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== Main Menu: ==
*Toons - Full length cartoons, shorts and holiday cartoons.
*Features - Strong Bad Email, Marzipan's Answering Machine, and Teen Girl Squad.
*Games - All the games.
*Characters - All the characters.
*Places - Settings of all the toons.
*Rejects - We're not sure what they are.
*Downloads - All the downloads.
*Store - Store stuff.
*Email - Email menu.
*Legal - Legal secrets.
*Main Pages - All the main pages.
*Museum - Museum stuff.
*WeeklyFanstuff - Things submitted by fans to the official h*r.com site.
*Quote of the Week - All the quotes of the weeks (or days or months).
*Secret Pages - Pages that are currently not accessible from any h*r.com pages.
*SiteUpdates - The most recent updates to h*r.com.

*AllPages - Every page on the wiki, listed alphabetically.
*HelpDesk - Get answers to your questions.
*HomestarLinks - Links to pages about Homestar Runner.
*HomestarQuotes - Favorite quotes that characters have said.
*Homestar Runner Glossary - A glossary of terms used on the Homestar Runner site.
*InsideJokes - A list of inside jokes on the Homestar Runner site.
*Sightings - Significant Homestar Runner sightings. ie; Pop-culture references.
*TranscriptionStandards - Interested in helping us transcribe? Read this first.
*WikiFanStuff - A place for wiki users' fan stuff (don't confuse this with the official WeeklyFanstuff).
*WikiGettingStarted - Information about how the wiki works (e.g. editing pages).
*WikiInfo - Information concerning this wiki.
*WikiIdeas - Add your recommendations for wiki features and layout improvements.
*WikiLedger - A history of donations and payments for the wiki.
*WikiProjects - Projects that the users of the wiki are currently working on.
*WikiSandbox - A place to fool around and learn how to edit pages.
*WikiTroll - Definition of WikiTroll and list of known offenders.
*WikiUsers - A listing of users who are registered on this wiki.
*WikiUserInfo - Find out about the WikiUsers.

*[Admin Page] - This area is only accessible by the admins.
*Blocked IPs - A log of IP addresses that have been blocked.