I've never been a big contributor to a wiki before, and I doubt joining this one will change that. I'll probably do my fair share of lurking though. H*R makes me laugh, so it is therefore been approved as a good waste of time. My favourite characters are Coach Z and Bubs; their voices rule.


lurking is just fine. :) Even if you never contribute to the page itself, just being here is great. Glad you joined. -Stu (if you don't want me putting comments here on your page, that is completely fine. Just delete this, and I won't be offended.)

Hey there, ho there! What's up? Welcome to the H*R wiki!- SBZ22

Surprisingly, I ended up making a few additions yesterday to the TeenGirlSquad sections. Woohoo! Oh, and since it's game 7 tonight... GO LEAFS GO! (FYI: the Leafs beat those nasty Sens 4-1 and are now moving on to play Philly in the second round) --BentWookiee

"Me fail English? That's unpossible!" --Buz

Dude, man... never call H*R a waste of time. TehMilkman

How about 'entertaining distraction'? --BentWookiee

Much better. --Man of Milk Man

Raplh Wiggum is possibly the most awsomest guy in Springfield- FireBird

Yes, I try to speak like a pirate-PirateChki

Well, don't forget to say "yar" or "dar" in about every other sentence. Or maybe a break into [sea shanty] every once and a while. --bw

yeah ok-PirateChki

Are you from Toronto or do you just like the Maple Leaves?--bkmlb

I live about an hour from Toronto, and I like the Leafs. Too bad they are having trouble scoring against Philly. If they manage a win tonight, they'll be back in it though. --bw

Hey, I might live close to you. I'm about an hour out of TO too. I don't care about hockey, but everyone else does, so I just go along. --Dark "not a sports fan" Grapefruit

Cool, I guess there are H*R fans all over the place. I'm in Waterloo, you? --bw

Sorry about the Leaves, bw. --bkmlb

Um, it's "Leafs". There's no grammar in hockey. Too bad they lost, oh well. --bw

There are no teeth in hockey either.

Or tennis shoes--bkmlb

Don't forget basketballs. - FireBird