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What does it mean to deface something? Troll something? Happy

It means to delete everything on a page, place profanity on a page, edit something that doesn't NEED editing, being a nuisance in general.
Check your userspace.

Not that I have, but how can I find someones IP if i know their username? Comanche

If they edited a page, go to "View document history" then scroll over their username. There is the IP address! ~ Pomx2

Actually, most of the things listed above are not IP addresses. An IP address has four blocks of numbers between 0 and 255. For example, the IP address of the HRWiki is When you hover over someone's username in the document history you'll see their domain. To get an IP address, you can ping the domain in a DOS window. Here's how:

  1. Open a DOS window by clicking Start, then Run.
  2. Type "command" (without the quotes) and hit Enter.
  3. Type "ping" (without the quotes, and, of course, replace this example domain with the one you'd like to ping).

It will tell you it is pinging, and will display the IP address. This is how I've always retrieved IP addresses. If you know a better/easier way to do this, feel free to list it here. --JoeyDay

Pinging works fine, but the 'correct' way of doing it is using 'nslookup' at the prompt. This will certainly work in 2000/XP, not sure about 95/98/Me. - Mithent

And in case you're in Unix, dont worry, it works the same way. If you're in Mac OS X, you can find this command line in /Utilities/ -TheBigKnife

You can actually use tracert instead of ping. It does the same job, and it traces the route! Comanche

I don't like the whole "aka" thing. A list of left-justified hostnames is a lot easier to scan through than a list of numeric IPs, and knowing their IP in a addition to their hostname doesn't actually give us any more (useful) information. Can I please undo? -- InterruptorJones

Done. -- Tom

However, knowing the IP address is necessary for blocking a repeat offender. So if you could keep them up, it would save us a little trouble of having to try and figure things out ourselves. Although, the more I think about it, the more I realize that we (admins) should be verifying that the user is actually a troll and is actually from that address. Hmmm... So whatever you guys decide. Having the IP's is nice when it comes to blocking, but we should be checking that anyways. It is late, and I need more sleep. -Stu

I ain't an offender. I think I know who posted me... Strongrad

Check the history. JoeyDay himself posted you. Lucky for you it was just a warning. -- InterruptorJones

Let me guess: You thought that I, famous Anti-Rad, posted you. If you notice, I actually erased you and Stevie's actual names so that you would not get biased by your warning. --Lord Karkon

I wonder if this big fiasco is their third strike? - JestersOfTheMoon

If when you are adding someone to this list, you could provide a brief description of what happened, that would be great. That way, when an admin is looking into potentially banning an ip, they can at least have an idea of what they are doing it for without having to dig through all of the revised pages. Simply the name of the page defaced should be enough.

Thanks, -Stu blocked. Sorry it took so long, school is busy

Not to complain too much here. But adding the line "This is the best H*R website!!!!!!!!!!" hardly classifies someone as a troll (in my mind anyway). Sure, it isn't necessary, but I don't think it deserves to have their ip pasted here with the real trolls (those who delete pages, fill them with crude language, and otherwise cause problems). I just think they need to be reminded that this isn't their personal playground (others use it as well) and that comments belong in their user space. -Stu

True, and I agree, though I did find the comment objectionable. I have put a note on the user in question's userpage. -- Tom

I did not write the bros suck on TBC! I think my sister did and I should not be punished for her actions.-thejeek

The problem isn't who did the defacing, the problem is the defacing itself. Even if it was a family member, it still came from that ip address. Just make sure that it doesn't happen again and we don't have problems. I am not trying to sound upset, we just have to maintain some order here. -Stu


On a fairly related note, making changes to the Ledger, like you did, is completely unacceptable. There are plenty of people around here to police things. Pages are open for editing (in the spirit of the wiki), but that doesn't mean that you can make certain changes. I figure we will allow it to slide this once (as it potentially could have been a mistake), but in the event that it happens again you will be removed. -Stu

Stu, I'm glad, because that's exactly how I handled the changing of the WikiLedger donar's name. I reverted the page and placed a (pretty harsh by my standards) warning on thejeek's user page. I'm still trying to make up my mind on how innocent a mistake it could have been though. But once again, I guess I'm just not that trusting. -- Tom

Wat happened to the list of Troll fighters? Strongrad

Are you talking about T.R.O.L.L.? I think there is still a link there. -Stu

Hey, Stu! Thanks for blocking that putz! This is exciting! My first troll-nabbing!! Agent "Law Dog" Seethroo

The wiki software is pretty lame when it comes to blocking ips. It only allows us to block groups of ips. (i.e. I can block 206.212.63.*, but that means everyone with an ip address that starts with 206.212.63 will get blocked.) So if you find yourself blocked, and you haven't been trolling, it is most likely that someone near you (a family member, neighbor, fellow student) was out of line, and got your entire ip-block banned. If that is the case, shoot me an email, and I will look into it. I haven't looked at any other wiki software, but I hope whatever we migrate to (eventually) will have a little better ip management capability.


I found a new Troll, Shopiom. He added onto my story without permission. Strongrad

He was new, he probably didn't know. --AgentNine

I told you why I did that. I wasn't trying to offend anyone and am very sorry. From now on, I'm gonna be careful about adding to pages. Shopiom

on may 21 i accidantaly changed the Homestar Runner Glossary. I didn't know what Wiki was and the fact that other people can se what I change. so, I'm sorry if you thought I was a troll or something. I'm so sorry, but can you please delete me from the troll list? it will never happen again

Yeah, don't worry about it. Adding someone to the list is only counts as one strike, so it really isn't a problem. -- Tom

Oh, ok. Thanks.
E.L. Cool

Wasn't sure where else to post this. I'm not quite sure what "She's from sweden" meant. Does this Maudi Algabban person's posting on the site qualify as troll activity? -Hobophobic

Nah, Maudi is a Wiki user. She's from Sweden and really doesn't do English too well. She's done a bunch of transcripts, all those ones with the IP addresses at the bottom. We tried to get her to make a UserSpace a while back, but it didn't go over to well. So yeah, she's not a troll. -- Tom

haha, I understand. She actually seems pretty cool now (see her post below), although I'm not entirely sure what she means by that quote... Part of which problem? -Hobophobic

Your guess is as good as mine. I think she's quoting from here, but I could be wrong. -- Tom


I was very angry with CE5, because we had many problems with his IP's. I said to him: "You, my friend, are a part of the problem. And you're worse than Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden!", because he is a very bad boy. Please, block him!!!!

Kindness regards,
Maudi Algabban (now in Täby, Stockholms län, Sweden)

Okay Maudi, see the note I left you here. -- Tom

I found a new troll. I don't know who it is, but they un-linked the entire home page of the wiki. I had to re-link everything. -Shopiom

Hey, who deleted Has No Life's UserSpace? He just joined and I spent about an hour helping him with it. Grr! He was number 260. If you have any information regarding this let me know. And if you just joined and accidentally deleted his space, all is forgiven.--TubularLuggage

I deleted it. That page was only edited by TubularLuggage and the name was added to the list by TubularLuggage. No comments were ever made by this user, nor were there any edits ever by this user. Does this user have a computer of their own? Or the ability to set their preferences? -- Tom

Okay. I'll let him know. Luckily he still has all the images saved to the computer.--TubularLuggage

The images should still be there. All you would have to do is restore the page. In fact, it might be good practice for you. Everyone should know how to properly restore a page. -- Tom

How do you block someone? Happy

Uh... You don't. See the note at the top of the WikiTroll page. Or the note at the top of the Blocked IPs page. -- Tom

I am sorry for changing "admins" to "admims" on the main page. But my brother (Corban and Coriell) is really messing up the main page. -Daheiji

I'm Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Sorry I beg of forgivedness. (also Corban On another computer)

To the both of you: Okay. Just make sure it doesn't happen again. You only received a warning. -- Tom

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