Talk about the April Fool's Joke, "Under Construction", here. --liato

(I've found that the .swf views better. I couldn't see the stickly man with the black background during the .html viewing. It
could just be me though. -- Tom)

I didn't have this problem. Hmm. -- InterruptorJones

Is it possible that Stickly Man is a 20X6 The Poopsmith ? Making the puddin' Poo? - Doug Smiley

That was my first thought, too. He has that shovel and he doesn't talk, just like the PS. And when Stinko Man bent down to taste the pile of pudding, I thought "ewwwwwww" until he revealed what it was. Thank god it was just pudding. -- InterruptorJones

I'm having trouble viewing it altogether. I've cleared my cache and history a dozen times. The swf gives me a 404 page, and the regular toon page loads everything but hangs when it's trying to grab the swf. Weird. --JoeyDay

The swf didn't work, and I tried it 20 times--bkmlb

Same problem as you, JoeyDay, in Mozilla or IE. Only difference is that Mozilla leaves a white space, IE a black one. - Mithent

The whole site works for me except this page. I tried it on a bunch of computers and no luck.

Yeah, that's really weird... the .swf worked for me until just a few minutes ago. Good thing I saved it... XD --TheOneWithBaggyPants

The advertisements are funny. - FireBird

Anyone got round it?. -fatjoe

What do you mean by "got round it"? You can still get to the main page at the usual URL: -- InterruptorJones

It is hilarious. Stinko Man is my favorite character so it was a real treat- ninjatmnt

As of 9:40 a.m. (CST) I get the usual main page when I go to H*, but I can still get to this toon by clicking on the "Click Here" link in the What's New bubble. Does everybody get this? Maybe they KO'd it because of the problems everyone (except me) is having. -- InterruptorJones

very odd. as of 11:35 for me (GMT -5:00), i go right to the joke. -JamesGecko
p.s. I enjoyed that more then sbemail 100!

no troubles here (other then being a little concerned that the domain expired. :D) I went right to sbemail.html and realized what was going on. Good call tbc, good call. I hate april fools jokes

Yeah, now (noon where I am) the index.html and the underconstruction.swf both work perfect for me. Weird. I wonder if they changed anything since 12:10 this morning. -- Tom

If you click 'back' at the end, it always takes you to Main Page 17. -- Shadow00

It still works fine for me, only last night the background of the html toon was black and now it's white. - CoochDog

When ever I do the html version, it's bigger than the swf. strange...... -- bkmlb

To me it works perfect both of them. Another Fan

I was having problems last night with the black background, but now it works fine, hopefully it works okay for the rest of you, too. DeeDee

When does Stinkoman pop up? -Poot Slap

You just wait about 10 or 15 seconds, and he springs out.

I've been waiting for like almost 5 minutes.

It loaded fine for me. -- AaAaAaA!

The time you wait is the cartoon loading. Another Fan

So I suppose nobody noticed the parody? The old (and brilliant) NES game Ninja Gaiden? -CrapFace

Yup. Check Under Construction/EasterEggs.

Why did Stinkoman say "dot,dot,dot?"

Maybe if you'd click the link directly above your post you'd find out... -- InterruptorJones

(Adding the following from the Sticklyman page, as it was deleted rather than being moved.)

makes sense, never thought of it that way LemSportsinterviews

i suppose its possible but i dont think its him

"i" isn't a word. You're supposed to capitilize it. Also, "it is" = "I-T-APOSTROHE-S. "do not" = D-O-N-APOSTROPHE-S". This is not a chatroom, whether you want it to be or not. -CE5

"Oh, if you want it to be possessive, it's just 'ITS.' But, if it's supposed to be a contraction then it's "I-T-apostrophe-S,' scalawag." (See StrongBadEmail/local news ) -Aaronak

Other than the shovel, there's no correlation at all. I know some people want the H*R site to fall into very very neat and orderly patterns, but, quite frankly, the Brothers C just don't work that way. They sort of do whatever they feel like from moment to moment.

Are you TBC? -CE5

I concur. Sticklyman is not even Anime, although he is put in a 20x6 short. By that logic, one could say that The Homestar Runner is also 20x6.

When I saw this, I thought of check it out if you want. It's a pretty funny site. Also, when he says "Hoohwhah! That's a good question PanPan?" etc, they make that noise in stickdeath. The 'HOOHWHAH', when they get hurt. I'm not saying that the Chaps Brothers have stolen ideas, it's probably just a coincidence. It's just what I have noticed. - M.J

Totally a coincidence. I doubt they would get anything from, that gross website. Blood in cartoons makes me ill. Oh, and don't check out that website if you don't want to see an advertisement for viagra.

For anyone trying to read a little too much into this whole thing, here is my idea of the chain of events for The Brothers Chaps:
1) They posted a parody of an EXTREMELY STANDARD generic webpage that exists for any new, undveloped domain as an April Fools joke.
2) They looked at it for about four seconds until they decided to do something with the guy digging on the [Under Construction sign].
3) They decided it would be fun to have Stinkoman appear so that the guy in the sign could use his shovel.
4) They did their typical anime sequence by applying English in stange ways as if it had been translated from Japanese, along with all of the other stock Japanese cartoon conventions as listed by Strong Bad elsewhere.
This concludes my pointless ramblings. TallAndMerciless

Did anyone else notice that if you click the 'back' button at the end it always goes back to the anime main page?

Yes, I noticed that. I also noticed that in the Matrix 3, - the final fight scene - Neo and Smith do the exact thing that Stickly man and Stinkoman do. It shows their feet, then faces and then they leap into the air and fight. Pretty cool. The Xiao Xiao thing is the same too. - M.J

Interesting... I never noticed that, and I'm a huge Matrix fan. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, since the whole thing is parodying Ninja Gaiden anyway. --DG

I gotta remember to check the internet on April 1st next year. I missed all my favorite sites April Fools Day gags.... -- ""

Enough about the April Fools stuff, if ya want to know the secretes about the page go here. Its a totally secrete homepage in the H*S site and no one knows me. okay, here's my comment on the cartoon. Its really cool! I can't stop daydreaming of it in schoool. So that's why I'm failing. The ending of the song was my favorite!!! It really reminds of Pokemon at the end of each episode when it gets all sketchy.

Uh, we've had that link on our links page for a long time. It isn't much of a secret. -- Tom

OH NOW I GET IT!!! I KNEW ONE DAY.. i would feel pretty stupid...
so I don't spam or flame I'll make a comment on the stinko man cartoon thingy. The part when Stinko man discovers the dirt is pudding kind of reminds me and what my friends did. I was really young and I step on what I though was dog poo and it wasn't poo it was PUUUUUUUUUUUUDING!!!