This page is designed to allow easy communication about ongoing Wiki projects. The projects are listed below. Please feel free to add any additional projects using the same format.

Current Projects

Adding Pictures for all Strong Bad Emails

  • Okay, another thing has come up: quality. Upsilon's pictures have been fantastic, and so have Hobophobic's. You'll notice that the two of them use .png images. This file format offers great quality and fits very well in terms of practicality on the Wiki. I noticed earlier that some people are posting images they find through a Google image search. This really isn't the right idea. Especially taking them straight from Google's cache. You can see examples of what I mean here: Main Pages/MainPage 8, Main Pages/MainPage 3, Index Page, Main Pages/MainPage 11, and Main Pages/MainPage 2. Also, these don't follow the special note listed below for this project. Feel free to fix these images and any others that you come accoss like them.

Standarizing the Transcripts

Standarizing the Easter Eggs

New Toons menu

Things I noticed:
  1. The toon Powered By The Cheat has been re-named "New Boots" (which is what we were calling it for the first few weeks it was out. Funny, eh?)
  2. Puppets: have been classified "Puppet Stuff". We really don't have to re-name the pages, just move stuff around on the Toons page.
  3. New preview .swfs are going to have to be added to the listing in Secret Pages
  4. Some other The Cheat toons are listed. Might want to do something about that on the Toons page.
  5. Scroll-a buh-tone-es! Nifty.

Conitnuous and Ongoing Projects

The "Summary of change" box

  • "Added the single deuce that Strongbad gives Homestar in the office Dullard email."
  • "Fixed typo."
  • "Added links."
  • "Fixing link."
  • "Unlinking WikiWord."
  • "Added screenshot."
  • And sure, you can throw the funny one in there once in a while. I know some people like to throw a " ' D" after whatever they are doing...

Page Titles

Additional Information

Completed Projects

Standardizing the Games Menus