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I've found a number of pages that have BMP images -- I'm new here, so perhaps it isn't my place to say, but BMP (the default save format for MSPaint) is very poorly suited for web images. It creates very large files that many browsers cannot display. I implore everyone to save images using the PNG format, which is meant for the web, has good compression rates for most images (especially cartoony images like the ones here), and is supported by far more browsers than BMP. The Windows XP version of MSPaint supports saving to .PNG, as do all other quality image editors like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. If you don't have any money, I recommend [The Gimp].

I've found that, if you happen to have photoshop (save for web is the cadilac of file optimization ;), sometimes GIF compresses better than PNG. Specificly when I did the Teen Girl Squad screen grabs for [my site]. Sometimes PNG is better though too, so I've been using a mix.
Also, I think someone told me that PNG breaks on Macintosh IE 5.5 or something of that sort.

Not to be contrary, but I was able to knock 1k off of your mian TGS image by exporting as PNG in Paint Shop Pro. Adobe's PNG implementation [isn't known] for its excellence: "relatively poor compression in versions prior to 7.0 (slightly better but still not great in "Save for Web" mode); very slow compression in version 7.0; doesn't save text annotations; incapable of saving bi-level PNGs". If you want really great PNG support, try Fireworks, but Paint Shop Pro is better than Photoshop any day. ;) And actually, concerning IE for Mac, you've got it backwards -- IE for Mac's PNG support is better than IE for Windows'. [More here.]


F.Y.I. If you wanna see something upclose, or before it goes by too fast, just go to "File" and click "Print Preview" while it's playing.

Or you can hit the print screen button (on the upper right portion of most keyboards).
This will copy what ever is on your screen into the clipboard. You can then just paste it into your favorite picture editor. There is a page about this somewhere... someone help me out. :)

Ask and ye shall recieve: WikiChat/HowToTakePictures

Should there be a page for stuff like this, maybe linked from the front page? e.g. how to take screenshots, how to transcribe, how to pause/rewind/etc.? There's lots of info here, but it's all spread around. -- InterruptorJones

FTP for Images Hosted on the Wiki

There is an FTP account set up for uploading images to the wiki. If you have an FTP program ([SmartFTP] is a good one), you can connect using the following information:

The password will only be given to those who request it. Email your request to [].

Once you've uploaded an image, the link to the image will be as follows:[filename]