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I think mine was ghosts. It always seems to stick out when I watch it. CB

My first was number 14, StrongBadEmail/duck pond. Quite a while ago... I still miss the good ol' Tandy 400. - Shenlon


mine would have to be mile no really thats the first sbemail i ever saw-duders307

Mine's StrongBadEmail/japanese cartoon. My brother was watching it. Then he showed said "this one's hillarious!" and showed me "dragon. That was not the one at the top of the list when I discovered the site, though. I didn't even notice the one at the top of the list until StrongBadEmail/date. I just forgot about the site until then. I didn't dare go to "quote of the week", fearing it would be some porno quote. -CE5
My first "Sbemail" would have been StrongBadEmail/monster truck. My brother showed me it, and I loved it! So now I'm obsessed. =) -- Corinne

Mine was mile too.- SBZ22

Mine was dragon. It was fortunate that that one was my first, because it was the best at that time. I saw it at a sleepover with my friend, and all night, we kept on singing, " 'Burninating the countryside, burninating the peasants...'' "-Lord Karkon

I am pretty sure that mine was the show. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Mine was also Dragon. I was in the room when someone was showing it to someone else. -Fishie McGee

Mine was StrongBadEmail/island. However, that was a whole long time ago and StrongBadEmail/island wasn't at the top of the list. After that, I basically forgot about the site until camp that summer, and one of my counselors could do a wicked Homestar Runner impression. And just about all the other characters impressions, too. That was this summer, and the rest is history...sort of...

My friend came over that day and said she had this hilarious site to show me. She showed me the StrongBadEmail/spring cleaning and I didn't think it was all that funny, but I got curious and went back for more. The rest is history. At the time I saw it, StrongBadEmail/TheShow? was at the top of the list. This would be last March.
~Arrohed Aria

Mine was anything. It was really stupid. Than I saw dragon, which changed my life. (Or at least my apparel. I'm wearing a Trogdor Hoodie. Fozzywozz

Technically, mine was StrongBadEmail/japanese cartoon. I got this from a completely random link from another site, and after I watched it, I completely forgot about it. Then, about 6 months later, one of the webcomics I read referenced StrongBadEmail/caper and provided a link. I followed the link, loved it, and that's how I got into Homestar. So, you could say that both japanese cartoon and caper are my first. Weird. --Dark Grapefruit

StrongBadEmail/fingers. Top o da list, first i saw. hooked on impact. -Mechafox

StrongBadEmail/dragon was my first. My cousin told me about it, I thought it was weird at first, but I got to like that website. So here I am! -TheDoggy

Mine was StrongBadEmail/guitar! dun dun DUN!! AgentSeethroo

I don't think I looked at the SBEmails when I first encountered H*R.com, but the first one I saw was "the process." --ImitationChocolate

Mine was "Kid's Book", which I viewed at approximately 9:30 on October 21, 2003. I was in study hall with nothing to do when all of the sudden I hear this gruff voice, singing about scroll buttons, coming from one of the computers. I had to look, and the person on the 'puter played "Kid's Book." Ah, that one always takes me back in time.

Mine was also StrongBadEmail/japanese cartoon. My friend was showing me the site and I thought it was pretty stupid, but we were laughing anyway. Then he showed me StrongBadEmail/invisibility, and I probably wouldn't have come back excpet it was the day that StrongBadEmail/stunt double came out. He was excited, so we watched that one too. I love spy parodies, so I was hooked.
-The Brothers E

My first email was (appropriately enough) StrongBadEmail/website. It's still one of my all time favorites, mostly because it has so many honest to goodness truths in it. --JoeyDay

My first e-mail was around StrongBadEmail/the show. Yea, after that, I purdy much got hooked!

i started with number 1. i wanted to understand all the jokes. --Clever Dan

The first one i saw was duck pond back when the coach z was on the menu thingy -smooth Crimnal

You mean, when he says, "If you're trying to fade me, then ya must smoke crack"?-SibbieSong

Mine was StrongBadEmail/kind of cool, but that's my least favorite one! The next one was StrongBadEmail/army and that was a good follow up.--bkmlb

72, Crazy Cartoon. Top o' da list. -S Song

I think mine was DRAGON!!! TROGDOR!!!! ~CB

Mine was 'Crazy Cartoon'. My friends showed it to me. And the next one I saw was '2 Years', and I've been a nut about it eversince. Jack Selby

Ahhh, I remember the day. My bro had is friend over and said go to www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail and so to sisters. It's really funny. So I did and I loved it. Then as the days went by, I saw every single one.
I'd seen homestar before that though, people at school showed me stuff, but I never got the name of this great website until my bro's friend told me.
How I remember that glorius day. ..... well I don't really.
It was like, last year... I think it was even the year before that.-M.J

Hmm... I think my first one was guitar. DeadGuyPerez

Small Animal. Very random. I thought it was the dumbest thing I'd ever seen. ;-) -JamesGecko

It's number 94 (video games.) for me! Nelson339

My first was Guitar whn it was more newer. My friend Isaac told me about it, and didn't tell me until a year later that another one of my best friends, who I thought knew nothing about it, was the one who told him about H*R and was like the biggest fan he'd ever seen! DeLoreanz1

My first was interview. - the conductor

I'm pretty sure my first was dragon about a year ago-- Melonade Lord

The first email I ever saw was StrongBadEmail/homsar. My brother told me to see it while he was at university. -Da Bee

Army. Yeah, I'm newer than you thought. -- JestersOfTheMoon

japanese cartoon, which is still one of my favorites. -- Jiggaman

the process was my very first, but when i originally came to the site kids book was the newest. - kidovathere

Kids Book (newest one at the time), followed by English Paper. Queen Of Town

My first one was Caper.. I saw when my older brother showed it to me.. it was Great... ut the charaters seemed wierd at the time... great unique humor..Homesar Wannabe

My sister showed me MY first one, dragon. TROGDOR!!! Ser-G-Gant Marshie

My little brother showed me my first email StrongBadEmail/japanese cartoon -Homestarball Z

Mine was Sibbie. But my first experience with Homestar and the gang was the house that gave sucky treats. I came in the room one day when my younger bro was playing it and the rest is history. - Shattered Alien

The first E-mail I saw was Some Kinda Robot. That was before the menu ever had scroll buttons. I thought that it was the stupidist thing in the world and didn't deserve my time. But it had some kind of strange power that made me go back for more. After that, I was addicted.-Homsar Runner

My First Was umm...I think it was "I she be" cause when I went in the basement, I saw my bro just starting to play "I she be".Stinkoman K

Either 'japanese cartoon' or 'different town'. I don't remember. Maybe 'japanese cartoon'. -BurninatorBoombox

Local News- DaAaAaAaAaAa

Techno- Shaon

Dangeresque2 - Ingiald

Mine was "The bird", I was linked to it through a bio on a norwegian webpage saying his favourite "flip off" was Double Deuce. I was literally hooked from the start!

My first strong bad e-mail was dragon-justin77

Mine was sisters coriell