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Okay, I have noticed that some people, when editing, do not make complete sentences. They also make ridiculously obvious spelling errors. eg-
that is them oh and the poopsmith and kingoftown de bu this cartoon
This is not a chatroom. You can type as lengthy as you want, so please use proper grammar and spelling. It makes it more readable. It just looks stupid. If you really think that you're spelling things right, then get off of this wiki. You cannot be on this wiki. -CE5

Your kidding. It's the internet, why should u be concerned about what grammer people use? "Get off the wiki if you use bad grammer", please, that's a bunch of bull-s*** CE5. Jack Selby

Rules, rules, rules. If somebody can't spell all that great dosn't mean they can't stay on this wiki. I do encourage more people to try, but just because they can't spell dosn't mean they have to leave. - FireBird

I agree with FireBird. -Arrohed Aria

Well I agree with CE5. You shouldn't let the internet make you forget the rules of English. Besides, I'm Strong Bad's girlfriend and he's obsessed with grammar so I have to be too!!!-PrincessofStrongBadia

i now! bad GrAmmErre sepellin !isS so AnnnOOOOyyyoning! ( ha ha ha! ) --bkmlb

Bad grammar and spelling should not be punished, but chat-room talk should. eg,
Oh my God, that is so exaggerated! = perfect
Oh my god, that is so exajerated = ok
O my god its so exadjeratid = borderline
omg omg omg is so exxageratd!! = bad

Bad grammar should be corrected and the author should be told to be more thoughtful. It's not difficult. I myself will do this, as I am very attentive to grammar and spelling. I intend to make a short guide on this page [sometime soon] akin to Strong Bad's Song: "If you want it to be a possessive, it's just I-T-S, but if you want it to be a contraction, it's I-T-APOSTROPHE-S! Scalawag." Knowing the difference between your and you're, for example, is important. --TehMilkman

I think that a typo here or there is fine, but some things are just plain dumb. Who ever heard of "Civilized" spelled "Civized"? --Lord Karkon

The page requested has been created, more or less. - Jweb Guru

I seem no reason to ban people who may have spelling trouble. Besides, then what would the gnomes do ??? :)


I can't believe some people talk 1!|<3 +|-|!5 just to be cool. Quoting Someone (I dont know who)- BALEETED BALEETED BALEETED FOR THE LOVE OF CRAP BALLETED (Unqoute) OH NO I HAVE A BROKEN PERIOD KEY, A BROKEN CAPS LOCK KEY, AND TWO BROKEN SHIFT KEYS

What I'm talking about isn't just bad spelling and grammar, it's chat talk, like what's above. -CE5

Good: So, you're going the store for peas?
OK: so youre going to the store for peas
Bad: so ur goin 2 the store 4 peaz???????????????????
-- JestersOfTheMoon

The only thing that annoys me about spelling is grammar is when you can't really understand what the person is saying. For example "Yah kot wuz kewl i guess h*r better". It gets annoying when people start omitting words and you actually have to start decoding what people say - Mike

Mike, unwittingly, has provided is with an excellent opportunity to reveal one of the most powerful correcting tools: Using the preview button and scanning your post. He writes:

:The only thing that annoys me about spelling is grammar is...

Now, we all know Michael. We know he'd never intentionally do something like that, especially on the Spelling and Grammar page, and besides that it doesn't make sense to native English speakers. So, barring the possibility that Mike isn't one, we have concluded that he could easily have fixed it simply by previewing the post. He would have said to himself, "Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense," and fixed it, saving us all some confusion. And no, I don't mean to pick on you, Strong Sad, but the opportunity presented itself. Previewing is nice for other reasons, too, but particularly that one. - Jweb the Wise

It looks like Hitler IS still alive. - TROGDOR!101

What are you talking about, you nut? Everyone knows that Hitler, if he wasn't killed in war, would be dead by now of natural causes. If you are reffering to me, I don't know what to say because the only things on my mind are things that I really shouldn't type where anyone can see it. -CE5

Yes, I was reffering to you. But, I'm sorry now...I shouldn't have insulted you. Sorry. - TROGDOR!101

Don't worry, we all make the mistake of insulting CE5 at least once. But we don't do it anymore. He bites. - Jweb 'Take this with a Grain of Salt Before Lashing Out' Guru

Was that last sentence intentional? I ask this because that's ironic. -CE5

Everything I say is intentional, CE5. That rather brief comment was my substitute for a quite lengthy rant to the same effect that I had considered posting, but decided not to. I rather like it, myself. You can form your own opinion, if you wish. I'd just like to point out, though, that this should be taken to one of our userspaces if you really want to continue it. It's disasterously off-topic, after all. - On-Topic Guru

Question: I was informed by FireBird (in my user page comments) that I should not use stuff like lol on this wiki. (And I quote: "we don't words (if you could call them that) like "LOL" here.") I don't believe I've ever used 'lol' and similer shortwords (as I call them) except when commenting on things and talking in WikiChat. Are 'lol's really such a big deal in places like these? -JamesGecko

Ah. Well, Some Kinda Lizard. That's a delicate matter. Since these are not chatrooms, there's absolutely no excuse for using "LoL" on ordinary Wiki pages, because they are intended to look professional, and it just makes it that much more difficult to interpret comments elsewhere. On your own UserSpace, however, you may do as you like - as painful and irritating as it may get - provided that you don't waste prodigal bandwidth in doing so. However, I don't want to give the impression that I support the use of such expressions as 'LoL' here - quite the contrary; I am viciously against it. But nobody is going to ban you for it, so don't feel intimidated by Cogito Ergo 5um; it's something of a ritual that he harangue users who do not use correct grammar. -

Exactly. - Profeser FireBird

Perfect: My favourite flavor is lemon.
Good: My favorte flavor is limon.
Bad: M yfavorite flav is limon
Crap: my fav flav iz lmn.
-crap (I just felt like doing that)

OK, I think that senseless misspellings do not belong here. This is NOT a chatroom. People come here for Homestar Runner reference and when people come here and see:
" === Joe ===

omg joe is so kewl lol. Hes a gr8 sk8r lol rotfl hes a hot-E he has a dog and his brother is a p-nut from space"

That is repulsive and someone would be insulted and leave the wiki without ever seeing the unfouled reality of it - High on caffeine