Gateway to email The Brothers Chaps or read the FAQ or Store Questions.
"Email Menu - It's maybe just for e-mail againymore!"

Three letters pop up. Click on the first to e-mail The Brothers Chaps. The address on the envelope is:
The Brothers Chaps
email the creators
of Homestar, RNR 30307

The second takes you to Store Questions. The return address is:
5 Lunchtime Station
Marylog, OP 2x2x2

The third takes you to the FAQ, where Strong Bad interjects commentary about your question choices. The return address is:
Gent Delabor
403 Figgis St.
Mundelow, PA 80808

Click here to go to /FrequentlyAskedQuestions

Lastly, if you click on the Strong Bad sticker on the front of the mailbox, Strong Bad's Message Bored pops up.

The stickers of Strong Bad's head come from an [old error message].

[Go there]

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