First Featured in Under Construction Toon. Stickly Man is a silent shoveler of pudding who challenges Stinko Man. Presumed to be killed by Stinko Man.

20X6 Version of The Poopsmith?

Yes, he is. Because, it is a reference to Xiao Xiao, which is a [Chinese] flash cartoon, and he has a shovel. He is silent, and shovels things that normal people wouldn't shovel.
- Mysterious-Stranger

Sticklyman is a reference to Xiao Xiao?? Hardly. Stick figure death and fighting movies were out LONG before Xiao Xiao. I used to watch em all the time in the mid nineties. But I will say, the brothers chaps' stick figure animation is WAAAAYYY better than Xiao Xiao. ~ AgentSeethroo

Under Construction

Before you reject this, think about it:
1 it is mentioned "out in the open"
2 it is indespinsable in the cartoon it's in
3 another character interacts with it
4 it has a name

uh, ok then. You know who Sticklyman reminds me of? (other than the poopsmith)
Is the dude on the back of a packet of Doritos. It's a yellow triangle and has a stick figure man shoveling a mound. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I have a packet right now infront of me. The resemblance is uncanny. Next time you get 'cheese supreme' dortios, check the back of the packet for sticklyman. - M.J

Xiao Xiao is at [Stick Figure Death Theatre] --Buz

And a lot of other places. - "Douglas"

Oh, and if the intonation is 3rd (falling) tone, it means, "little little," or, endearingly, "little one." For example, if a small child was "Gao," older relatives would call him "Xiao Gao." --Buz, aka Li Wu Meiguoren. Zai jian, pengyouren.

Leave it to the missionary to be the only one to grasp foreign languages! Agent "wish I was a missionary" Seethroo

Oh for the love of.... that animated gif of a stick figure digging is on almost every "Under Construction" page ever made. I garuntee it has nothing to do with "that flash movie" or the poopsmith.