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Although I am one of the administrators here at the wiki, I prefer to keep my UserSpace uncluttered with support questions. You'll get a much faster answer if you utilize the HelpDesk. Also, please don't email support questions directly to me. I prefer to use the address listed below for personal questions. If you need to email our support team, send your question to []. Thanks.

About Me

Hi, welcome to the UserSpace of Joey Day. That's my real name -- it's not some kind of codename, and it doesn't mean anything clever. Many of my friends call me "Joey Day dot com". I am not the Brothers Chaps, nor am I related to them in any way (yes, people have been asking me this).

You can visit me on the web at [] and []. You can learn more about who I am at my [Information] page. Feel free to email me at [].

Also, you can instant message me using any of the addresses below.

Shameless Plug

If anybody needs some web-design work done, or knows someone who needs web-design work done, do be kind and refer them to me. I'm not the greatest, but I'm pretty good at XHTML and CSS, and I enjoy reading W3C specs (in other words, I'm a geek). The best part is: my rates are extremely reasonable.

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