Is it just me, or does it sound Eh, Greg! is actually saying Eh, Craig? Every time I play it I hear Craig, which would be another easter egg if they are referred to Craig who helped write the original book... --DrakkMata

This is by far my favorite one yet. TBC are really on a roll these days! -DeadGuyPerez

Ya, It wasn't my favorite, but it sure did rule! -GlonarkIronwood

This is the kind of no direction bafoonary that made me love the TBC many years ago. It is good to see they are making an advancement in hillarity from emails 101 and 102. Quasi_Real

Eh! Greg. Is this foreshadowing for another instalment of "Sweet Cuppin' Cakes"? Quasi_Realh

I don't want to see "Eh! Greg" as a character. Also, is the fact that The Cheat has hair and Strong Bad forgot him qualify as an easter egg? -CE5

<PS imagines The Cheat after becoming a victim to SBs haircut fantasies... @_@>

I agree with you, Deadguy! This is going to be one of the classics. Let's hope that the "box song" in the easter egg becomes remembered, contrasting to "sibbie song" which I thought was hilarious. This one has the witty humor that TBC once had, like in Personal Favorites (We're taking this baby to the MOOOOOoooonnnn!). -- Mike

You do, however, have to call foul on TBC for mistaking a permanent marker with a dry erase marker. Had it been a Sharpie permanent marker, he wouldn't have been able to just wipe it off like that. I suspend my disbelief quite a bit for H*R, but I have to draw the line against this madness somewhere.

This was a pretty funny one, (Nobody touches the 'stache!) Jack Selby

Good times, good times. Not exactly classic, but not bad. I loved Homestar's line the best. Also, this was the first time the opening remark has made me laugh out loud. It seems they really are starting to put modern pop culture references in: the "barberdzry" easter egg seems to be a Harry Potter parody!

Sorry, once AGAIN that has nothing to do with pop culture. Sheesh, that's really just wishful thinking.

Once again AGAIN, the only pop culture references in H*R are from the mid-80s. Contrary to what you all seem to think, tricking out cars, magic fantasies, and whatever else you keep comparing to the latest popular movie, weren't invented by MTV or J.K. Rowling. D. F. Scziy

There are occasionally H*R references that are more current than that. Wasn't the Cheat dressed as a 1996 olympic mascot in the last haloween episode?

Mike Chapman worked for the Atlanta Olympics in '96. - "Douglas"

Hehe, this one was pretty good. I liked last week's better. And... I hate to do this... but I do think it could be a Harry Potter reference. The parchment says "Strong Bad's School of Barbzerdry" on it... kind of like the "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" It's not a big stretch to call it so, I'd say. --Milkman

Anyone know the "Ready for Primetime" and "Eh, Greg" references?

This is their premiere. I have a feeling Ready for Primetime will be back if there's some sort of new Sweet Cuppin' Cakes toon. t3h milkman
A quick thought, the cast of "Saturday Night Live" is known collectively as the "Not Quite Ready for Prime Time Players." May not be a reference (see argument below), but it came to mind. --Buz

TBC is really picking themselves back up! CrapFace

When Strong Bad says "No, you're playing some hot lixx, with your teeth," could that be a reference to an episode of the Simpsons when Homer goes to band camp and plays a flaming guitar with his teeth? RainbowFhqwhgads

I'm pretty sure that butt chin comes from The Family Guy. TW

They have been on a roll with these e-mails lately. They are all so funny! Fhqwhgads16

Guys please, lately it's like you're searching and nitpicking for obscure pop culture refrences. I HIGHLY doubt any refrence to Harry Potter, or MTV or anything like that is intentional. The whole "School of wizardry" thing is not a harry potter thing, but a magic fantasy thing which has been around longer than any of us, it isn't anything new. Perhaps if they had poked fun at a trademark Harry Potter name, like Hogwarts or whatever else, then it would be a refrence, but this does not count, it's just a hidden peice of paper that 'somewhat' matches the style, but has NOTHING to do with Harry Potter. And hooking up cars is not imitating MTV's stupid show, Homestar's tricked out propeller cap is their way of insulting all the stupid "is your car Pimped out?" Emails he must get. I'd say it did a good job. And look, Simpsons, Family Guy... Come on people! Think about it will you! Do you really think that because he drew a guitar on Strong Bad's mouth that it's a refrence to ONE Simpsons joke in ONE simpsons episode? Why am I so upset about this, because H*r is one of the few things I know of that has original and creative humor, and you guys lately are tearing it apart, trying to give credit to things like shows on MTV about cars. Keep this up and they'll be really careful about what they say or do in their emails, like if Strong Bad has to say the word "Sword" you'll all think it's a refrence to Kill Bill or the Matrix or something.

No kidding. And by the way, what dose TBC stand for?? jeep

'The Brother Chaps', didn't you know that? Jack Selby

Thank -you! Stop making references to modern MTV stuff. You know darn well TBC wouldn't do that!
And Jeep, if you havn't noticed, we like you use capitals around here. This isn't a chatroom. - FireBird

What makes you so sure? Not all of TBC's refs come from the 80's. For example, The Cheat's "Izzy" costume was from the 1996 Olympics, and The Poopsmith's Street Fighter costume also came from the 90's. Where on their web site did TBC ever claim that they would never make references to modern pop culture? Just because MOST of their refs come from the 80's doesn't mean that ALL of them will.

I have to agree with that. How do you know that TBC wouldn't make modern references. I mean, find me an interview where they say "We are not going to make any references to modern culture, EVER!!!!!" Also, I agree with the Harry Potter reference. I might change my mind only if someone can come up with another fantasy that uses the phrase "school of wizardry". -CE5

Well CE5, for starters there is a book entitled "School Of Wizardry" written by Debra Doyle. See [this]. -- Tom

In fact, I think Barbzerdry IS a reference to Harry Potter, and until you can prove beyond a doubt that it isn't, you don't have much room to dis those who do.

Let's put it this way: You can't say for certain that it is a reference to Harry Potter, but you can't say for certain that it is NOT either. We all watch the toons and can assess pop culture references just as well as you can. I think it is very likely that Barbzerdry is partly inspired by Harry Potter, and only TBC can say otherwise.

So for something to be original it has to be completely without references to the culture that surrounded it at the time of it's creation? I don't buy it. Even if Homestar's tricked out Prop cap isn't a direct reference to some MTV show, the email that sparked the joke is quite possibly influenced by same show. I realize it's somewhat silly to say that HR humor is referencing the Simpsons or Family Guy, but to pretend that it just sprang up in a vaccum is a bit silly, too. Why does humor need to be culturally neutral to be original? On an unrelated note, it's good to see another unfocused, rambling email. It seems the emails have been a bit off of late, but this one is spot on.

I really like this email... it's one of the better ones that they've done lately. But I can't believe that Marzipan's hair is a weave-- maybe she was bluffing?! Reeve

Geez man, what's with everyone assuming that TBC have decided to start putting pop culture references in the sbemails? To address some points previously made:
- Barbzedry is just a reference to wizardry that funny fantansy crap, plus it's just a funny word
- Strong Mad playing hot lixx with his teeth is NOT reference to a single simpsons episode. I would like to mention that HOMER playing guitar with his teeth is in face a reference to the late and great Jimi Hendrix who would pop that trick out of the bag, just because he could. So if anything, Strong Mad playing with his teeth is probably a reference to that too. Or it could just be an excuse because strong bad didn't take a photo of his torso.

Why don't we all leave this wiki right now because each one of us ruins every aspect of H*R fun for every other one of us? That's the correct answer. even if it's in the form of a quesiton where have all the flowers gone?

That's 100% right. Everyone needs to stop ruining the magical website that is I suriously doubt that JoeyDay created this wiki for people to be fighting over it. Jack Selby

Hmmm...true. In case you all were wondering, though, Strong Mad "licking" the guitar with his teeth is a Jimi Hendrix reference. Hendrix, the late, famed guitarist, would frequently do this during jam sessions at his concerts, and I'm pretty sure this was a phrase used to describe it
Also, as the for butt-chin thing, that is NOT a Family Guy reference. FG pretends Peter's chin is his testicles, not his butt, and it is common for characters to be drawn with that chin thing
Finally, who cares whether it's a HP reference? It's funny nonetheless.

(Homestar double-take) How the woodaver do you play a guitar with your teeth??? CoachZismyLuckyNumber

Speaking as a man who I garuntee knows more about music in all its form from classical to techno to rock to country to obscure commercial jingles... very few people have mastered the guitar to the point that they could play with their teeth. Hendrix, Robert Plant, and of course..the god of guitar, STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN... with respect to my fellow fans.

Did you say Robert Plant? Have you been smoking woodavers? Robert Plant was the SINGER of Zeppelin, I don't recall him ever playing guitar, let alone with his teeth. You're probably thinking of the Zoso-master Jimmi Page. Although I don't recall seeing him play with his teeth, he was quite the legend. How can you say SRV is the god of guitar? Have you heard John Petrucci? That guy is insane! Pulling licks from his arse. Pulling licks from everyone's arse. Um....I think I lost my point....

Correction, imho: Stevie COULD have been A (um, that's capitalized to emphasize case you were wondering) god of guitar, if he didn't have such an early death...Hendrix, Clapton, Duane Allman, Page, Brain May (yes!), the guys of Lenyrd Skynard, even Prince (see him at the R&R Hall of Fame tribute to George Harrison?)- these are just a few of the great guitarists out there


Family Guy does NOT own the butt chin. What is wrong with todays corrupted minds? Ha. Anyways, I put together a style comparison of the two comics that we have seen in sbemails.

________________________EMAIL 103______________________________________________________EMAIL 29

Title:____________The Total Adventures Of Strong Badman_______________The Total Adventures of Strong Badman


Comic #:___________________23____________________________________________________________1 (Where's the other 21?)

"Guest":________________Deutschman_____________________________________________________Lil Stiny

Bubble/Title:____Sufferin' Schnitzels Its . . . Deutschman!_________________________Who is Lil Stiny?!
NOTE: Why the needle on Deutschman's head? And the sausages . . . Eh, (steve) for the sake of humor, I'll shut my trap. -- Mike

I think the needle is supposed to be a World War 1 German helmet. --DG

Aren't the Germans supposed to be famous for sausages, like bratwurst and frankfurters?

Deutschman a sidekick? I thought he was more like a guest hero, like when Wolverine showed up in the Hulk, or something like that.

I think Deutchman is supposed to be a villain. -CE5

I'm not even sure about Strong Badman. Is he supposed to be a hero or a villain? The comic book is named after him, which should mean he's the hero. But in the Superhero email, you get the idea he's supposed to be a villain. I mean, what hero would have plans for a Death Ray (which Lil Stiney spilt coffee all over).

Anyway, there was this dude from this stupid movie called Time Chasers, and he had a Butt Chin. And he was a Real Dude, not a Cartoon! Time Chasers was on that show where the cheesehead and the two robots make fun of stupid movies.

OF COURSE Family Guy doesn't own the butt-chin, like I said they never actually made it a butt, but still, they certainly weren't the first to make the chin look...interesting... -Josh
P.S. This is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were missing. ;p
Booo! Ssssss! Boooo!

Actually, if you think about it, a part of the alphabet would look like this is if Q and R were missing:
M N O P S T U V - Fire "Just to tell you" Bird

Yeah? Well, name me one other character besides Family Guy who has a butt chin? And don't try to count that "Time Chasers" guy. Nobody's even heard of him.

How about Popeye the Sailor? He has a bigole butt chin.

This one was pretty good. The little jingle strong bad says made me laugh for the first time in awhile. alakazam9891

Butt chins? We are having an argument about buttchins? For the sake of another "BALEETED!" on the Recent Changes board, lets not. The butt chin is a naturally occuring thing that some people actually have. And that's not really what I was trying to correct. It's just, why would TBC refer anything to Family Guy? They don't refer to T.V. shows at all. If they have time for T.V., that is. -- Mike

Nice save. - FireBird

Actually, they do reference TV. In the email "Invisible," SB references "Family Feud." In the Halloween specials, many of the characters are dressed as TV characters, like Magnum PI, Mel, and The Greatest American Hero. The Butt Chin may not be a direct reference to Family Guy, but you can't argue that TBC NEVER reverence TV.

I like the dancing box and the Limozeen song afterwards. That's frickin hilarious.--TW.

If you think the debate about butt chins is silly, you should see the one about barbzerdry above.

1) Hey, that wasn't my joke!
2) Yeah, I actually had to laugh about the whole Limozeen thing. At first I found that whole band annoying, but I dunno...the lead singer has a funny voice. Sorry, that sounded amateurish, if that makes sense. -Josh "Horace" Becker

It's tough being a box. But I'm living it up, living it up. I'm living it up, living it up. BOX! - ((DrDude)

I did the box thing in front of my brother -((Crap)

you people! im just a guest here and even I know whats going on! you people can stop saying pop culture is in the website, and you people complaining are ALSO wrecking it for everybody!!! so quit arguing and just enjoy the toon!!!!! -guest

Okay, guys, my opinion, Barbzerdry is just a word that TBC came up with. And Butt Chin is just a popular way of chin-drawing that lots of characters are drawn with. Anyone who tries to make this into a Harry Potter reference is not a true H*R fan. - Atlantima