz
William S. is from North Carolina, the most awesomest state on earth. :-P
The Conductor Fresno, California. Fresno's not a state. but nevermind.
I'll shut up. The Conductor
Hobophobic -- I'm from Saskatchewan. It's a province.
Jiggaman-- NY. New York. Nueva York. Nova Iorque. EAst coast represent!
TheCheatIsNotDead California! But I've lived in Texas for my whole life, minus 2 weeks.
Poot Slap The Great State of Indiana
SpikeIke Manitoba. Also a province.
Ser-G-Gant Marshie VA
Shattered Alien Nova Scotia. I be Canadian. Yup.
kingofhomsaria Oswego, New York. Made a city in 1848. Come visit glorios Harborfest, the best celebration since ever Destiny usa will be great!
Mr. Strong Bad Utah!!
UnknownHzrd Im a Michiganian!! w00t!! Dont worry, we dont call ourselves that...:/
EboMike California, the Golden State.
BurninatorBoombox I'm not telling! Okay okay. I'm in the west coast. Okay, I live in California.
Jack Selby I was born in Temple Hills, Maryland (betcha never heard of that place before) and when I was 5 I moved to Falls Church, Virginia (betcha never heard of THAT place either).
Stinkoman K Born and raised in New Jersey!
(Tngl)? Houston, where there's TWO official languages: Spanish and Spanish.