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Heya, Joey. How's it hangin'?
~ The Agent You Cannot See

I'm doin' well. How are you, AgentSeethroo? --JoeyDay

Hi, JoeyDay!

I was very angry with CE5, because we had many problems with his IP's. I said to him: "You, my friend, are a part of the problem. And you're worse than Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden!", because he is a very bad boy. Please, block him!!!!

Kindness regards,
Maudi Algabban (now in Täby, Stockholms län, Sweden)

Okay Maudi, see the note I left you here. -- Tom

Hey, Joey, did you expect that this wiki would get this big? Two hundred is a lot of people. - FireBird

Yeah, but most of 'em never even do anything, and there are others who never registered on WikiUsers or who never created a UserSpace.
-The Brothers "Slightly Bitter" E

Uh, what's with the text? And I was kind of asking Joey, but, I don't really care if somebody else answers, I am just wanting Joeys opinion. - FireBird

FireBird, to answer your question, yes, I did think that there was a lot of potential for a site like this to get big. There are really only two or three other fan sites for H*R, and they are all busting at the seams when it comes to bandwidth. There are simply a LOT of H*R fans. However, it still amazes me every day just how much goes on here. I absolutely love this site, and it is you guys that make it great. Keep it up, folks! --JoeyDay

Joeyday, what are some tips on making a wiki? -Curious to know, Shopiom

WikiChat/HowDoYouMakeAWiki -- Tom

I like the new logo. - FireBird

Agreed upon --Hobo

The new Wiki changes are great. No link-lines on the top menu make it look alot better. - FireBird
Is there supposed to be three different logo's? It seems to change every time I go to a different page. I like the one that says h*r Wiki the best. --Hobophobic

I think so. I like the red logo, but I also like the main logo with "Wiki" after it. This wiki is getting better and better! - FireBird

Yeah, there are three logos. We're currently trying to lay down some ground rules, but eventually we'll be accepting submissions for additional logos created by any user who wants to try their hand at graphic design. --JoeyDay

Since this is just for you and not the Wiki, I didn't put this in HelpDesk. But anywho, when will joeyday.com be up and running? -- FireBird

It's coming soon. I've actually been working on the style sheet for the last couple of days, and I've been posting new entries. You can access the page by hovering your mouse in the bottom right corner. There's an easter egg there that lets you preview the new site. --JoeyDay

JoeyDay, I hope you realize that it shows your IP on RecentChanges, not your username. -CE5

Thanks for the heads-up, CE5. I had installed a new browser and it cleared my cookie. --JoeyDay

Actually, it seems like a bug in FireFox. The same thing happens to me, no matter how many times I visit Preferences. Oh, and I have .9. -Kupo

I've got 0.9.1 (shouldn't be much different). Are you sure you don't have your cookies disabled, Kupo? When you click "Save" on the Preferences screen, it creates a cookie on your computer so the site can identify you the next time you visit. If you've got cookies disabled, your Preferences can't be saved.

To enable cookies in Firefox, click "Tools" and choose "Options". Then go to the "Privacy" section and click the little plus sign next to "Cookies". Make sure "Enabled" is checked and that "Accept cookies normally" is selected. Let me know if that works for you. --JoeyDay

I did as you said, but no dice. I suspect Ghost Surf is my problem.
Thank you,

Ok JoeyDay

i like your site a lot but...

I have a Wiki Dream

I hear you like Lord of the Rings. Are you one of those big fanatics that know every place and character, or are you just someone who enjoys it? -- FireBird

I do like Lord of the Rings. I'm not a real big fanatic, though. I can't say that I know every place and character, but I'm probably familiar with most of the common ones. I've got a copy of the trilogy here on my shelf at work, and I've almost read it through twice. I love all three movies. I've got the extended editions of the first two and can't wait for the third. I saw Return of the King four times in the theater. Is that nerdy enough for you, or do you want to quiz me? Do you know all the place names and characters? --JoeyDay

I'm a big fanatic, unfortunately. I don't know all the places and characters, but I know most of them. Did you just call me a nerd? :) -- FireBird

Heh. :) --JoeyDay

Dear Mr. Day,

I have a complaint about one of your users. To start off, I am the late Mysterious-Stranger, and well you guessed it, I decided to leave. I said my goodbyes and I changed my pref. to "Uknown" by mistake, wanting it to be "Unkown". So a user named Tom said I cannot have two personas (after I said my goodbyes), the I realized I spelt my new name wrong and deleted the old one and created the new one. Then Tom got on me about having three personas. Oh, and I changed the links in his comment about my old page, he was on my case. So I tried to explain to him that I was not MS, Uknown, or Unkown (that may have been a mistake, but I never put that after my comments). Then he droned on and on about all sorts of things, and I lost my temper. This continued until I erased my preference, and gave Tom a final note. I would like you to look into this please.

The Former Mysterious-Stranger

If I may step in and say something, what Tom was saying is that you had Unkown, Uknown, and MS userspaces. You deleted Uknown and made Unkown, and what Tom said was you need to delete the Mysterious-Stranger userspace so you only have Unkown, or whatever your username is. DeLoreanz1

I'm not sure what I can do for you, or even what needs to be done. Tom is an administrator here. Therefore, I place a lot of trust in his decisions and activities on the wiki. He has just as much power as I do over matters like this. I prefer not to go over his head or override his decisions.

The wiki is not free web-hosting space. We have always allowed only one UserSpace per person. Tom isn't being a spoilsport; he's following procedure. It looks like right now the only UserSpace you still have active is Mysterious-Stranger. Is that right? If so, I'm not sure I see what the problem is.

Lastly, if you are leaving, why does any of this matter? Will a resolution to this complaint convince you to stay? We hate to lose good contributing members. Let me know what you are trying to accomplish here. --JoeyDay

I like the way you do the "'D" summaries in the RecentChanges. Like COMMENT'D!! and ORGANIZ'D!! It just looks cool. DeLoreanz1

Hey Joey!
Your site is looking nice! The only thing that would make it better is if you added RSS feed.
...That sounded really stupid. Who cares about the way the site looks with RSS? <Laughing>

Thanks, James. Would you really use RSS if I added it? I've been thinking of putting it in. --JoeyDay

Actually, I probably would. I've been playing around with BlogLines & I kinda like it. I'm not sure how long I'll be using it though. It's sorta dull to read a blog without being on the site & reading comments and stuff. If only Slashdot would put up an RSS feed... ;-) --JamesGecko

Hey, JoeyDay, I made a toon about you! Click here to see it, then tell me what you think about it. I only want Joey's opinion. -Shopiom

I got a kick out of that. You definitely have an active imagination, don't you? There are a few innaccuracies, though. AgentSeethroo has never been an admin, and Gemini stepped down voluntarily. I'm not sure either of them would refuse to help unless I made them admins. In fact, I would make Gemini an admin again if he asked me to, and I probably wouldn't object to making AgentSeethroo an admin if I felt we needed more of them (but the four of us have things pretty much covered right now).

I laughed out loud at the line where I got mad because the bad guy banned AgentNine. "That is a contributing user!" I do say that a lot, don't I? Thanks for brightening my day. I've never been in a toon before, and that was quite an adventure. --JoeyDay

It was the least I could do because you made the site. I should have asked you before I made a toon about you, though. -Shopiom

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