Shopiom Productions presents: Joeytoon!

{JoeyDay is on the wiki, looking at his comments} {The comments page has been deleted and replaced with: I am a big fat dumb loser -JoeyDay}
JoeyDay: There's a trolling in sight. {clicks on RecentChanges}{Looks at the part that says JoeyDay/Comments}
Message: JoeyDay/Comments.......JoeyDay[I suck!]
JoeyDay: That's peculiar. I know I didn't do that! {he looks all around the wiki and finds posts by him that he never wrote} There's definitely something wrong here. Even an idiot can see that! {His AIM bar blinks orange} Oh, gotta see the message. *click*

EvilGuy221: im gonna take over this wiki! please excuse my lack of apostrophes and capital letters.

JoeyDay: I need to get my wiki back!

A random message appears on the desktop that says:

JoeyDay: I don't trust that. There's just something fishy about it! I hope it will help somehow... *click* {suddenly, a big portal appears on the computer screen and sucks Joey into the wiki}
JoeyDay: Wow, I'm in, my own website! I should be able to find out who's trying to take over my wiki now. {Joey walks past subpages and URLS and pages being edited, but does not find the soon-to-be wiki master} Where is he? *sigh* I'm gonna look in one more place: the Blocked IPs section. {does so and sees someone, and it's.........Agent Ten}
JoeyDay: Hey, Agent Ten, whaaaaat are you doing?
Agent Ten: I'm removing my IP address from here!
JoeyDay: You're the one who's thefting my site? But, you're just a kid!
Agent Ten: A very smart kid! Now, let's see...AgentNine is now BANNED! {screen flashes BANNED}
JoeyDay: {angrily} That is a contributing user! Just because you hate AgentNine doesn't mean you had to ban him!
Agent Ten: I'm an admin now. I can ban anyone I want!
Shopiom: {appears} Whoa, there was this button, and I clicked on it, and now I'm in the computer! This is freaky!
Agent Ten: {throws a rope}
JoeyDay: {to Shopiom} Run! {JoeyDay and Shopiom run to the HomestarRunnerWiki}
Agent Ten: You guys are right where I want you! {ties the rope around them, then ties the other end to a comma, so now the rope is hanging} The home page is where the most spam is!
Shopiom: What does spam have to do with anything?
Agent Ten: Glad you asked! {clicks on a word with his finger} {a giant bucket comes up} I shall lower you two into my tub of spam!
JoeyDay: Big deal. I have to deal with spam a lot!
Agent Ten: Yes, but the spam acts as acid! It will rip through your skin and tear you limb from limb! Let me show you. {gets out a keyboard and types a URL, then clicks on it with his finger} {The URL turns into a TV screen}
TV screen: {shows Agent Ten lowering PrincessOfStrongBadia into the tub of spam. She screams, and a shredding sound is heard}
{cut to outside TV screen} {The TV screen disappears}
Agent Ten: So, now you see how it works! {takes out the keyboard again and presses the L key} {JoeyDay and Shopiom start to lower into the tub of spam}
Shopiom: Well, this is it. We're done for.
JoeyDay: Well, you're right. I have nothing positive to say about this. {suddenly, Tom and InterruptorJones appear and jump into the air. They then take the rope, and come back down onto the ground} {They then untie JoeyDay and Shopiom}
Shopiom: Yay! You saved us!
Tom: Actually, we were saving Joey. You just happened to be tied to the same rope as him.
Shopiom: {angrily} If you couldn't block me, I would punch you so hard right now! {calms down} I have an idea to make sure the tub of spam will never kill anyone again! I'll need you guys' help, though. {whispers the plan} Got it? {Everyone pushes on the tub of spam. It falls, then shatters into pieces. The spam then vanishes}
InterruptorJones: Now, we have to find a way to take care of Agent Ten. {AgentSeethroo and Gemini appear}
Both: We can help!
JoeyDay: Good! You guys need to-
Gemini: We'll only help if you make us admins again!
JoeyDay: But-
AgentSeethroo: No buts! We won't help unless we become admins again!
JoeyDay: OK, fine, I'll make you two admins again!
Gemini: We already planned out what to do. I'll distract Agent Ten.
AgentSeethroo: I'll unban AgentNine and ban Agent Ten.
Gemini: {walks up to Agent Ten} Hey, Agent Ten!
Agent Ten: What?
Gemini: I'm a taurus!
Agent Ten: What? Why are you a taurus if your name's Gemini? That's crazy!
Gemini: You see, it all started when-
{cut to the Blocked IPs room}
AgentSeethroo: How am I gonna get past all these security cameras? {thinks} Oh, yeah! {turns invisible} {AgentNine's IP address is seen floating in mid-air and being taken to AgentNine's userspace} {AgentSeethroo becomes visible again, and puts AgentNine's IP address inside his username}
{cut to the Preferences room}
JoeyDay: Almost there... {presses 4 more buttons} Yes! I got my username back!
{cut to AgentNine's userspace}
AgentSeethroo: {walks to the Blocked IPs room and becomes invisible} {Agent Ten's IP address is seen floating into the space where AgentNine's IP address was} OK, he's banned now.
{cut to the HomestarRunnerWiki, where Gemini is talking to Agent Ten}
Gemini: And so, the geminis were- {Agent Ten disappears} They did it!
{Everyone walks back to the HomestarRunnerWiki} {They then disappear and reappear at their computers}
The End


What, and make into a horror toon? (Just Kidding) - CE1

Hey, I'd be on Joey's side! -Nelson339

Why do you always wanna be in a toon? I mean, this toon's so special, not even FireBrid? was in it. Or Hobophobic. I don't think we're worthy. Well, I'm not. I might have a comic, but naa, we're not main characters of the wiki. Or even secondary. I would probably be a reject. :( - CE1

Who's FireBrid? And AgentSeeThroo was never an admin. -- FireBird

I wanted to have two former admins, and AgentSeethroo sometimes acts like an admin, so I thought I'd use him. Also, I wanted AS to use his invisibility skills! -Shopiom