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Buffy the Vampire Slayer referenced Trogdor.
Watch the clip [Here]

Megas XLR

In a episode called Breakout, Coop tryed to use a attack called Double Duece by jumping and putting two fists in front of him.


In an episode of "ANGEL" entitled "The Girl In Question", (also entitled "An Italian job for Spike and Angel") Angel and Spike were looking for Buffy overseas. They come to the apartment where Buffy lives, but Andrew was the only one there. He was talking to them about someone named "The Immortal", and he was wearing a Black STRONGBAD T-Shirt! He was also wearing it as he had a pore strip on later on in the episode. It was season 5. Written by: Steven S. DeKnight and Drew Goddard. Directed by: David Greenwalt.

Monster House

In an Episode of Monster House, the Host, Steve is wearing a Strong Bad T-shirt during the introductions. The episode is [Sports House] which first aired February 2, 2004.


Quizno's and Homestar on NPR

On March 9th, was featured on NPR's Talk of the nation. You can find the radio segment [Here]. You have to listen a little bit to get to the segment. It features the Strong Bad Email kind of cool, as well as the email different town. It starts around 9:15 into the clip and lasts until the end. Of note: a kid, Simon, calls at 12:20 and asks about The Brothers Chaps. Sounds like these guys could have used a visit to the HomestarRunnerWiki...


Soap Box Commercial

A Soup Bax racing commercial on Cartoon Network decorated a car with Teen Girl Squad.

SMS Advert

On a picture messaging advertisement in NZ/Aus, while it flicks through various picture messages/cellphone wallpapers, a picture of Trogdor pops up.


Game-Now Magazine

In Game-Now magazine (which is now no longer) this was in the hot or not section of issue 12. -- cyco

WiRed Magazine

In WiREd magazine, under a Transformers ad, It showed a picture of Homestar's new atari game and some more stuff.

Computer Source Magazine

In Seattle there's a magazine called "Computer Source." The January 2004 issue mentions a group of people who, for fun, determined how many browser windows they could open to before the computer crashed.

More WiREd Magazine

An interview The Brothers Chaps appeared in Wired Magazine.
Read it [here]


Strong Bad Live!

On June 7th, 2003 at Giants Stadium, Radiohead, the Beastie Boys, and other big name bands of that sort played, but the best part was the showing of Strong Bad emails over the JumboTron in between acts. They also showed Everybody To the Limit and it had a special new introduction wherein Strong Bad complained that he wasn't allowed on stage even though he had been the #1 hit for two summers in a row.

Relient K

The band Relient K has a h*r-like shirt logo.
[site that sells the shirt]

Five Iron Frenzy

The Christian ska band Five Iron Frenzy has a picture in their latest CD release's booklet of their lead singer, Reese Roper, wearng a The Cheat shirt.


In the booklet for ApologetiX's newest CD "Adam Up," their guitarist is wearing a Strong Bad shirt.

Sons of Pitches

The Ithaca, NY band [Sons of Pitches] had a concert at the Cornell Business & Technology Park on July 24, 2004. Before their second set started, they were doing the thing at the end of the Theme Park where Homestar is on the Strongbadian Riverboat Superfun.. ride. It sounded just like Strongbad! I didn't realize until it was over that it was from H*R but the part I know they did was "Please keep your arms legs and valuables inside the vehicle at all times".
Also, they once noticed my Strongbad shirt during a concert at this local hospital's picnic.


NFL Street gives The Birdie

If you get a safety in NFL Street, an arcade style foot-a-ball game by EA sports, it shouts out "Double Duece!"


[Washington University]'s carnival in St. Louis boasted a wooden skee-ball game made by the [Engineering Student Council] with some help from bkmlb and his family.

Custom Robo

A little way through the game there is a quiz on basic game knowledge. One of the answers to a multiple-choice question is "Parts Burninator".

Cyborg Livestock from Outer Space

If you defeat the alien mothership from Shockwave's [Cyborg Livestock from Outer Space], the end text says that the ship "asplode," just as your head does in the game[StrongBadZone].


Eric Conveys The Brothers Chaps?

Eric at [Eric Conveys an Emotion] got together with The Brothers Chaps for a rough and tumble game of football, complete with Eric's warped and halarious sense of humor. See a step-by-step progression of [The Game]. On page 1 Trogdor is in the background, on page 2 The Ugly One is in the background, on page 3 1936 Homestar is in the background, on page 4 Homestar is in the background, on page 5 Strongbad is in the background, on page 6, The Cheat is actually in the foreground, on page 7, The Cheat and Strong Mad are in the background, and on page 8, Stinkoman is in the background.

Red vs Blue

At [Red vs Blue] they made a public service announcement about tattoos (It appears every 4 weeks or so in the season 1 archive). When Church suggests you get a tattoo of a character from you favorite online comic, Strong Bad's face appears.

The 2004 Cartoonist's Choice Awards

Homestar Runner won in best use of flash catagory at ["The 2004 Cartoonist's Choice Awards"].


Metroid Flash

At [], there is a movie entitled ["Metroid Confusion"], and at the beginning there are three computers and one has the H*R page displayed on its monitor. The end also borrows "Because It's Midnight" and credits a band named "Limozeen." Also when you them talking about how sammus is deffenseless without her suit zoom in on the second shelf a book is the homestarunner enters the strongest man in the world contest.

Kerri's Big Invention

Also at [], there is movie entitled ["Kerri's Big Invention"] and about halfway through the movie Kerri is drawing on a blackboard. When the whole blackboard is visible, in the lower left corner is a poorly drawn Homestar and Strongbad. In the upper right you can see the carrot shaped thing from the scrapbook on the Coach Z page. Its labeled Carrot Top on the black board.

Bush Bash

On this very weird [flash] animation at, you can see a picture of President Bush and a flaming Earth that says "Burninating the Peasants since 2000".


Trogdor goes to Duke

I was at Duke University earlier this year, I believe it was April. As my group was walking to lunch, I turned around and saw the side of an underpass painted advertising an "Inside Joke" Fair or something. The centerpiece was a large, beautiful Trogdor (with majesty).


Theater Hopper

Tom Brazelton of Theater Hopper had himself in his comics a few days ago, with a Homestar shirt.

Commander Kitty

In a Commander Kitty comic, one of the characters is wearing a Strong Bad mask.

8-bit Theatre

A dark elf explains how evil a monster is, and Trogdor comes to mind.