i liked it alot,they know alot about theme parks.--cyco

It was a great email! "That was the worst 3000 bucks I ever spent". --GlonarkIronwood

Anybody got any clue what the Ryan S. is for? It freaks me out because I am also Ryan S.... and I come from within 50 miles of where TBC grew up and live. I need to know if they're making fun of me! -- torq

I thought it was a deliberate misspelling of Ryan's like the buffet place, because, I'm not sure if they still do, but they used to serve Chinese buffet, and they had entree' dishes that were Chinese. Just my two cents. DeLoreanz1

I think I can shed some light on who exactly Ryan S. is. Ryan Shoulders was a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands who quoted Strong Bad in passing in one episode - "the tree mail, the tree mail, what what, the tree mail." One of those inside jokes that you had to know about Homestarrunner.com to get. Anyway, there were two Ryans on that season and to distinguish the two on fansites, the last initial was used - Ryan S. and Ryan O. I think TBC are making a very obscure joke here: "Ryan S. gave us a little walk-on reference on Survivor, we'll give him a little walk on here." Too bad Ryan was the 2nd person voted off, huh? (Skippy 37)

Did anyone else see the Matthew Perry thing in the Jungle Cruise bit? Y'know, "Don't forget to experience the horrors of...OUR gift shop." or is it just me? Anyways, cracking E-mail. Strong Lad

Laughed out loud at the "spook-tacular" bit. Also, I think the "not to scale" note with the arrow might be a reference to the Bernie Mac show. -- ((Dasyati))

Here we go again... - FireBird

The box in Bubs' game stand reads "BOX FOR THROW GAME" -- Sara

Good stuff. Better than some of their recent stuff. The best part was when the KoT caught on fire. Wow, look at all those easter eggs... I think one day it's going to get to the point when the whole email is nothing but easter eggs. --Dark Grapefruit

Dark Grapefruit, that was the "process" e-mail. Either way, this was a decent e-mail, the best part coming from Bubs running the midway game. "No, no, no! You gotta get the rings INSIDE the bottle!" The repeated decking of Strong Sad wasn't bad either. But why did TBC recycle some of their music in this one? (The Halloween theme stands out.) - RaisedByACupOfCoffee

I think Strong Bad sings the opening to the tune of the Cheatcakes jingle. Anyone agree/disagree? --((Cowcoptor))

anyone notice how the water stops running at the end?

Yes, I did, but Homestar keeps blinking. Strange....

Homestar always blinks, even if you pause it -DanielLC

I am surprised the cheat is a tour guide on the ride. I thought the cardboard cutout of a bear holding a shark freaked him out. -- Bockage

I love the part where Strong Bad said ,"And don't forget to experience the horrors of...OUR GIFT SHOP! -- Melonade Lord

I thought he said "and don't forget to experience the fury of... our gift shooooop." Anyway, super great email! -Mattaf

Am i the only one to notice the evidence that TBC do put in pop-culture references, albeit very obscure ones? Strong Bad calls the writer of the e-mail (Rafael), 'Rafi'. Now, Rafi is the name of a Canadian kid's entertainer experiencing a bit of a renaissance on the internet just now, due to his writing a certain song called 'Banana Phone'. --Sbu

the coolest stuff ever website is now: http://www.the-coolest-stuff-ever.com/ smooth crimnal

I think they are making fun of a jungle ride in disneyland. Mr. Man

The best part is The Bowels of Trogdor! And the King of Town catches on fire. That was hilarious. Of course, you have to be at least as tall as the Big Beefy Arm, or you get sent to Sweet Cuppin' Cakes land instead. TW

Man, why didn't they show Sweet Cuppin' Cakes land? That would've been awesome!

BTW, are the Bros Chap trying to phase Marzipan out? I haven't seen her for a while...

I'm just curious, because this questions been driving me nuts for a long time. What does 'BTW' mean? Jack Selby

Never mind, I know what it means. It means "By The Way" right? Jack Selby

... only girl in town -- CrapForCrap?
Would it really matter if they did phase her out?
I liked the bit where Strong Bad goes: "Everybody say hi to the cheat"
and Homestar goes "Hide and seek." - or at least I THINK he says that, and if he doesn't, he should. This was a good email, I also find it weird coz I just read the other day some guy on this wiki made up a theme park for H*R and then this email came out. - M.J

This one was hillarious. Also, I don't think they're trying to "phase out" Marzipan, because she was just in the last email. I was wondering if they were going to use that "Bear-Shark". I liked it when Strong Sad was getting decked repetedly. Was this the first email featuring a gun? I think it was. Man, who knew a roller-coaster could cause spontanious combustion? -CE5

I'm not sure if it's the first email, but it's not the first toon. In "In Search Of The Yello Dello", PomPom wanted to use a gun (and Homestar almost did) to get the Yello Dello off the mountain. Come to think of it, it looks like the same gun. DeLoreanz1

This was one of the best emails I've ever seen. I loved that line at the end. "And don't forget to experiance the fury of... Our gift shop!" -JamesGecko

There were flamethrowers in Different Town. --Upsilon

It could either be Hide and Seek or Hi da Cheek. My favorite part was the whole river adventure thing. That was hilarious. The TBC are at a high point, I think. They should make another toon, however; those are still my favorite. Sbemails can have you laughing for five minutes, but a toon lasts forever. Especially the Luau. The sad thing is, most of the people who go on H*R pass up all the other just as funny experiences. It makes me angry. Oh well! I'm gonna go play a round on my Cheatar. -- Mike

I loved the line at the end. "And don't forget to experience the fury of ooour gift shoooop." And this is the second feature toon that had normal ahnberg handwriting. The first was TGS 4.-Crap

The "Ryan S." is a reference to Ryan Sterritt, who works on the homestarrunner cartoons, with matt and mike. Ryan is the person featured in the store part of the website wearing the beanie.

Truly one of the best Sbemails I have ever experienced.
"Everybody-say-hithecheeaat.." "Hide-and-seeek.."
When Strongbad refers to robbing hot actresses, could it be a reference to several actresses with the last name "Banks" (Tyra, for instance)? -Anon

I loved Strongbad saying "Oooohh..." in exactly the same tone of voice that Strongbad says "a big rock that is going to fall on uuuus...". But anyone know what they mean by "a bunch of costumed mascots running around 'antique-ing'"?? -- PrinceOfTown

"Poppy" is short for population, right? -Fishie McGee