Probably the second most updated feature on the site, the Quote of the Week (or Day or Month) is a soundbyte from one of the week's toons that you can download. (The dates on some of these are just guessed from the file-modified date. Assume they're approximate. Fix them if you know different.)

Request for help:
I'd like to make the list of download links complete, and I need your help. If you have any of the old soundbytes on your computer, you can help out by posting the download link for that soundbyte below. The download URL looks like this:*.zip, where * should be replaced with the name of the soundfile. For example, this week's soundbyte is called larry_fromzeen.mp3, so if you downloaded it you know that the download link is The Mac version of the link is the same, except it has .sit at the end instead of .zip.

Note: As of the July 29th quote, the download option is only available as a .zip file.


Forget when? Stick em' down here.

Feel free to correct or add any you remember. And by "feel free to add" I mean, "Pleeaaaase addd!"

Type in the file name that came with them too.If in the address box at the top you type in and put the file name between qod/ and .zip you can redownload them!! - Troggie

This ONLY works if you have windows. If you have mac, i suppose... you would have to type in... and put the file name between qod/ and .sit!! If you have neither windows or mac, then i have no idea how you are reading this. - Troggie

Oh, now I see. I couldn't figure out what the point of this was, but now I understand it's to download old Qotws that aren't on the main page. That would have been a nice bit of clarification. I'm adding this as a feature of this page -- if you remember any old ones, please add them above. -- InterruptorJones

Those that don't have Windows or Mac simply use Linux, FreeBSD, Unix, or any of the other open-source (read:FREE!) operating systems out there.
But yeah, most of them can use the ports of Winzip and can play .wav files with the right software. -War129

Well, at the moment, I'm not having much luck downloading them - I get a 'You bwoke it' page, with the H*R template but no content. - Mithent

Same. I suspect that during the onslaught of toons (around the time of the 100th email), they did some technical upkeep. Just a hunch that I have. Of courese, hunches come in bunches when you have a kneecap like mine. -J to the izzo, B to the izzae
Sorry. i'm so white.

If anyone has downloaded all/most of the Quotes, if you could upload them to a FreeWebs/Geocities/Tripod site that would be much appreciated. -- LordMike

Uh... you can just download them by clicking on the links we have right here. -- Tom

Yeah.. WHAT HE SAID! Tom is so cool...Homesar Wannabe Are the quotes free to download?

I think LordMike means death. I mean, ones that are so old they aren't on this page.-BobBoy

Almost all of the links to download the files don't work anymore... I have hosting if anyone has them. --Hobophobic

Oh man. I know all the ones we have up there used to work. I have all the PC files. I'll have to check on the MAC ones. We'll see if we can set something up. -- Tom

Just upload the raw MP3 files because they're not really any smaller than the .zip or .sit files. I don't know why TBC use compression on MP3s but I'm assuming they have a reason...possibly because they open automatically in some browsers, which you can't do anything about from Flash, but it's not a problem with HTML links (PC users right-click and "Save As"...Mac users probably have some equivalent) --furrykef