This document chronicles the various donations that have been made to the HRWiki, along with payments made to hosting and domain registration costs. This keeps me (JoeyDay) accountable to all of you as members of our wiki community. I strongly believe that you should be aware of what I'm doing with your money at all times. The Homestar Runner Wiki will always remain a not-for-profit organization. Your donations will be used strictly for hosting the site and keeping the domain registered. Please do not feel obligated to donate. The last thing I want to do is twist anyone's arm. To those of you who have donated, thank you! To those of you who haven't donated, but are contributing to the wiki, thank you too!

If you would like to make a donation, please send the money via PayPal to "". Make sure to add your wiki username to the transaction comments so I know who you are. Also please note whether you would like to keep your donation anonymous or not.

Current Balance

As of May 3, 2004 ... $32.15


Date Type Amnt. (US$) Balance Notes
03 May 2004 Purchase (96.00) 32.15 Goleman Networks Web Hosting ( - 1 year @ $8.00/mo.)
03 Apr 2004 Purchase (26.85) 128.15 Go Daddy Domain Name Registration ( - 3 years @ $8.95/yr.)
19 Mar 2004 Deposit 100.00 155.00 March 2004 Pledge Drive - 2 donations
18 Mar 2004 Deposit 55.00 55.00 March 2004 Pledge Drive - 5 donations

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