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Hey party people! My name be Dr.Dude. Yes I am a real doctor. I specialise in... uhh... lungs?
I like to play my guitar. it's a Fender Strat. I can so far play the riffs from
-Smoke on the Water
-7 Nation Army

Ok, i'ts not a lot, but I havent been playing it for a while.

I love the Boston Celtics, even though they traded A. Walker and T. Delk and I LOVE the Boston Redsocks, even though they cant seem to win...

I like to play computer games like Battlefield 1942 and Call of Duty. I R 73h R0X0RZ!

Favorite Music as of this moment- Laim Lynch "United States of Whatever"

You sound cool. I play guitar also, though I am only 11. I can play the riff for Smoke on the Water also. Welcome! - FireBird

Thanks for the quick welcome.