This is where I go when I should be writing termpapers.

This is your boss. Slacking off, eh? Well, I know what to do with you. DELFIRED!!!- SBZ22

H'mm... 'tis a good thing indeed that I can't get fired from college, and if you could get expelled for slacking, there would be about three of us college students left. Cool idea, though.

College student = slacker. it's a fact of life. AgentSlackthroo

Scziy? How are you supposed to pronounce that? Skee-zice-ee? Skiz-ick-ee? Skczs-ice-ik-eer? Boy, you have some stupid and terrible pronounciations. -I felt so good in doing that that I forgot my name and what this is a reference to

My surname... in different branches of the family it has three different accepted spellings, Sczicy, Scziy, and Sczizy. The most common pronunciation is "Sts-etch-ee". It's from some folk dialect of Czech. In Czech, whole sentences can be formed without vowels.